Netflix not working on firestick

Netflix not working on firestick. Netflix is the most commonly used platform nowadays because you can stream your favorite channels, films, and dramas.

If the Netflix app is not working on your smart tv, then don’t get panic and read this post because I will explain the detailed troubleshooting guide to fix this issue.

There are different causes of the Netflix app not working on your Amazon firestick tv. The first and main cause is no internet connection.

If you have been using the Netflix app for some time, then you must know this app requires a fast internet connection to stream the media, so you need to check the internet connection speed.

The second main reason for this trouble is service issues in the area. Sometimes the streaming service is not currently available in a certain area due to some reason, so contact other users to ask them about the service.

Read this complete blog if you are having some issues with your Netflix app not working on the firestick tv.

Netflix not working on firestick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is the latest live-streaming device to watch different media content that attaches to a TV HDMI port, permitting it to access media.

However, sometimes Netflix is not connected to the fire tv due to low internet connection, service issues, firestick settings, Netflix app data, etc. Let’s Discuss all the tips to reconnect the app with the tv.

Check internet connection

check internet connection

If your fire tv is not connecting with the app, then, first of all, check the internet connection on your internet modem.

The live stream service needs high-speed internet to buffer the media, so if your wifi signal speed is low, then it will not connect to the device.

Too many smartphones and other smart devices are connected in a home in one router, so check the internet service on the other devices.

If the other devices are working efficiently on the internet router, then it means there is an issue with your firestick device or app.

Suppose you have connected many smart devices with one modem.

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In that case, it will share the internet speed, and your app will start buffering, so it is suggested to you disconnect the internet on other devices when you start watching movies on Netflix service.

Now, talk about another option. If you have connected only firestick tv to one internet network and still the Netflix app is buffering the video, then open youtube or another app to check whether the other channel is streaming or not.

If the other channel streams the media nicely, then it means there is an issue with Netflix and not with the internet connection.

Service issue

If there is no issue with the internet connectivity, then check the service in the area. Sometimes, Netflix’s own issue comes in a certain area due to a specific reason.

So, contact your friend who has Netflix account to confirm whether that is down in the area or if it’s just happening with your account.

You also have the option to ask others on your Twitter or Facebook account. You can know whether is down or not by people’s reactions.

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Clear app cache data

clear app cache data

It’s also important to keep clearing the app cache data because if the app cache memory is full, then the app will not stream the media on the fire tv.

So, its simple, easy solution is to clear the app cache data to connect the app to fire tv.

Check for Netflix update

Netflix app service keeps updating its app and service to provide the best feature to its users. So, that’s why it’s very important to keep updating your app to improve your viewing experience.

But, when you do not update the latest software updates, then the Netflix app will start to create issues, and not it will not connect with your fire tv.

Normally the device updates the new software version automatically, but you can also do it manually through these steps.

  • Open the Settings menu on your fire tv.
  • Choose Notifications.
  • Tap the Netflix card with the available list.
  • Tap the app to update.
Restart your fire tv

Sometimes, a simple restart can also solve technical problems. So, restart your fire tv and give it a proper power cycle.

If your firestick has software glitch issues, restarting the device is the best troubleshooting tip to resolve the problem.

Follow these steps.

  • Turn off your fire tv.
  • Detach the device power cord from the socket.
  • Wait for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Insert the power cable into the power source.
  • Press the device’s or remote control’s power button to turn on the fire tv.
  • Hopefully, your issue will be fixed if software glitches are behind this problem.

Reinstall app

reinstall app

Sometimes it’s better to uninstall the app from the fire tv and then reinstall the app to fix the bugs and glitches.

So, if your app is not working efficiently, then uninstall the app and reinstall the app because it will clear not only the cache memory but also the app data.

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If you want to uninstall the app from the Fire TV, then follow these points.

  • Open  Settings
  • Select Applications
  • Go to Manage Installed Applications
  • Choose Netflix
  • Click Uninstall

When the fire tv is uninstalled from fire tv, then restart your device. Now, if you want to reinstall your app, then open the play store on Amazon play store to download and reinstall the app.


The last words on this post are if you have connected the Netflix app with your fire tv to stream movies, then you must need to have a fast internet connection.

If your app is not working on the fire tv, then, first of all, restart your fire tv, app, and the internet router.

It’s also important to keep clearing the app data and cache data from the app. I am hopeful this article helped you to reconnect the Netflix app with the fire smart tv.