My tv screen is cracked on the inside

My tv screen is cracked on the inside. If you are reading this article, then it means that you are facing this problem. Now, if you are searching for a solution to solve the trouble, then read out our suggestions.

However, a damaged tv screen on the inside is not anything that occurs regularly. But unfortunately, if it occurs to tv then do not hire a random technician to repair or replace the cracked tv screen.

Rather, only the specialist in this work should be hired.

Once, it happened in our home where my brother and I were playing with the ball, and suddenly the ball hit the tv screen and changed into pieces, so it was better not to play in the room where the tv is fixed on the wall.

Keep reading this page to know what you can do if  your tv screen is cracked on the inside

My tv screen is cracked on the inside

my tv screen is cracked on the inside

The first thing to discuss is how a tv screen can be cracked or damaged on the inside. All right, there are countless reasons to occur this like

  • On many occasions, it is cracked accidentally.
  • Any child hit the ball on the tv screen unintentionally.
  • The tv is placed at the edge of the table, turned over, and a crack appears on its screen.
  • You may fall it while changing its place from one room to another room.

Don’t let your children play in the Tv room. In the same way, if you want to change its place and install it at another place, then always take the help of trained experts.

Examine the damage on the tv screen

If your tv screen gets cracked, then is it the finish of the story, or still, or can you repair it? It depends upon the severity of damage or cracks and how you can deal with them. Does the tv screen completely break, little lines in the picture, and no picture and no voice?

Don’t lose hope; examine the damage and think that what options you can use to solve the problem.

Check the warranty card of the Tv

check the warranty card of the tv

When you see that a crack has appeared on the tv screen, find out the warranty card of the tv.

If the warranty period of the tv is still there, then check your tv with the approved service center.

Most likely, you can get a free repair or discount repair, but it all depends upon the cause of the damage.

 Steps to replace the tv screen

my tv screen is cracked on the inside 2022

If you’re not an expert in electronics, then don’t try to replace the screen in the home, especially if the screen of the screen is flat. But if you are an expert in electronics, then you can replace the cracked screen of the tv in this way.

  • When you see that the tv screen is cracked on the inside due to a hit by a ball, then pull out its plug from the outlet and detach it from the wall carefully.
  • Detach all outer cables and wires which are attached to the tv.
  • If you want to save the tv from further damage, then place it in a soft and smooth place.
  • Now find out the screws of the frame.
  • Take a screwdriver and unfasten all the screws to separate the cracked screen from the frame.
  • Carefully detach the inner wires which are connected between the cracked screen and the frame of the tv.
  • Now separate the damaged tv screen.
  • Install the newly purchased tv screen into the frame and attach inner wires.
  • Tight the screws of the frame and attach the outer cables to the Tv.
  • Attach the tv on the wall and turn it on to watch your favorite program.


The final thoughts on this article are that it does not happen so often that a tv screen cracks from the inside. Do not allow your child to play with the ball in the tv room because it can hit the tv screen badly.

If unfortunately, it happens accidentally then my best suggestion to you is to check your tv screen with a skillful professional because if you are non an expert then you can fix the wire in the wrong place.

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