Mr coffee maker not working

Mr coffee maker not working. It’s very painful when your guests are sitting in the drawing room and the coffee maker not working. Mostly it stops working because of the filter, which is unstable and it is not at its accurate position.

It is not a big issue, just open the cover of the coffee maker and readjust the position of the filter and try to on the machine again. Hopefully, your issue will be solved.

One more thing to look upon is that the filter is an important component of the machine; it must be at the center; if it is off-centered, then the machine will not work.

Ensure that the filter is right at the center of the machine. The water level in the maker should also be sufficient because if there is less water in the pot, then the maker will not work.

If the machine is still creating problems and not turning on, then you can take it to a certified professional who will inspect it properly. Some more reasons for the issue are mentioned in the article, so keep reading it.

Mr coffee maker not working

mr coffee maker not working

At times, it happens that the power light of the Mr coffee maker is on, but it does not start. There are many reasons behind that, like the amount of water in the container is not sufficient to make coffee.

Most of the time, when you clean the machine then, after completing the cleaning cycle, you do not adjust the filter at its center position.

Here are some causes and solutions that why your coffee maker not working.

The water level is not sufficient

You know that the coffee maker requires the proper amount of water to make coffee. If the water level inside the container is less than the required mark, then it will not work and will start beeping.

Open the lid and check whether the water level is full or not. If it is not full, then increase the amount of water.

Machine is dirty

Each electrical appliance demands proper cleaning sometimes. In the case of a coffee maker, it is more important to clean it thoroughly.

If you do not clean it, it will decrease the efficiency of the machine, but also, it can stop working due to the build-up of calcium inside the container.

If there is hard water, then it will clog the calcium, and you can not enjoy the perfect taste of the coffee also. So regularly clean it after the usage for the proper working of the machine.

Check the power button

As it is an electrical appliance so plugin properly its power switch. If the machine’s power light is not on, then check the outlet and circuit breaker in the main box that they are in working condition.

Try to check the power switch of the maker in another outlet also to confirm that that the switch is not faulty.

Fasten the cover or lid tightly

Electrical appliances like ovens, dishwashers, and coffee makers do not work if their lid or outer cover is not fixed properly.

A slight issue can stop the machine from working. If you fill the pix and place it accurately, then the machine will start working.

Position of filter

position of filter

The position of filters matters a lot in the coffee maker because it is a very important component. The filter must be at the center position.

So after cleaning the machine, ensure that the filter is at its center position.

An auto switch-off option is on

If you are using the coffee maker machine after a long time then its a chance that the auto switch-off option is automatically on due to which it stopped working. You can not disable this function.

The only choice is to replace the old machine with a new pot.

No power

At times it also happens that there is no power in the home and you do not about this. So before starting to make coffee, confirm that there is power in the home.

One more thing to confirm is that sometimes there is power on one side of the home, and there is no electricity in the kitchen due to a circuit breaker issue so take care of this point also


The concluding point of all discussion is that if the machine coffee maker not working, the first thing to check after confirming the power supply is its filter position which must be centered and the water level should also be maximum to make coffee.

Another important thing mentioned above is that clean the pot completely, so make sure the cleaning cycle of the machine is completed.

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