Onn soundbar troubleshooting

Onn soundbar troubleshooting. Enjoying any sound from the Onn soundbar gives you a different level of enjoyment. Everything goes perfectly until any problem arises with your Onn soundbar.

If you are experiencing a problem with your Onn soundbar and don’t know the reason, then don’t worry. The malfunctioning of an Onn soundbar doesn’t mean it’s not fixable.

It is difficult as it doesn’t contain any display panel to see anything like error codes or instructions or doesn’t have control keys to diagnose the problem.

But even if it’s difficult, if you like accepting challenges, you may follow the instructions we will mention in the article to fix your Soundbar work efficiently.

Onn soundbar troubleshooting

An Onn soundbar may create a different problem, which includes not turning on the Onn soundbar, repeatedly going to sleep, wavy sound, etc.

You may also experience the issue of connectivity with your TV. You will find the proper guide to get an instant solution. Let’s go through how to fix the sound bar issue without wasting your time.

Not Turning On Onn SoundBar

not turning on onn soundbar

If you are experiencing the issue of not turning on the Onn soundbar, there might be some power supply issues or a loose connection.

If the power supply does not fulfill the need for the Onn sound bar to run efficiently, it may result in a won’t tuning issue.

Another reason that might be possible or might not be possible is not maintaining a secure TV connection with Wifi.

Ensure that all the connection cables are not damaged. You may also check the connection. If you figure out any loose connection, ensure to fix it first.

The remote may be defective if you try to turn on the sound bar using the remote control. You may ensure the defective remote by tuning On the sound bar using its power button.

Check The Volumes

If you are facing the issue of no sound, then there could be a reason that you have turned off the Onn TV or Onn soundbar volume to zero.

It is a bit silly, but you may have unintentionally turned off the volume of your devices and forgotten about it later.

Ensure that you are not putting yourself into a problem that is not a problem. So, check the volumes and ensure they are not at the lowest.

Disconnect All Input Devices

disconnect all input devices

If you are not accessing the sound, there could be a reason that you have other input devices connected with your sound bar that could result in no sound.

To resolve this issue, you must pay attention that your Onn device is attached to a singular input device.

Ensure that you create a single connection with your Soundbar and select the input to avoid any issues.

Check The Audio Settings

If your Onn soundbar is not working, you must check the TV’s audio settings. Go through your audio menu and select the output settings.

Most of the soundbars use PCM audio settings. If you have already selected it, you may text the other options by selecting them.

Onn Soundbar Goes To Sleep Issue

onn soundbar goes to sleep issue

So, it might be possible that you are watching a movie or playing something using the game console, or you are listening to music, and whenever you turn the volume low or mute, the Sound Bar turns off or goes to sleep after some time.

To resolve the issue, you must diagnose the reason first. It probably happens when your Sound Bar senses no active audio signal.

So whenever you turn the volume to low or mute the volume of your TV or Soundbar, it turns off after 15 minutes. Even if it’s a valuable facility to save power, it sometimes gets annoying.

To resolve this issue, you can use two methods. The first one is simply turning the high volume so that your Soundbar keeps detecting the audio signals and won’t turn off.

Secondly, following the Onn soundbar manual steps, you can change the sleeping time from 15 minutes to 4 hours.

The only thing you need to do is to push the power and the volume button on the remote control at the same time for almost 10 seconds.

You can use this simple trick whenever you power on your Soundbar; it will help you to ensure that your Sound Bar will not turn off immediately after 15 minutes when you lower the volume.

Video & Audio Are Not Sync

While connecting your Soundbar with your TV, it sometimes appears a rear issue of video and audio are not in sync. In this situation, the sound comes earlier than the video.

You can do a power cycle to resolve the issue of being out of sync. It would help if you detached the power cable of your TV and sound system from the power outlet.

It would be better to detach the input connections also. You have to wait for 60 seconds before connecting them. Establish the connection after turning both devices On. In the end, you have to examine whether the issue is fixed or not.

Discontinuous Sound From Soundbar

discontinuous sound from soundbar

If you are facing an issue of fluctuating voice from the Onn speaker while watching Tv, you have to figure out the reason by following the instruction.

So, firstly, you must check all the device’s connections are firmly attached. But don’t forget to flick off the power before starting the procedure.

Another reason that may cause the discontinuous sound is the existence of other electronic appliances running near the Soundbar.

You may fix the issue by shutting off the other devices or moving the soundbar far from the devices that you think may create interference.

After following the tips, examine whether the issue is fixed or not. If it is not working, you may try the reset option to get flawless sound from the Onn soundbar.

Fix The Connectivity Issues Of TV & Onn Soundbar

If you are experiencing the issue while establishing a connection with your Tv and Onn sound bar, here are some solutions you may follow to fix it.

HDMI ARC or HDMI IN Connection

hdmi arc or hdmi in connection

You can connect the HDMI cable to HDMI ARC or HDMI IN ports of the Onn soundbar and Onn TV. Choose the suitable method for you.

  • HDMI ARC Connection

If you want to connect your Soundbar to your TV, here is one of the most acceptable ways to make the task using HDMI ARC input.

Suppose you want to connect the Onn soundbar with your TV using HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) connection. In that case, it is the most efficient way of audio communication using a singular HDMI cable.

ARC carries more bandwidth to provide better audio results. You must ensure that your Soundbar supports CEC(consumer electronics control) feature.

It means that you can control the different features of your sound bar using the Tv remote, like volume, settings, and power.

You may establish the connection by turning off the TV and sound bar and unplugging the power cord of both devices.

After that, you require an HDMI cable to attach it to the TV HDMI ARC port and the Onn soundbar ARC port.

And then, you can attach the power cables back and turn on your devices. You may enable the CEC feature from the TV menu to complete the task. Sometimes it automatically gets attached. So you may confirm it from audio settings.

  • HDMI Input Connection

The following method you may use to establish a secure connection of your Onn soundbars to your TV is the HDMI inputs connection if your Soundbar contains HDMI inputs.

Ensure that your TV and Onn Soundbar are plugged in. Using an HDMI cable for connection is not match tricky because there are no chances of inserting the cable into the wrong port as the port and cable pin size and structure are the same.

Look at the HDMI IN label on the port at the back of your TV and plug the cable in it. You may use the HDMI ARC Input or HDMI Input that you find more suitable.

Use Of Aux or Optical Connection

use of aux or optical connection

Even if you have attached the Onn soundbar with your Onn TV, you feel no change between the sound of your TV and Soundbar. You can get back the audio quality by using the mentioned methods.

  • RCA Stereo Audio Cable

You are required to RCA stereo audio cable for attaching it with the TV’s audio output port and the AUX IN port of the Onn Soundbar.

You may also use the RCA cable with the AUX IN port of the Sound Bar to the TV’S headphone port.

  • Optical Cable

If you are unsure whether your Soundbar is problematic, you may test it by using an optical cable of 3.5 mm to 3 mm.

Mostly the Onn Soundbars have an optical cable with them, but if you don’t have one, you can purchase an optical cable from the nearest market.

The plus point of using an optical cable is that it doesn’t need additional settings like the HDMI cable.

You may attach the optical cord with the Soundbar’s optical port and the second end at the back of your TV.

You may connect them directly behind your TV if you want to attach other input devices like a Blu-ray box or cable box. Examine whether your Soundbar is working perfectly or not.

  • AUX Cable

You may also use AUX cable for creating a connection of the Onn Sound Bar to your TV. Attach one end of the cable to the TV’S audio output port and attach the second end with the Soundbar’s AUX IN port.

But one thing you must be concerned about is that the AUX cables use analog signals. It does not provide the same sound quality compared to digital cables.

Create a Bluetooth Connection

create a bluetooth connection

So to create a Bluetooth connection, you must click the source button from the Soundbar, or you may click the Bluetooth button using the remote control.

It will convert the Bluetooth mode and able you to enter Bluetooth pairing mode. Ensure that you have turned on the Bluetooth on your device.

After that, you may examine the blue led indicator light will start blinking and turns into solid light. It indicates the Bluetooth connected successfully.

Another Way To Set Up Onn Soundbar

You may hit the source button on your Onn soundbar for almost 3 seconds. Or until the blue indicator light starts blinking.

Choose the Bluetooth search function and search your sound system on your device, whether a mobile phone, laptop, or any other device. Choose your device and create a successful setup.

Guideline For Indicator Lights

  1. The red light indicates the standby mode of the Sound system.
  2. The yellow indicator light indicates AUX mode.
  3. A green light indicates the optical mode.
  4. The blue indicator light tells about the Bluetooth mode.
  5. The White LED light turns on in the HDMI ARC mode.
  6. Orange Lights indicates HDMI IN mode.

Step To reset Onn SoundBar

step to reset onn soundbar

If you are not able to fix the issue after following the instructions, then you may try the option of resetting your Soundbar.

It would help if you pushed the volume, power, and input buttons at once and then released them after 5 seconds, detaching the power cable.

Then you can attach the cable back and turn the unit on by punching the power button.


In this article, we try our best to make you able to do Onn Soundbar troubleshooting successfully.

You may try different methods to resolve the issue whenever your soundbars won’t turn on or start fluctuating sound and other related soundbar issues.

We also share the method of connections using different cables attached to specific ports. We have sure the proper guideline for indicating lights, resetting procedures, and the method of establishing Bluetooth connection.

If something is confusing you, you may get help from the user manual of your Soundbar.

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