How far should recessed lights be from cabinets

How far should recessed lights be from cabinets. Recessed lighting is one of the most variant types of lights for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, pantry, walk-in, and walk-in-closest; it can be fit anywhere as it is adjustable and creates uniform illuminations throughout the space.

Recessed lights are very versatile, and it is easy to adjust them according to the layout of your space or a particular room.

Another advantage of recessed lighting is it does not steal space. In kitchen cabinets go all the way from floor to ceiling, and it is essential to understand the rules before placing recessed lights into your space for a better experience.

We will cover all the facts about them in this article, and we will also try to find out the answer to how far recessed lights should be from cabinets?

How far should recessed lights be from cabinets?recessed lights be from cabinets

The most common recessed light fixtures are 4” through 7” in diameter. An 8’ ceiling 4” light fixture is enough to lighten up your kitchen countertop.

The best way to address this query is to consider the distance between the place where you want to add the recessed lights and ceiling and how large the place you want to light up.

Where should you place recessed lights in your kitchen?

For task, lighting cans must be installed 24inches out of the walls of your kitchen right over the margin of your countertop. Moreover, these tested results are suitable for a single recessed light fixture or lamps in an under-construction dark kitchen.

How far should recessed lights be from the wall?

The best or most straightforward way to calculate the distance is to measure the half-height of the kitchen ceiling and get a more accurate estimate. You can also use unique recessed lighting spacing calculators.

These calculations will give you an idea of the distance between the ceiling, walls, and individual recessed lights.

The advanced calculator can also provide additional parameters like beam angle, size of the light, and brightness.

They will also provide how many lights are required for your particular room, and with the help of all the details, you can figure out the optimal distance by yourself. 

Take cabinets into consideration before placing recessed lights

Most of the time, our kitchen has overhead cabinets, and we need to calculate the distance between walls and recessed cabinets before placing the lights. For this purpose, you need to consider the following aspects:

  • How are deep upper cabinets in your kitchen?
  • To figure out the suitable placement for recessed lights in front of the upper cabinets, consider counter edges.
  • You should avoid putting recessed lights over your refrigerators or freezers as they can create weird illuminations. 
  • The average distance between lights and blades must be at least 9 inches.

How many lights can you add per circuit?

You can add more than 30 lights to your particular space, like a kitchen or walk-in closet on a 15 amp breaker. And you can place more than 40 lights on a 20amp breaker.

Best recessed lights to install in kitchens?

  • Hyperikon 4 Inch LED Downlight 
  • Globe Electric 4″ Swivel Spotlight Recessed Lighting Kit Dimmable Downlight.
  • Sunco Lighting 4 PACK – 13W 5/6inch Dimmable LED Retrofit Recessed Lighting Fixture.

The standard rule for installing recessed lights is that a fixture of 4 inches should be placed 4 feet apart, and 6inches fixtures must be 6 feet apart.

Center fixtures should lighten up objects,  like paintings, pottery and countertops at least 12 to 18 inches apart from the object. 

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