Negatives to crawl space encapsulation

Negatives to crawl space encapsulation. Crawl space encapsulation is a process in which a heavy-duty moisture barrier, insulated walls, sealed foundation vents, and a crawl space dehumidifier are added to the floor of the place you crawl or walk on.

It is used to control the moisture of your house where it is being used, meaning it keeps moisture from entering your house.

This is to improve the air down in your crawl area. The moisture in your crawl space can lead to numerous problems. It can cause the destruction of your crawling space, and the pace of destruction is rapid.

Removing the moisture from your crawl space will result in longer life of your crawl space, and stuff like mold will not be formed in your place.

Negatives to crawl space encapsulation

negatives to crawl space encapsulation

It is possible to prolong the life of your crawl space with the help of encapsulation. The pros are in our favor, but the cons of having or installing crawl space encapsulation cannot be ignored either.

The cons can include the amount of expenditure you might do or have already done on the crawl space encapsulation.

The cost needed to maintain the system is much more than you might have thought, and it might get you at a lot of disadvantage if your budget is not enough.

The cons that come with crawl space encapsulation

Just like the pros, there are certain disadvantages or negative points of crawl space encapsulation. Some of the coms that are common have been listed down below:

Amount of cost required for the installation

The first factor in starting any kind of project is to consider the number of sources required to start the project. The sources mainly include the amount of investment needed for the project.

The cost plays a major role in the budget. We have to first see if we can even afford the project.

The average minimum cost required for the installation of crawl space encapsulation is 5500 dollars, which is not a very low cost.

The amount of money for labor is not added to it. The average labor is 1500 dollars. Making it really, really expensive.

Requirement of foundation wall insulation

requirement of foundation wall insulation

A foundation wall insulation is good for a new system. It is also recommended by the contractor as it can perform better work than that being done already.

Though this might seem good and the price of a simple foundation wall insulation is about 3000 dollars.

If you need more than one, it will exceed a few hundred dollars, and you will also need the labor to install the wall, making the price skyrocket.

You will need more budget, and it might cause a downfall in your savings.

Maintenance costs

A crawl space encapsulation needs regular maintenance after it has been installed. It needs to be checked at least once a month. You cannot do this maintenance by yourself. You will need the help of a professional.

The cost of professional maintenance is not very cheap. It will eventually result in further strain on your budget.

That’s not all new upgrades come time by time, and you might need to install them. That’s the cost is also required you have to pay.

Dehumidifiers upgrade and maintenance

Dehumidifiers are an essential part of your system. They need to be maintained properly as well as the upgrades that come with them are also a must.

The cost required for both the maintenance and upgrade is not cheap at all. It is rather expensive.

You need more and more cash with each upgrade, not just because of that but because the cost of the system price keeps rising with growth in the economy.


The cost required for the installation of the crawl space encapsulation is really very high. You will need a lot of cash for its maintenance as well. The upgrades come regularly, and the cost for them is also really high.

You cannot do the maintenance or the installation on your own, as the knowledge required for installation is not known by many people.

So the choice for installation is your own. If you have the money, you can pay for it and it is all well and good, and if you don’t have money, it is not a necessary item.

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