Neighbours leave lights on all night

Neighbours leave lights on all night. Having good neighbors is a blessing because some neighbors have a habit of leaving their lights on, which is very irritating.

After all, you are unable to get a sound sleep due to the dripping light from the window the whole night. Some people have insomnia that they cannot sleep if the light is turned on inside the room or outside the window.

Another big thing about keeping the lights turned on can also increase your electricity monthly, so if you live in a flat, you have to bear several things that are out of control to manage.

If you have caring neighbors, then their habits and routine will not bother you, but unfortunately, if your next neighbor leaves lights on all night, it can be very noisy and troublesome.

If your neighbors have turned on the lights for some purpose like security, then you can tolerate it.

Still, if they have no purpose but just to disturb your sleep, then it’s very annoying and frustrating, so keep reading this article to know various tips to deal with such-natured neighbors.

Neighbors leave lights on all night

People who leave their lights on just disturb their neighbors because most people can not sleep if the light comes inside the room from the room window.

If you have a problem with your neighbor leaving lights on all night, the best tip to get rid of this problem if you don’t want to argue is to fix black curtains on the room windows.

Black curtains will stop the light from coming into the room. You can also try some other methods like softly speaking to the neighbor about your objections, or you can change your room to sleep. Let’s look at all the possible tips to overcome this problem.

Talk to your neighbor

talk to your neighbor

If you are getting disturbed and not able to have a sound sleep due to the neighbor’s lights entering through the window to your directly on your bed, then, first of all, talk to your neighbor and tell him to switch off the light at night because you are having troubles due to turning on the light at night time.

Some people don’t know about the direction and brightness of their outdoor lights at night time, so you can simply ask your neighbor to decrease the brightness of their bulbs.

So, it’s not permanent that you have the worst neighbor, they may have a polite nature, and your problem can be quickly solved after a quick chat.

Sometimes it also happens that you don’t know exactly who is leaving the light on the whole night, so it is suggested to you that before but before you get mad at your neighbor for leaving the lights on, so ensure this and before you talk to the person.

Because there is a chance that the person you are thinking about turning the light on is not actually the person but someone else in the building which is leaving the light on the whole night.

So, if you are not confirmed who is leaving the lights on in the building, your best tip is to talk with the building manager and share your problem with him because he is the best person to fix your issue.

Demand Letter

demand letter

If your neighbor does not accept your offer request to turn off the lights, you have the alright to send a demand letter or legal order against your neighbor.

A demand letter basically means to inform the housing authority to record your complaint against your hot-tempered neighbor who is violation the rules and laws.

Then it’s up to the court, which will decide after calling both the members and surely the court will order that person to do not to leave the lights on at night

Blackout curtains

blackout curtains

Black curtains do not pass the lights, so if your neighbor’s lights are very bright and you cannot get sound sleep, then purchasing black curtains from the market and fixing them correctly on your room windows is the best option.

Nowadays, there are high-quality black curtains available in the market, so you can invest some money to stop coming to the neighbor’s light.

This option is also perfect to choose from because black curtains are not costly, and you can easily set them on your windows without taking help from someone.

There is no difference between ordinary curtains and blackout curtains. Still, the only difference is in material because blackout curtains are made from thicker material to stop the passage of light.

Decrease your indoor lighting

decrease your indoor lighting

If your neighbor does not accept your request to switch off his lights at night, then play the psychological game by using dim lights inside your house.

When you decrease the lights inside your home, then it will reduce and distribute the light flare getting your room.

Change your room in the home

If your bad neighbors leave the lights on all night, and no tip is working for you, and you don’t want any physical contract with your neighbor, then move your bedroom to another part of the home.

Not all parts of the home may be lightened due to neighbor light, so the best thing is to change the room where there is no access to light.


The bottom line of the article is if you are frustrated with your neighbor who leaves the light on at night, then, first of all, talk with the person politely to share your problem because some people don’t know their outdoor lights are creating problems for their neighbors.

If the person does not accept your request, you can try different tips like sending a demand letter, using blackout curtains, or trying to sleep in another part of the home.

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