Element tv won’t turn on

Element tv won’t turn on. After spending a busy day in the office, most people like to watch tv in the evening to refresh their minds, but it is frustrating to see element tv won’t turn on when the tv was working efficiently last night.

Element tvs are famous and reliable brands to stream the channels, but you can not say about technology when it goes wrong and malfunctions.

Most people keep turning on the tv for a long time to stream different channels continuously, affecting the eyes and overheating the tv components. So, I suggest you take a break from your tv after 2 to 3 hours to let it cool down.

If your tv is not turning on, then don’t call the technician immediately to repair the tv because sometimes there is a minor issue that stops the device from switching on.

First of all, you have to check the faulty remote, damaged power cord, faulty electrical outlet, physical interference, and power supply.

Element tv won’t turn on

If you are facing an issue with turning on your TV, you must learn about the different components and causes responsible for this problem.

Sometimes, it’s not a complicated issue like the tv turns off and does not turn on again due to a faulty power supply, overheating and damaged power source, and physical interference.

Read the following points and troubleshooting steps to know the actual culprit making your Element TV won’t switch on.

Short power supply

short power supply

Smart tv always turns on when there is a proper power supply to the unit. If there is an insufficient power supply due to a power surge in the area, then the tv will not turn on.

So if you see the device is not powering on, check the home’s power supply.

If electrical appliances are working fine, then it means the issue is only related to the Element tv.

Change electrical socket

change electrical socket

TV power cable is inserted in the electrical socket to transfer electricity to the tv and turn it on, so if the electrical socket becomes faulty due to loose or burnt wires because of a short circuit, then your device will not turn on.

Drag out the power cable from the faulty outlet and insert the power cable into another power outlet in the room.

Some wall outlets become faulty due to loose wire connections or short circuits. Hence the electric current is not transferred from the faulty outlet to your Tv. Program firestick remote to tv

So, change the electrical outlet to confirm whether it is working or faulty. You can hire an electrician to tighten the loose wires or replace the damaged outlet.

Check the tv remote control

If you are trying to turn on the element tv with the remote control and it is not turning on, then it may be a chance that the remote control is malfunctioning.

Firstly, remember when you have to change the remote batteries because if you have been using the remote batteries for more than three months, then their power is finished, and you have to replace these dead batteries with a new ones.

The next thing to make sure is remote batteries are properly placed in the remote battery chamber because it’s compulsory to place the + side of the battery to the + side of the battery chamber to transfer current. Directv remote not working

Sometimes we place the batteries on the wrong side in the battery chamber, and as a result, the tv won’t turn on.

Physical obstruction

physical obstruction

When you turn on your tv with the remote control, then make sure you are standing close to the tv and there is nothing in between the tv and the remote.

If there is a physical obstruction, like somebody standing in front of a tv, sofa, or chair, then the tv will not switch on.

If you have purchased a universal remote to operate the Element tv, then make sure whether it is programmed with your tv or not.

Check power cable

The cable to transfer power to the tv must be kept straight. Otherwise, it is broken or twisted. If your tv is too old, then its wire must be kinked from somewhere, and it is not transferring the power from the wall socket to your tv.

So, check your cable, and if it is damaged or broken, then purchase a quality cable wire to connect with the tv. When you replace the cable, then clean all the HDMI ports with a soft cloth to remove the dust.

When you do not clean HDMI ports for a long time, dust accumulates in them, making it difficult for cables to make strong contact.


Overheating is another reason the tv won’t turn on. When you keep it turn on your device for a long time without any reset, then its components and wires are overheated and force the tv to turn off and not turn it on.

So, it is suggested to you give your tv a break after two to three hours to cool down all the components and wires.

If you have been watching tv for a long time and suddenly it is turned off and does not turn back on, then unplug the device for one hour to let it cool down completely.

Hard reset

Hard reset is the last option if all of the above tips do not work for you. Usually, factory reset is done from menu settings with remote control, but here, in this case, the tv is not starting on, then perform the hard reset.

A button is installed on the back side of the tv to perform the hard reset to the tv, so locate this button and press it to hard reset the tv.

Contact with professional

contact with professional

If you fail to turn on your tv with the above tips, then you can only bring your smart tv to a local repair shop for a hardware problem.

The tv expert will open the back screws, examine the faulty wire or component inside the TV, and replace it with a new one.

If there is no solution be done of this problem, then contact element tv support.


The last thoughts on this guide are that if your Element tv is not turning on, it is terrible because it’s challenging to survive without a tv nowadays. After all, you stream thousands of channels on your tv.

I am hopeful this post is helpful for you to turn your tv on without hiring a professional. Still, if the above steps do not work, you can contact a local professional and claim a warranty if you have recently purchased the tv.