How to make a Truss Attic suitable for storage

How to make a Truss Attic suitable for storage. Remodeling attic space is a great project to get started on after moving into your new house.

By developing your attic, you can convert it into an area that adds value to your otherwise unused space.

However, before beginning the project of turning an empty attic into a livable space, the first concerns are going to be related to how things are going to support the weight of additional flooring and storage containers required.

Because as you continue reading below, you’ll discover that there’s more to it than just throwing down some wooden boards and lining them with bins.

How to make a Truss Attic suitable for storagemake a truss attic suitable for storage

Truss Attics are used for plenty of different reasons. Many people decide to convert their attic into extra storage space but in order to achieve that, you need to do some alterations and installation work.

The article covers several vital ideas related when it comes down to filling yours with containers and boxes of all sorts.

Using Loft Ledge

Consider using loft ledges if you need to store things in the loft but can’t easily get to them. The ledge is located in the space between your trusses, the metal framing of your roof.

A chipboard or plywood shelf, as well as screws, are included in the kit. Simply drill the trusses, tighten the brackets with screws, and place the shelf on top.

Avoid pressing on insulation material as this can damage the insulation layer, and go for solid wood instead since this will ensure aeration and good airflow, which are important features of healthy living space.

Easily Adjustable Shelves

Some homeowners opt to use metal storage shelves. They can get a unit that’s designed to size so that it fits in their attic, but there are also adjustable ones.

Which allows them to change the space available depending on what they need. For example, you can place large boxes on the bottom and small items up top. There are even some with three levels.

Adding Flooring

Another way you can make your extra space a little more functional and comfortable is by incorporating flooring in it.

Loft legs could be the perfect solution here, but they can be quite pricey, so we recommend looking into other options first before going with this option.

You could use wood panels or fiber panels for this purpose. In terms of functionality and affordability, ensuring you have enough breathing room between the insulation and these flooring additions will make your loft so much easier to keep clean and ventilated.

You can Add the Storage Solution

Installing a platform that’s built specifically for your truss attic is one way to create more storage space. It can be made from a variety of materials and should be supported by beams (not their own weight).

A pre-built storage platform is good if you want something simple and straightforward but not too much extra space.

A platform installation requires advanced planning and work, especially if you wish to ensure that it complies with local building codes.

The disadvantage of this type of storage expansion is that it just won’t give you very much extra space, so it may not be perfect if you have a lot of items to store.


Can trusses be used to convert an attic?

New constructions can be converted into attics using rafter trusses, A-shaped trusses, or horizontal beams, which all enable the creation of additional internal space to use.

Is plywood safe to put over attic insulation?

When your attic is insulated, you can use it for extra storage. Cover up the floor with plywood and make the attic safer to walk in by eliminating stairsteps that are left from insulation.


An attic conversion is a great way to turn wasted space into a livable area.

However, attics are usually less well-insulated than other areas of the home, so they are not ideal for comfortable living.

This post should help you make your attic more comfortable and suitable for storage.

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