Garage outlets not working

Garage outlets not working. A garage is now a day’s important part of our houses. The garage is used for different purposes like to stand our cars. It is sometimes used for the same purposes which we normally do in outdoor places.

Garages are normally of two types. First, that is directly connected to our houses. Another type of garage is that which departs to main houses.

Electricity is very important for garages because we cannot manage to do any work in the garage if there is not an outlet in it.

Outlets in the garage, depending on that how we are using it. If we want a fan in our garage, then outlets must have a fan button.

If we want different kinds of lights for more light at night then we will install those outlets in the garage.

Garage outlets not working

garage outlets not working

As garages are outside of the house then sometimes outlets do not work due to various reasons. Garage outlets are different from indoor outlets because of the weather conditions they faced.

We know the main use of a garage is to stand a car in it so we adjust our garage outlets according to that purpose and how can we use it properly.

Sometimes garage outlets do not work due to detached connection of circuit in-wall, an electrical fault in an outlet inside the ground, moisture in the outlet and tripped of a circuit breaker, etc.

We can solve these problems by hiring some electrician no time

Broken ground fault in outlet

This problem occurs when a hot wire makes a connection with the wire which is inside the ground.

It is due to the incorrect wiring and damaged appliances. For such kinds of problems, circuit breakers are installed to fix them.

Tripped of circuit breaker

When there is an excess of current inflow then the circuit breaker can trip off due to overload. It’s shut off the flow of the circuit.

We have to control the flow of current by removing more appliances on one circuit breaker and replacing old circuit breakers with the new breakers.

Effect of moisture on outlets

A wet outlet can lead to a short circuit in an outlet and sometimes fires also. If you will touch the wet outlet, then you will feel an electric shock. If you face such kind of situation then first of all shut down the circuit breaker.

If you will plug in a wet outlet then it is very dangerous. It is better to use quality outlet protection and still, you bear such problem then contact with an electrician to fix this problem.

Hot outlet covers

hot outlet covers

Outlets also do not work when wiring is not properly done. In garages, if there is no titer wiring then it can cause hot outlets.

If you touch the outlet and it is hot and a smell is coming out of it then don’t plug in any appliance. Change that outlet as soon as possible.

Fixing of loose plugs

If the plug of your appliance is loose then it will not work in the outlet.

If you have such problems then change the loose plugs to newer ones that adjust properly in the outlet of the garage.


What type of outlet is best in garages?

GFCI protected outlets are best to install in garages because it stops the leakage of electrical current.

How many outlets we can install in a 20amp circuit?

We can install a minimum of 10 outlets in a 20 amp circuit.

What should be the minimum height of outlets in a garage?

An outlet in the garage must be 20’’ high from the floor level.


As a homeowner when you are planning to install outlets in your garages, then you already know how you will use the garage, and you will install outlets according to your use.

GFCI-protected outlets are best to use in garages because of their resistance to an excess of current.

We don’t install the outlets close to the water pipes because if water enters the outlet it will make a short circuit or fire.

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