No water in kitchen but everywhere else

No water in kitchen but everywhere else. A water supply issue can be the reason that there is no water in the kitchen but everywhere else. Here is this article are some ways that you can use to deal with water supply.

Dealing with water supply issues is not my profession, but after doing research for long, straight hours. I think I have spotted the issues and the way to cure them.

Problems and fixes

  • Off water supply
  • Blocked pipes
  • Blocked faucets
  • Leaked water
  • Broken tap

No water in kitchen but everywhere else

no water in kitchen but everywhere else

The reason behind this is the water supply issue. If it reaches all the places in your house except for the kitchen. The problem is with the pipes.

They might have gotten clogged because of the minerals building up inside them. The filter is clogged and is not letting the water through.

The reason might be with your faucet. It might be broken or clogged. The supply to the room might have been off.

The water leaks out before it could even reach the tap or the sink. Maybe the pipes or the faucet are not installed.

Problems and fixes

The reasons this problem might be caused are written below.

1. Off water supply

Before you go too deep and you have no water in the kitchen, check the supply line to it. Check if it is off or on. Sometimes we forget to turn it on.

If it’s on, then the problem is not related to it. But if you see that it is off,  turn it on. Turn the handle in the other direction from where it is now.

2. Blocked pipes

Blocked or clogged pipes are the most come to reason in any case of a water problem. If you notice that no aqua is coming to you, then that might be because of some blockage in the pipe.

This blockage is caused by minerals in hard water. From time to time, the minerals gather in the pipes, resulting in a thick layer. This layer grows and causes blockage in the pipe.

This might also be caused if there is rust in the water. The rust may gather and not allow the water to pass through. You can call a plumber for cleaning too as he will do a better job.

3. Blocked faucets

The problem is similar to the blockage of the pipe. The taps get blocked. The minerals get stuck in the tap and the water stops coming out.

It is better than the problem with the blockage of pipes as you can clean the taps easily. You may see that you do not need to open the tap. By which I mean dismantle.

You can just use a pointy stick or something that resembles it to poke into the tap. Then you can clean it by moving it inside.

If there is a filter on it, then you need to open the tap and clean it manually.

4. Leaked water

leaked water

The water is turned on. The pipes are not clogged, nor is the faucet. Still, no water is coming from it. Then that problem may be concerned with leakage.

The water is probably leaking somewhere before it can even reach the faucet. You have turned the tap on but the water is not coming its way rather you don’t even know where it is going.

This problem is usually caused because of loose pipes. You need to first find the point of leakage. Follow the water supply pipe for this.

After finding it you can fix the pipe with tape and other stuff or you can change the whole pipe so no problem exists. And if it is only caused by loosened pipes, you can just tighten them up.

5. Broken tap

Everything is in top-notch condition, yet when you open the tap, no water comes out of it. This problem is caused if the tap is broken. The handle might not be working.

You should check the handle. Maybe it is loose and you can fix it by tightening it. It can be broken too, so you need to replace the handle or the whole tap.

You can disassemble the tap and look for broken or damaged parts and replace them as per.


No water in kitchen but everywhere else. The problem you might be dealing with is mostly solved by the methods that are listed in this article. If you still have no prevail.

Then you should contact the professional. Because this problem might be too deep and you might not be able to solve it.

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