Pc er samsung fridge

Pc er samsung fridge. The communion error in the Samsung fridge is known as Pc Er. The communication error in Samsung appears when two or more units cannot send or revive signals.

Thus, communication is lacking, and the controls of the Samsung fridge become muffled.

My Samsung fridge was not performing its action lately, so when I checked the fridge the other day. Pc Er kept appearing on the panel.

I ignored Pc Er at first, but the dysfunction in the fridge got worse, and the controls were not on my side either. Samsung fridge was in no way listing to me.

After thinking the error code was getting worse, I searched Pc Er in Samsung and found out about it was a communication error.

The communication error took a lot of troubleshooting to get fixed, but the communication error was lifted.

Read to learn!

Pc er samsung fridge

The building diagnostic system in the Samsung fridges that are latest helps save time knowing the error.

The diagnostic system in the Samsung fridge detects the error and displays the code on its own. You just need to know the code and the way to fix the code by eliminating the error.

Pc Er is a Samsung fridge error code that is related to communication. If Pc Er appears, then your fridge is getting the communication error.

This happens when components stop receiving signals from each other. The components not receiving the signals can be two or over two. Wire harnesses and power surges cause communication errors.

Electrical overflow

electrical overflow

The communication error in the Samsung fridges appears because of electrical overflow. The electrical overflow can be caused by different things, but it directly affects the fridge’s communication and its components.

In simple words, electrical overflow is a power surge. Municipal power supply interruption causes the power surge to appear.

Because of the municipal interruption, the current flowing through the outlets is much more usual.

The unusual overflow of this current passing through the electrical system and then invading the fridge is unbearable, and the communication error appears because of it.

The Pc Er is triggered by the overflow. The fix if the communication error appears because of the power surge is simple. Rest the Samsung fridge f the Pc Er appears.

The reset will probably clear the communication error in the fridge. To reset the Samsung fridge, simply unplug the fridge and let the Samsung fridge remain powerless for some time.

About five minutes are enough for power dissipation. Connect the fridge back to power after the power dissipation, and the reset will be complete. If the Samsung fridge has overheated because of the surge, let the fridge cool for 24 hours.

Low power

The opposite error of electrical flow is the same. Pc Er may appear on low voltage when the parts of the Samsung fridge are not getting enough power.

The components of the Samsung fridge won’t have enough power to receive a signal, and a communication error will appear.

If the power of the Samsung fridge is low, stabilize it. A stabilizer kit should be installed before the fridge to handle low or high voltage.

The stabilizer will only send the current needed by the fridge, and the fridge won’t have low voltage. The stable voltage will save communication errors.


The connection of the wire is the error after a power surge and low voltage.

Here, the connection includes the wire harness. As wore harness involves wires in the same insulation and a group, they are typically present in the Samsung fridge to connect with each other.

The harness is present in the doors of the fridge and even at places like the panels of the fridge. The wire harness can be seen connecting all the fridge components together.

The wire harness can get loose, and the loose harness in the fridge is the cause of Pc Er.

The loose wire harness cannot connect the components of the wire correctly with each other, and a communication error appears. The loose wires are not able to transmit the signals correctly.

Usually, when the doors are removed for repair, the harness becomes loose or is attached loosely by new technicians. Loose wires harness is usually causing Pc Er.

The fix to a loose wire harness doesn’t involve much effort. Just the removal of the wire harness is first. Then disconnect the wire harness from loose ends and then connect the wire harness in the tightest way possible.

Check the guide to look for a wire harness in your Samsung model. Dirt in wire harnesses is common too.

So clean the wire harness after discounting and reattach the clean wire harness. Connect all the wire harnesses in the fridge by looking at the wire harness location in the guide, making them firm.

Circuit panel

circuit panel

The last reason or the last part causing connection errors in the Samsung fridge is the circuit panel. The circuit panel is present on all smart Samsung fridges.

You can call it a control board as well. A lot of components are connected to the circuit panel, and the circuit panel is printed.

The control board not only sends power to the component, but the communication with other components is done by the control board too.

The control board fails with long-term constant use. Power surges to the control board fry the board and its components, especially the capacitors. The components overheat and burn out.

Without the circuit panel, the receiving of signals and the sending of signals to the component get disrupted, and Pc Er appears.

There isn’t a way to repair the Samsung circuit panel. Only a replacement of the control board can be done to revoke the communication.


Samsung fridges getting errors like cooling and too much heat are common, but the error Pc Er is not the same as them and is not a common err


Pc Er being caused by a disruption in communication creates a lot of problems. Electrical overflow causes communication errors.

Underflow of power can cause communication errors too. Power surges affect the circuit board, making it unable to send signals. The good condition of the control board can prevent communication errors. Thanks for reading.

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