Nest green light blinking

Nest green light blinking. Controlling the temperature around you is a very important and healthy step that you can take for yourself.

And considering a thermostat on your list is going to be a bill-saving decision as you will be able to control the temperature of your space. It will consume your money out of your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system.

If you are one of those people who have recently invested in a Nest thermostat, then GREAT as this investment is going to be worthy.

If you are at a beginner’s level while operating the Nest thermostat, it is obvious that you are surely going to get confused about its functions and parts. You must be looking up some beginner’s guide that you can follow up on and learn about Nest thermostats.

Well, if your Nest thermostat is blinking green light and you do not know what is happening, then you have to look up the guide that can tell you why the indicator is showing a green light.

Nest green light blinking

nest green light blinking

If you are looking for the reasons behind blinking green lights, then you are landed at the very right place because we are here to tell you what is the actual reason behind the blinking green light.

As we know, a blinking red light on any type of device commonly indicates low battery charging, and the same goes for the Nest thermostat.

If the indicator of your nest thermostat is showing green light that is constantly blinking, then your Nest thermostat is trying to convey a message of update which means that it is updating.

nest green light blinking 2022

Sometimes it starts blinking because the Nest thermostat started restarting on its own. The thermostat can indicate the following blinking pattern.

  • The green light is steady at its point

If the green light is steady at its point for more than 5 to 10 minutes, then it indicates that the Nest thermostat has stopped and got frozen during the updating process.

  • Lights are constantly turning on

lights are constantly turning on

If your Nest thermostat is constantly turning on the lights, then it indicates that the person is around 1 meter and almost 3 feet.

And if you make any changes to the thermostat through the app, the lights will also start blinking.

Troubleshooting Green light blinking

If you want to look at the way to troubleshoot the problem, then you have to follow the steps that are listed down below.

  • Remove the screen of the thermostat from its position and then examine the pin connectors that if they are properly aligned or not.
  • If they are aligned properly, then put the screen of the thermostat in its place, and you will witness a click sound when you put the screen back in its place.
  • If your thermostat doesn’t even start even after putting the thermostat screen back, then apply a force by pushing on the display for about 10 to 15 seconds and then stop pushing it but push down within the care, and hopefully, this will fix the problem of constantly blinking green light.


If you have just invested in the Nest thermostat and you don’t know much about its reaction and its features then you don’t have to take tension if it acts in a certain way because you are at the beginning level.

If your Nest thermostat starts blinking green light then you have to identify why it is doing that, well. We have defined it for you.

If your thermostat is showing up with a green light, then that means that the indicator is trying to show up the signs of restarting.

Or if Google has thrown up some updates, then the indicator will indicate the update. you can follow up on the above troubleshooting process to solve your problem.

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