North carolina furniture manufacturers list

North Carolina furniture manufacturers list. When you talk about the industry of furniture, North Carolina is known as the furniture capital and the world’s largest furniture store.

There are a lot of furniture-making factories in this state. The high point about North Carolina is that every indoor and outdoor furniture is manufactured here.

Due to quality and affordable prices, many people and retail buyers come here from everywhere to buy traditional dining room & bedroom furniture and officer sofa.

North carolina furniture manufacturers list

Following companies have the best furniture brands if you are looking for a top north Carolina furniture manufacturer’s list.

  1. King hickory furniture mart
  2. charleston forge
  3. Bassett furniture industry
  4. High point furniture
  5. Craftsmaster furniture
  6. Fairfield chair
  7. stanford furniture
  8. Luke’s furniture factory
  9. North Carolina custom leather
  10. The Paladin Furniture

So, these are some top manufacturers in the North Carolina furniture industry. Keep reading my research in this article because it will help you a lot to choose the best option according to your budget and fashion choice.

The furniture industry began taking root in NC at the beginning of the twentieth century, and now it ranks top in the world.

There is a lot of skillful craftsmanship in manufacturing furniture of different colors and designs from the best timber.

King hickory furniture mart

king hickory furniture mart

King hickory furniture factory started its manufacturing in 1958. In the last fifty years, they have manufactured quality fabric and leather furniture for their customers.

Hickory chairs make an eclectic mix of furniture outlets, factories outlets, and high-end furniture. They provide the best design you desire.

charleston forge

It is very famous in the home furnishings industry in the state of North Carolina.

It is famous for its best designs and flawless quality. charleston forge makes long-lasting furniture with sturdy steel frames and beautiful cushions.

Bassett furniture industry

bassett furniture industry


Bassett’s industry of furniture is more than 100 years old and has over 100 retail stores all over the United States of America and Canada.

This factory offers various fashion choices and gives classic and different design consultants.

The best thing about this company is that they delivered your order in a quick time and satisfied the generations over the years.

High point furniture industry

High point furniture is a local retailer whose primary focus is to give a whole variety of different styles of bedroom, dining room, and office furniture.

It was founded about 4o years ago, and over the years, it has satisfied its consumers with unique and classic desgins.

Craftsmaster furniture

craftsmaster furniture

Craftsmaster furniture is 50 years old and started manufacturing in Taylorsville, NC. This City is famous for its traditions because the furniture industry is like a family business here.

These designers have various styles of chairs, sofas, and many fabric options as compared to the market.

They take and ship orders from all over the world and deliver within weeks.

Fairfield chair

Fairfield chair is also more than 100 years old and has merged robust craftsmanship with the fashion designs of showroom space, home furnishings, and friendliness companies.

Stanford Furniture

stanford furniture

You can buy style and quality furniture from the Stanford furniture shop.

If you are looking for a unique style and if it is not available, their design consultants will sit with you and make the furniture what you want.

Stanford is the best option to decorate the home with quality furnishings.

Luke’s furniture company

This company opens unremitting designs for its consumers. They not only make handcrafted furniture but also have a collection of decorative upholstery to give a new look to your home and office business.

North Carolina custom leather

north carolina custom leather

North Carolina custom leather companies are famous in the USA for their best leather furniture.

They satisfy their buyer because they create it as consumer choice. They make its frames with hardwoods. They also make standard cushions with spring down.

The Paladin Furniture

The Paladin furniture company was made in Taylorsville, NC, in 1983. The high point about this factory is that it never compromises on its quality and rules.

They give high importance to their workers and the customers. They have a long chain of their furniture capital in more than 300 stores all over the world.

Its owner’s mission is to give different designs, quality, and comfort in your offices and homes.


I am hopeful after reading this article now; that you can easily buy the furniture of your choice. All the best furniture manufacturing companies listed with their high points are described in detail for you.

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