Nest thermostat not cooling

Nest thermostat not cooling. With the advancement in standard appliances technologies, there has been a considerable amount of progress made by home-related smart devices or gadgets.

They have progressed quite a great deal in the modern world where it provides you with all the comforts and luxuries you always desire.

Nest has been one of the potential competitors in this field. It provides its customers with all those fantastic features all in one, which many of the others in the field fail to provide.

Nest thermostat is a smart device and is known for its variable feature, which involves not only heaters but also coolers that can be operated in both seasons, whether winters or summers.

It adjusts the temperature according to the average temperature schedule you set on your daily schedule. Nest thermostats do this job on your behalf.

As they remember the settings, you want to make accordingly and then keep the settings in their mind. They remember the usual lifestyle you’re accommodated to.

Whether you’re near or far away from home, it allows you to set the target temperature from the devices it’s connected to, may it be your phone or iPad.

Also, providing a service that is easy on the pockets and enables you to save a significant amount of energy with its eco-friendly temperature mode that is displayed with a cute green leaf on the thermostat screen

But, all these qualities are shadowed by the time when you face the issue of your “nest thermostat not cooling.”

Nest thermostat not cooling

What are the causes?

Now, the cause that you are feeling hot when you are supposed to feel cool is due to the fact that your thermostat is failing to cope with your temperature schedule.

And why does it fail? I will tell you some potential causes of why your Nest thermostat is facing the issue of not cooling.

Trippy might be the circuit breaker

trippy might be the circuit breaker

One of the reasons your “Nest thermostat not cooling” is a tripped breaker.

Your circuit breaker box must have a switch that might have tripped due to certain issues like a heavy voltage appliance might be troubling.

There might be some voltage fluctuations in your Nest thermostat.

We are well aware of the fact that energy-hungry appliances won’t take a single step unless they get the proper amount of energy they require.

So, a tripped circuit breaker won’t allow your Nest thermostat to cool or do its job as it should.

What do we do?

When this is the issue, then fear not, my friend. As it can be solved just by turning or flipping the breaker switch on!

Go and look out for the switch in your circuit breaker box that has been tripped.

Now, by just flipping it back on, your “Nest thermostat not cooling” issue might be fixed.

And your Thermostat ring will turn blue, indicating that it’s back on business and will start cooling again.

But, if you have a blown fuse, then it might just trouble you a bit more.

You will have to fetch a new fuse and get it swapped with the old blown fuse. This might turn your nest thermostat back on.

Try the restart method

try the restart method

Your nest thermostat blowing hot hair when it is supposed to blow cold air might be due to a difference in the settings of your nest thermostat.

Your nest thermostat system simply works on automated responses which it keeps in mind.

But, when the set temperature schedule is disturbed or settings have been meddled with, your Nest thermostat will cause an issue in your cooling system for sure.

What do we do?

What we do is that we try to switch off the nest thermostat by disconnecting the power to it in one way or another.

As you do that, your nest thermostat will start again, and who knows, it might start to work as well. Haha, kidding, it WILL work.

You can also reset your nest thermostat setting by going to the settings and by going to the quick view menu, and entering the reset button; your Nest thermostat might start to work again and start to cool.

Misunderstood cooling system type

The reason your nest thermostat is not cooling might also be due to your misunderstanding about the type of cooling system you have.

It might be a heating and cooling system or just a heat pump system.

This will lead to the issue of mislabeled wires.

Wiring is labeled incorrectly

wiring is labeled incorrectly

Your wrong perception about your cooling system might be the reason that you have mislabeled your nest thermostat wires.

And due to this, you labeled your wires on the conventional side of the circuit while they had to be placed on the heat pump side.

The mislabeled wires won’t allow your nest thermostat to get enough power outage preventing it from working correctly or cooling properly.

Your thermostat wires need to be placed on the heat pump side in order for it to blow cold air.

Nest green light blinking

What do we do?

First, turn off the power supply to your room where your nest thermostat.

With the help of the Nest app or your old thermostat, relate the wiring that is appropriate.

The right type of wiring arrangement will let your nest thermostat work fine. You must set the wires on the heat pump side and fix them.

Also, each wire connected to the fuse should be adequately placed according to the setup.

Heating and cooling system wiring has gone badly

heating and cooling system wiring has gone badly

Another reason why the nest thermostat is malfunctioning is that there is trouble with the wiring, either it’s the thermostat wiring or the wiring of your house.

Any damaged wiring would lead to a bad functioning thermostat.

What do we do

Now the thing we should do is to check which one of both the wiring is malfunctioning.

Thus, remove your Nest display screen and unmount the screws; check the wiring.

If it’s placed just fine, then we know Nest wiring is not the issue.

Your next step is to take out the nest thermostat and place your old thermostat.

If that is not working correctly or is completely turned off, then there might be something wrong with the wiring of your house.

The air handler just blew off

the air handler just blew off

Your thermostat won’t also work if the air blower has blown or fused off.

There are various fuses placed inside the air handler which control the cooling system.

The fuses are not too weak to fuse this quickly and are a less common problem.

These fuses are placed inside the air handler and are a bit difficult to reach.

To go to the fuse section, there are a lot of screws you need to pass through.

After unmounting these screws, you need to locate the blown-off switch. But, there are so many fuses that it is impossible to locate which one has been burned.

What do we do

The first thing to do is to cut the consistent power to the room and the thermostat.

Later, remove the display screen and reach out to the air handler.

The fused switch is a bit difficult to locate, and you are in luck that these switches are comparatively cheap.

So, you can change all the switches or fuses, and that won’t be a problem.

Calibrate nest thermostat

Same or Separate RC and RH wires

same or separate rc and rh wires

There are RC and RH sockets placed in the thermostats. They are used both for cooling and heating.

In many thermostats, there are two wires that connect to the Rh and Rc port. There both are red.

But in many nest thermostats, there is a single red wire which has to be placed in the Rh port.

The red wires are used for Rc and Rh ports and should be placed separately into their own correct ports.

If any of these is placed incorrectly, then know that there will arise cooling issues, and the air conditioner won’t be working accordingly; instead, it might work the opposite.

What do we do

The first thing to avoid cooling issues is to place the red wire into the correct port.

If there is a single red wire and two ports, then put this wire into the Rh port. If this works, then good; if not, then put the same red wire into the Rc terminal.

Nest thermostats Compatible or not?

An incompatible system would definitely not work with the Nest thermostat.

Suppose, you have an air conditioning system that you want to link with your Nest thermostat that is incompatible; of course, there will be no or undependable cooling.

What do we do

There must be a 24v system for Nest users, and they will surely enjoy the perks of efficient cooling.

C-type might be the cause

c type might be the cause

There is a C-terminal and wire called a “common wire system” which is placed in the nest device.

In your old thermostat, this C wire might not be placed. But Nest comes with this fantastic feature of C wire.

This provides a 24v supply to your nest device and provides you with dependable cooling.

But, if your nest thermostats do not have this wire connected, then they won’t work as they should.

What do we do

You should place the C wire in their terminal without any kinks and check whether your Nest is working correctly and cooling fine.

Nest thermostat battery won’t charge

Some of the modern nest thermostats do not need this C terminal and wire system, so if there is one placed, you should remove that because it might cause trouble. If the problem still persists then contact support.

Wrapping it up

Your Nest thermostats are an amazing addition to your home as they provide you with all those unique features which enable you to lead a better and more comfortable life.

But, if your Nest thermostats are malfunctioning, then there might be several reasons which might start from improper power outage to a more complex form of the issue, which might be a blown fuse.

If you have an issue with your main HVAC system, call a technician.

Nest thermometer does not run off of power lines, it can still function with a fully charged battery which is supplied in the box.

So, if you can figure out the root cause of this issue, you can quickly solve the problem and enjoy the perks of having a Nest thermostat in your home.

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