Outdoor outlet not working

Outdoor outlet not working. When we set an electrical layout for our new house, homeowners pay proper attention to installing an outdoor outlet.

Outdoor lighting plays an essential role as indoor lights. People around the world install outdoor lights, specially for security purposes.

Suppose you hosted a lawn tea party for your neighbors. Right before when they arrived, your outdoor outlet stopped working.

When you think your outdoor outlet is not working AHH, it sounds frustrating to even think about it.

If you’re thinking of calling a professional to seek help because your outdoor outlet not working, STOP.

Because we are here to tell you some troubleshooting processes that you can do to fix the issues.

We know how it feels when something goes off the plan at the very moment. But we are here to tell you some easy causes that lead to the tripping off of your outdoor outlet.

You can check up on these causes and identify the solution as well.

Outdoor outlet not working

Tripped Circuit Breaker:

tripped circuit breaker

Faultyfirst thing that you have to do is to check if your outdoor outlet is working correctly or not.

Check if the outside outlet is tripped or not because sometimes the reason for a defective outside electrical outlet would lie in its circuit breakers

It would help if you first located the household’s main electrical box to locate the circuit breakers.

Locating the main electrical box, you can locate the circuit breaker there. Some houses have a breaker box connecting all the circuit breaker switches.

The second step you have to do is to check whether other outlets in your house are still working.

Other outlets of your house are working correctly then, indicating that this problem could lie in the circuit breaker of the outside electrical outlets.

The tripped receptacle of the tripped breaker will make outdoor circuits faulty. Same circuit breakers can lose connections many times due to circuit overload.

A circuit breaker works to prevent electrical faults. If some electrical fault occurs for any possible reason, that circuit breaker will trip automatically.

The tripped circuit breaker will prevent the danger of a power outage.


Locate the circuit breakers in the middle of the main switch. You will witness that the circuit breaker is in an off position.

When you see the short circuit breaker is in the OFF position, you must shift them to the ON position.

This process will make your outside outlet work normally again.

Garage outlets not working

Tripped GFCI outlet

tripped gfci outlet

The GFCI outlet is a ground fault circuit interrupter.

Suppose you are unable to find out the breaker of your outdoor outlets.

Then it means your outdoor outlet doesn’t have any separate circuit breaker.

It indicates that you have to pay attention to the GFCI outlets.

GFCI outlets are ground fault circuit interrupters that provide connections to the other outlets around the house.

Locating the GFCI breaker panel

locating the gfci breaker panel

You have to do is to locate the GFC outlet. You can locate GFCI outlets somewhere inside your home.

But most commonly GFCI outlet is placed in the garage or the laundry rooms, which we call an outdoor GFCI outlet.

So looking for a tripped GFCI outlet panel in the main electrical box will not always help you solve the problem.

Sometimes you have to go through the breaker box.

Outdoor light not working


When you locate the GFCI outlet, the next app you have to take is to check for its power button.

Examine if the power button of GFCI outlets is in OFF opposition. Suppose the power button is in the off position.

Then turning it in the ON position will do the job. But ensure you properly apply GFCI protection to prevent future sudden GFCI trips.

Turning the GFCI outlet ON will recover the power in all the outlets around your place.

Rusty outdoor outlet

rusty outdoor outlet

Sometimes after getting constantly ignored, the outside outlets end up not working.

The reason could be the clogs and rust that don’t let the outlet work properly.

This rust will distract the interaction between the switches.

When wires do not connect with each other, then the outlet will not work. The faulty outlet will not work. in order to set everything up, we should clean out the rust and thorough

Wet Outdoor Outlet

wet outdoor outlet

Sometimes the water of rain can make its way through the outdoor outlet.

When water interacts with the outlet, then it can cause an electric shot.

To prevent severe electric damage, circuit breakers and GFCI circuit breaker switches start tripping so the problem doesn’t get worse.

This problem is not as simple as it looks. Suppose water makes it straight to the outdoor outlet.

When water interacts with the outlet, then it will get wet.

When you attach anything or any appliance to that wet outlet, it can also create more dangerous electrical problems in that appliance.

It would be best if you had to pay extra attention while the outdoor power outlets are wet because it can make the situation even worse.

It is recommended to add waterproof electrical outlets protection. So that next time when water makes its way to the electrical outlets, its waterproof shield can prevent it.

If you have tried turning them ON and they keep turning back to their OFF position, it indicates that you have to reset the switches.

Old outdoor outlet

old outdoor outlet

If your outdoor outlet is not working, the reason could lie in their less usage.

The most used outlets are those we have installed indoors because most of the tasks related to daily life are connected to the indoor outlets.

People usually tend to ignore outdoor outlets, and dues to long-term stuckness, they can get old and faulty.

As for humans, “getting old is the biggest disease.”

Well, the same goes for the outlets as well. Their biggest fault is their expiry.

We ignore the outdoor outlets, which we don’t occasionally replace. These reasons will not let them work properly.

You have to examine the outdoor outlet and check for its problem thoroughly if you see that something is worn or disturbed.

Then we recommend replacing the old outdoor outlet with the new one.

Worn-out wiring

worn out wiring

The wiring of any outlet is mainly attached to the wall.

The wiring is properly mounted enough in the wall that no force can toggle or move.

But still, sometimes, things can get round away. Sometimes due to constant use, many things can get faulty as well.

Sometimes wiring can get disconnected due to many possible reasons.

All you have to do is to locate the wiring booth. After finding the wires, check them thoroughly.

You can locate wires around the outside outlet.

Check if the electrical current is making its way to the wires or not. Try to reconnect the worn-out wires.

If they are worn enough that they can’t be connected properly, you have to replace the wires and connect them correctly.

Dead Outdoor Outlet

dead outdoor outlet

This problem mostly happens with the house owners who keep shifting their places.

When they move back to a place they haven’t used in a while, it is more than possible that most of the outlets of these houses are dead.

If you want to repair the dead outlet, then you have to check all the nearby outlets that if they are also dead or not.

If you doubt your skills, you must call a professional electrician to check the electrical circuit.

Examine the dead outlet and check all the standard outlets around it. We recommend you replace the exterior outlets with the news outlet.

Because dead outlets cant be adequately recovered.

Loose wiring

loose wiring

As we know, the wiring of outdoor outlets is wired correctly inside the wall.

But due to unanimous reasons, wiring can get loose. One loose wire can make things worse, and the whole outlet will end up working correctly.

You have to check for loose connections.

If you see and clear loose connections between wires, you have to set these loose connections immediately.

Because the problem doesn’t only limits at outdoor outlet nor working.

Loose wires can be dangerous enough to worsen things, and deadly electrical shocks can also happen.

Try to repair the loose connection by connecting loose wires with each other.

If you bear feeling stuck, then to prevent you from any possible dangerous situation, we recommend you call a professional electrician.

It would help if you had masking tape to connect the worn-out wires to protect electrical circuits from immediately tripping.

This sudden surge of power will make things worse, so you must worse, so you must call a qualified electrician for help.

Blown Fuse

blown fuse

The electrical system of a household is pretty complicated. Sometimes light fixtures can solve the problem.

We must check the branch circuit because when the branch circuit loses power, it will surely blow fuses because of an energy leak.

Use a voltage tester to examine the blown a fuse and then call for a professional electrician to set them up.


Outdoor electrical outlets redirect important places as indoor power outlets have.

If your outdoor outlet stops working, you must look for ways to get back to starting using the outdoor outlet. But if you are thinking of calling an electrician so that they can solve your problems, then STOP.

Because where have listed causes that are common enough to help you solve the outdoor tripped outlet problem.

The most common causes are tripped circuit breakers, worn-out wires, loose connections, and old outdoor outlets. Signs of electrical problems in home

If your outdoor power outlet is not working, you must go through the article because we have described everything in detail.

We hope that the detailed guide that we have provided will help you in solving your problem. You can apply one of the suitable methods to your outdoor power outlet.

We are sure that you will host the best lawn party and will be able to attach any appliances to the outdoor outlet.