How to fill gap under vinyl fence

How to fill gap under vinyl fence. Using stepping stones and joint compounds to fill the gaps present in the vinyl fence is common. You can use fillers to close the gap in the fence.

Rock fillers and solid fillers are pretty common for filling. Landscaping fabric and even shims can be used for gap filling.

I saw after installing the fence that there were gaps inside the fence. Well, more like the gap was under the vinyl fence. The gasp was annoying as crawling through the vinyl fence was possible.

The gap wasn’t much, but still, it felt unsafe to me. I decided to fill the gap present under the vinyl fence, and I found many people filled the gap under the fence.

More like it was necessary to fill the gaps. So I gathered the materials and a list that can be used for filling the vinyl fence.

How to fill gap under vinyl fence

Filling the gap under the vinyl fence for safety is one thing but filling the vinyl fence gap for decoration is something else.

However, both security and decoration through fillings can be combined. There are different vinyl fence fillings available for you.

You can use a shim to cover the fence from below. You can use rock or solid fillers to get the gap closed. The gap can be closed with a joint compound.

Stepping stones are a great idea as well. You can also use landscaping fabrics if others are not your filling choice.

Having Fabrics

having fabrics

Starting with filling the vinyl fence gap through fabrics, the type of fabrics for filling under the vinyl fence is actually landscaping fabrics.

Landscaping fabrics are a pretty common way of filling the fence, and you may have heard about landscaping fabrics somewhere. The landscaping fabrics are used for controlling.

The things controlled by the landscaping fabrics are erosion and weed. Other than that, landscaping fabric is a  perfect way to fill large gaps, such as under the vinyl fence.

Installing landscaping fabrics is pretty easy. You can install the landscaping fabric by yourself.

The use of fabrics such as landscaping fabrics is cheaper than other filling methods for the fence. YOu can get the landscaping fabric at most hardware stores.

Large gaps with landscaping fabric get filled perfectly. The downside of the landscaping fabrics is that they landscaping fabric doesn’t last long.

The fabric is not as durable, so the replacement of the fabric is needed from time to time. The method of landscape fabric is not pleasing as a decorative either.

The budget for landscaping fabric is not much, but replacement cost more money than one-time installation, so read next.

Using Dirt

using dirt

As much as the fabric was not friendly, the dirt is the opposite of it. You can use dirt to fill under the vinyl fence and clear the gap. Dirt is actually a beginner-level filling method and is pretty common.

The method of using dirt as the filling is one of the easier tricks as the dirt is filled under the vinyl fence to cover the gap. The method of using dirt is durable with its cheap cost.

The dirt under the vinyl fence can be reused if the fence is going to be placed somewhere else. You can relocate the vinyl fence and use the same dirt in the relocated area that you have had before.

The dirt doesn’t only get to be relocated, but the dirt can stay where you set it for a long time. Though keeping the animals from entering through under the fence with dirt is not very successful.

The dirt can be removed by animal claws pretty easily, so that defeats the purpose of using fillings under the fence.

Long-term use of dirt is not a useful thing. Though the dirt will stay there for long, Its usefulness of the dirt will be very low.

Having Stones

having stones

There is a trick to fill the gap under the vinyl fence. That is called stepping. The stepping trick is a very useful filling trick. This trick is best for the sloping area under the fence.

The stepping method can be sued under the vinyl fence anytime. You need steeping stones for the stepping method. The stepping stones are easily available at the stores.

You can select the stepping stones of your choice as the stepping stones come in different shapes and colors.

Size with stepping stones is not a problem, either. A path can be created by using stepping stones from the fence to the house.

The yard will remain tidy with stepping stones. The trick of using a stepping stone differs from other tricks.

The stepping method trick doesn’t keep the upper side of the fence in view, but the ground is the main area for stepping stones.

The vinyl fence is lowered to make the vinyl fence match the ground making the steeping stones more realistic.

The gap under the fence still remains, but it is declared, and the stepping stones use the slope to prevent the gaps from increasing. No additional materials in stepping stones are required.

Using fillers

There is a number of fillers that can be used under the vinyl fence, and most of the fillers are very common.

You can use concrete, rock filler, and even other solid fillers under the vinyl fence. Curb as solid fillers is a common choice. Let’s see the fillers.

  • Rocks


Rock fillers are common filling tricks as the rocks are made of concrete, and they can fill the gap under the fence very easily.

The fillers are more effective than the dirt and even better than using the stepping stones. The rock fillers are good as aesthetics as the rock fillers are available in various colors.

NO critters will be able to enter your yard when you have used the rock filling to keep them away. Rock fillers are easy to get. You can get rock fillers from the hardware store.

  • Concrete


Although the rock fillers are made of concrete, they are still rock fillers, and concrete fillers are different from rock fillers. Concrete is the best filling material, as its durability is great.

However, the concrete filler will be permanent, unlike the dirt. The fence will not be moveable after using the concrete fillers either.

You can use concrete fillers and not let any rodents enter through the fence. Concrete, if used as permanent filler, will last longer than any other filler.

Concrete fillers will not be broken because of their toughness. This permanent filler will keep the fence strong.

  • Curb

The third and last filler option on our list is the curb filler. Curb fillers are decent fillers that can be used instead of concrete fillers. You can also use curb fillers instead of rock fillers.

Curb fillers are also called solid fillers. The use of curb fillers under the fence is great.

Curb fillers are also made of concrete, but the application method of curb filler is different from concrete fillers.

The solid fillers are not made of concrete but they are made of asphalt and are used differently than curb fillers. You can use curbs and solid fillers together.

  • Bushes


A different yet aesthetic trick for covering the gaps under the fence is the use of bushes. Bushes, as you know what they are, can be useful for covering the gaps.

You can add bushes along the fence and make the fence very secure. You can use decorative shrubs to cover the fence.

The shrubs will keep many species of insects away, and the yard will look great with the added shrubs.

The plants are helpful in increasing the foundation of the fence as their roots grip the fence and make them stronger. This is only if the fence is near the foundation.

  • Gap blockers

Taking all the tricks that are organic and even the tricks that used concrete aside, you don’t have to use any of the tricks if you don’t want to be unprofessional.

You may not have heard of the vinyl fence blockers. The vinyl fence blockers are professional fence blockers that cover the vinyl fence gap, as they are made for covering the vinyl fence. Installing the gap blockers is the easiest.

The gap blockers can be installed in no time. The gap below the fence will be covered through the blockers completely. The gap between the fence can be tailored, and it can be customized and then make the lining fit.

The gap in question will be cleared. The blockers can be made of PVC, and that makes them affordable. The locker clicks together and makes them easy. They are as durable as concrete, but they are easier.


If you have installed the vinyl fence, then you will have a gap under the fence. Having gaps under the vinyl fence makes the fence out of point.

Fill the gap under the vinyl fence through permanent material like concrete or temporary blockers. Thanks for reading!

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