Calibrate nest thermostat

Calibrate nest thermostat. Nest thermostats provide the best comfort by maintaining your room’s temperature according to your desire by sensing your home temperature.

It is feasible that, for some reason, your nest thermostat misconstrues your home’s temperature. But if you want your Nest thermostat to work correctly, you must sometimes calibrate Nest thermostat.

So, if you want to make your thermostats work flawlessly without any misconception of sensing readings, then ensure to calibrate the Nest thermostat when required or whenever you want to do it after a specific time.

The calibration is a thermostat capability that tends to sense your home temperature and then launch its cycle. Thermostat sensors are responsible for suspecting whether your room’s temperature requires cooling or heating to maintain and make it suitable.

So, if you don’t know what steps you should follow for Nest thermostat calibration, then here are the demanded steps you may follow.

Calibrate nest thermostat

The article will discuss the issues for calibrating your Nest thermostat, complete steps for accurate calibration, and the advantages of thermostat calibration. So, here you go.

Reasons For Calibration issuesreasons for calibration issues

Firstly, if you notice that your Nest thermostat is not calibrating properly and don’t know why? Here are a few reasons that may create calibration issues.

  • Cleaning Issue

Uncleanliness is the first and most obvious reason for the thermostat calibration issue.

If you don’t pay attention to its cleaning or its temperature sensors are caught with dirt particles, it may affect its sense of detecting accurate temperature readings.

  • Sunlight Area

Here is the second reason that may lead to an incorrect calibrate of your Nest thermostat, so if your Nest thermostat is installed where it gets direct sunlight.

You may get an idea by assuming two persons; one person is sitting in direct sunlight, shining, and another is sitting under a shade or shadow at the same place.

Do you think they will have the same body temperature? Obviously, “No.”

The same rule applies to the thermostat; if it is in sunlight, it will calibrate incorrectly compared to your room temperature.

  • Incompatible Location

So another reason that may cause calibration issues is locating your Nest thermostat near warm areas like the Kitchen or heat-generating appliances.

It also includes the air vent, entrance, or other opening areas like windows.

The following reason also uses the sunlight rule: if you have placed your Nest thermostat nearer to heat-producing elements, you may face poor temperature control performance.

You may also confirm the readings by placing a thermometer in another place in the same area. So, to prevent these issues, always choose a perfect spot for placing your Nest thermostat.

  • Defective Nest Thermostat

A defective Nest thermostat can be another reason for not calibrating accurately. If your thermostat is defective, then it doesn’t need any calibration. You may think about repairing or a replacement thermostat if it still have a warranty.

Complete Steps To Calibrate Nest Thermostatcomplete steps to calibrate nest thermostat 2

So, it might be possible to assume that your Nest thermostat is working precisely. But it is also possible that it allows wrong readings without your awareness.

So, to avoid this situation, you may do Nest thermostat calibration while going through the simple steps below.

  • Inspect Accuracy

Before calibrating your nest thermostat device, it would be best to check whether it is giving an accurate reading.

It’ll give you confirmation and an idea about your Nest thermostat’s valid calibration. So, here we will use a small technique to check your Nest thermostat accuracy.

Well, as you know that your Nest thermostat contains a thermometer that senses temperature. So you may join another thermometer near your thermostat.

Lets them pick up the room’s temperature for almost twenty to thirty minutes. After that, you must check the temperature of both devices.

If the thermometer temperature is the same or only has a temperature equal to or within 10F, it indicates your Nest thermostat’s accurate reading. So don’t question your thermostat calibration performance.

On the other hand, if you get an inaccurate reading, for example, above 1 degree F on your thermostat temperature, it requires calibration.

In this kind of scenario, you need to contact a professional to fix the issue of incorrect temperature readings.

If you also inspect that your Nest thermostat has temperature variation, it would be better to contact an HVAC pro rather than struggle with your HVAC system.

  • Maintain Cleanlinessmaintain cleanliness


Another thing you may do to calibrate the Nest thermostat when it gives inaccurate readings is clean its inner parts.

So, you may detach the cover of your Nest thermostat to access its inner parts. It would be best to use soft brushes to clean dirt particles.

Don’t use any harsh material or behaviors while cleaning the parts because by doing so, you may harm any component.

  • Straighten Mercury Vial

To proceed with the following procedure, you must inspect whether your Nest thermostat contains a mercury vial.

If so, you have to inspect it to check whether it is leveled. You need to level it if it is bent and not straight.

But remember one thing don’t use your fingers or any physical interaction to deal with it. We suggest contacting an expert if you find it a tough job.

  • Thermostats Calibration Screwthermostats calibration screw

It might be possible that your Nest thermostat doesn’t own a mercury vial, but a calibration screw inside may require modification to calibrate the Nest thermostat.

Firstly, you may access the calibration screw as it is placed inner side of the thermostat’s curled metal. Examine the screw size and get a screwdriver that can fit the screw properly.

The procedure you are going to do will reset the contacts of your Nest thermostat, enabling your thermostat to calibrate efficiently after resolving invalid settings.

So, you may place the screwdriver on the screw and move it backward and forward. You have to do it until the contacts open.

You must wait for some time, almost a few minutes, before closing the calibrating screw. It will help you to do a successful reset of contacts and will allow your Nest thermostat to calibrate accurately. Nest thermostat battery won’t charge

  • Restart Nest Thermostatrestart nest thermostat

So, here is another effortless method to calibrate Nest Thermostat by restarting it. Here are the steps you may go through for your device restarting process.

Firstly, you may push your Nest thermostat’s ring and release it when you see its display screen turns black.

Please wait for some time for its backing up and running. The procedure will restart your device. Now, grab your thermometer and again start inspecting the temperature value.

We are sure that restarting your device will fix the temporary issue and will give you the actual temperature. You must try the following method for accurate calibration. Emerson thermostat reset


If your Nest temperature issue persists after restarting, you may do a factory reset. It may enable your device to reset settings and fix the errors.

  • Examine Wiring

If you are still facing the Nest temperature incorrect reading, then you may also require to inspect the wirings.

Rust and dirt are significant issues that may minimize the thermostat expertise working. So you must ensure that the wirings are free from dirt and deterioration.

If you find anything that is covering wires, don’t take time to take action to grab a sponge and do the cleaning task.


  • Ensure that you own a low-voltage HVAC system because a high-voltage HVAC is not preferable for efficient Nest thermostat working.

Consequences of Nest Thermostats Calibration

Most of the appliances keep their durability if you consider the facts for their maintenance.

However, most thermostats require calibration to work correctly and for different purposes. Here are a few consequences that you may get when you calibrate your nest thermostat.

Maintain Thermostat Accuracymaintain thermostat accuracy

If you don’t calibrate your nest thermostat, it may cause incorrect readings that may slowly take your thermostat to the path of harm.

So, try to calibrate your nest thermostat after some time to extend its life span.

Give Relaxation

Calibrating your Nest thermostat will work efficiently and provide you with the desired temperature.

So, you may feel relaxed with the accurate temperature control environment, whether cold or hot.

Saving Money

You may know or might not, but a malfunctioning appliance consumes more energy.

Calibrating your thermostat will keep it precise, and in this way, you can save money from paying extra bills.


We hope the following article will give you the essential information to calibrate your Nest thermostat.

You may also get to know the calibration issues to prevent misguided reading and make yourself aware of the advantages of regular calibration.