Basement drain backing up when washing clothes

Basement drain backing up when washing clothes. Domestic chores are difficult to do, but when you are stuck while doing them, it creates panic. This situation creates a fuss, and you get frustrated.

When your cellar duct backs up when washing clothes, it is commonly due to a stoppage in the drain pipes. You can easily discard junk in the basement drain using a shop vac, snake, and sugar.

Before using any plumbing equipment, do check the drain with a flashlight that the jam is at the top or not. Almost everyone has experienced the clog once in a while.

Blocked pipes are constantly caused by soap, food, mud, hair, and some other kinds of materials build up.

This build-up reduces the flow of water and can result in an ill odor.

Basement drain backing up when washing clothesbasement drain backing up when washing clothes solved

Many reasons must be avoided that will help you from panic.

There are two main reasons why laundry rooms experience a spill.

  • The first thing is when the washing machine’s drain hose leaks or is completely damaged. It can be simply prevented by checking the machine’s hose before you start up your washing clothes.
  • The second reason is when there is a blockage; you have a small drain pipe that you just need to change before the stoppage happens again.
  • Another reason for blockage would be the burden from washing machines. Because of extreme pressure and obstruction of the basement drain sucking the water in seemingly, an overflow happened. That can be prevented by lessening the water pressure of the washing machine.

Methods to resolve basement drain backup by washing clothes

When you are washing clothes, the last thing you foresee is your drain backup while washing clothes. There are many strategies to tackle this issue.

  • Chemical drain purifiers, plungers, handled drain augers, and air blows drain cleaners are the methods that are typically used to resolve clogged drains.
  • The Alkaline drain openers that are used mainly are primarily contained sodium hydroxide with mostly a hit of potassium hydroxide. These drain openers are either in a solid state or in a liquid state

Ten equipment to clear the duct

Pipe analysispipe analysis

Most plumbers, after entering the home, first investigate the pipe, whether it is working properly or not.

Pipe Cameras

Leaks or inappropriate inductions are easy situations to see with an outer image of the pipes. However, when you need to scrutinize the clogged drain from the inside view.

The plumbers need the pipe camera to check it.


 Plungers are frequently used to unclog toilets and can be used to clear the light blockage of sinks and other drains with help of plungers.

Manual drain snakemanual drain snake

A manual drain snake looks like an extended cable with an end that resembles a corkscrew.

Plumbers put this in the drain, and when it reaches the clogged point, they will maneuver the cable until it breaks through the clog.

Motorized drain snake

A motorized drain snake has the same functions as a manual drain snake. But it is usually used for big pipes or drainage holes. Motorized drain snakes can be both wireless or wired.

Drain Augerdrain auger

A similar tool to the drain snake is the drain auger. Drain snakes are used for small holes in contrast with drain augers used for big ducts.

Hydro jet

For the toughest blocking, plumbers use the hydro jet. This tool sends pressured water to the pipes to clear the blockage.

Hair snakehair snake

Hair is one of the common causes of any drainage problem. The average person sheds 50 to 100 hairs each day, which happens usually while bathing.

Therefore, it can cause blocked ducts.

Thankfully, plumbers have the tool to resolve this named a hair snake.

Cable cleaning

Cable cleaning works for small and large plumbing tasks. These machines utilize twirling blades at the end of the cable that clears the clog by cutting it.

Home solutions to unclog the drain

Despite the amount of drain clearing equipment, plumbers often used home-based remedies to handle the backup problems.

A mixture of baking soda with vinegar unclogs the drain within minutes as it produces bubbles before clearing the clog.


In this article, we get information on how to deal with the ordeal of basement drain backing. The reason and then solutions are given above to tackle this dilemma.

Basement drain backing up when washing clothes

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