Motion sensor light doesn’t turn on

The motion sensor light doesn’t turn on. Motion sensor lights are installed outside the home to increase home security because these lights sense any movement and start blinking to inform you of movement outside the home.

Still, your motion sensor light is prevented from working. These motion sensor lights are very sensitive to power surges and sometimes do not turn after a power fluctuation.

You may be thinking about your light bulb being defective or broken, so don’t throw it away because the lights often stop malfunctioning after a reset.

So, before you call a skillful electrician to repair or replace the motion sensor light read this informative blog post because I am sure after reading this article, you can troubleshoot the motion sensor light in a few minutes.

You can save a lot of money because it does not demand any special tools or skills.

Motion sensor light doesn’t turn on

The basic purpose of the motion sensor lights is to start flashing when they feel motion. If your motion sensor is not flashing due to a vehicle movement on the road, it doesn’t mean the sensor is faulty.

Still, a fixed sleep mode is fixed in these sensor lights to save the power battery if there is a lot of traffic or movement outside or inside the home.

If you are worried that your motion sensor light is not turning on due to movement, check these troubleshooting methods to fix the trouble by yourself.

Dirty motion sensor

dirty motion sensor

As motion sensor lights are installed outside the home for protection, they have to face harsh weather like rain, dust storm, etc.

These dust particles and raindrops dirty the motion sensor and decrease its sensing movement efficiency. So, find the motion light sensor and clean the dust layer from the sensor with a soft and clean cloth.

You must be very careful while cleaning the light sensor because if you try to clean the motion sensor with your hands, you may damage it.

Check the range sensitivity

Motion light systems work under a proper range distance so you can adjust the range and sensitivity of the lights.

So if your motion sensor lights are not turning on, then correct the range on them because every light has its own range.

It is not difficult to adjust the range setting on the motion sensor light. A small dial is fixed at the bottom of the light sensor.

Increase the range distance and observe the lights and whether they are flashing on after movement or still there is no change in them.

Replace the batteries

replace the batteries

If the motion sensor lights start malfunctioning, then check the power source.

If the lights are connected to electrical power, open the main circuit box and check if the breaker is tripped or ON. Sometimes, the circuit breaker is tripped due to overload and power surges, so reset it.

Change the cell batteries of the motion sensors lights if they are powered on cell batteries. Ensure all the parts are accessing enough power to function accurately.

Reset the motion sensor light

If your motion sensor light is not switching on after a power surge in the home, then the motion detector light may require a reset. It is very necessary to reset it because you can not leave your home unprotective.

However, it is easy to reset the sensor light, but before you reset the light, confirm the bad bulbs, power outages, and faulty sensors. Follow these steps.

  • Switch off the motion sensor light’s breaker for one minute.
  • If the sensor light has a power button, switch on the power button for five seconds.
  • Now press the button to switch it off for 5 seconds and then turn it on.
  •  Change the sensitivity range on the motion sensor light and adjust it to be less detective to motion.
  • Some motion sensor lights are susceptible that they even start flashing due to a bug movement, which minimizes the battery and efficiency of power. So, increase the sensitivity level.
  • Change the light bulbs to ensure the bulb is not defective.

Replace the Bulb

replace the bulb

If your motion sensor light is clean and clear but is still not sensing movement, your bulb is worn out or defective.

It’s better to change it and install a new quality sensor bulb to improve security.

If the light fixture is working correctly and turning on due to movement, then it’s good, but if still not, now it’s time to hire an electrician to check the wiring and other factors causing this issue.


The bottom line of the article is that, hopefully, this post is helpful in sorting out your issue, but each motion sensor light has its own features and is reset in various methods.

Therefore, all the details are mentioned in the user manual to help the customer improve the efficiency of the device. But, just remember to keep cleaning the light sensor with a soft cloth regularly to clean the dust from it.

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