Mr coffee troubleshooting

Mr coffee troubleshooting. There could be nothing more frustrating than waking up to an uncooperative coffee maker. Mr Coffee is a renowned brand for coffee makers.

Not only are they affordable but also extremely efficient. Mr Coffee ensures that you get a durable product every time you purchase from them.

But since it is an electronic appliance, you might rarely face problems. Instead of running to an electrician, it is wise that first, you get it troubleshot yourself.

We will be listing down frequently faced issues by users and henceforth provide solutions to make it functional again.

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Mr coffee troubleshooting
How To Do Mr Coffee Troubleshooting

Coffee makers turn on but it’s not brewing

This is a simple problem that can be solved by taking a few steps. First, you should check whether the power switch is turned on or not.

Secondly, check the level of water from the gauge because it might not work if the water is not enough.

You must add more water to start brewing again. An off-centered filter could be a reason, too, for which you need to realign it.

Coffee is not warm

This could be because the machine might not be properly plugged in, and there is no power reaching it. You need to check the wire for any electrical failures. Another reason could be that Auto-Shut Off has been activated.

This is an outcome of prolonged periods of a machine not being functional.

There is no way that you undo this feature except that you re-brew coffee for yourself. You might also check for the warming plate; if it has malfunctioned, then you need to get a new one.

Coffee overflowing

There are two possible reasons for this trouble. Either your filter is dispositioned or you have put excessive coffee grounds.

You need to make sure that you align the filter properly, as a result of which the lid would conveniently fit in.

Now addressing the latter issue, you have to make sure that you have poured in the suggested amount of coffee ground and no more. In case they exceed the limit, remove the excess.

Base covered with water or leakingBase Covered With Water Or Leaking

This could be the result of pouring in extra water than recommended. You have to ensure that you do not exceed the maximum limit pointed with a mark.

Because of excessive or heavy use, the tubing at the bottom might have loosened up.

It could also be broken so check for the tubing as well. Using harsh detergents to wash the coffee maker can damage the heating coil and might result in a leak.

If the source is still unidentifiable, then unscrew the machine and locate the origin of the leak.

You can also check for the O-Ring, which might have melted or have gotten damaged because of the heating plates. The purpose of this is to stop water from leaking and connect the warming plates with the base.

These are some of the basic steps that you must follow to troubleshoot your Mr. Coffee coffee maker before spending some extra dollars with an electrician.

Troubleshooting and Repair of Mr Coffee Automatic Coffee Maker, Cleaning Sticky Switches

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