Mold on popcorn ceiling

Mold on popcorn ceiling. Popcorn ceilings were installed before 1900. It’s normal to have ceilings in your kitchen roofs or your bathrooms. But It may catch your attention if your ceilings catch molds on them.

Mold is a thing that gives you an unhappy feeling. It can fully enfold the original texture of your ceilings. There are different types of molds like yellow mold, gray mold, or mildew that can pop up on the surface of your ceilings.

Black molds are very common and maybe you often hear about them. These are the kind of black spots that appears on the ceilings when they got their required conditions. Like a continuous wet and hot environment welcomes the mold for growing.

If your popcorn ceiling gets covered with molds or it is starting to of growing molds, then this must be frustrating for you. But we are here to solve your problems with detailed and accurate solutions.

These instructions make you able to analyze the type of molds, reasons for molds growing, and methods of removing molds, and also give you suggestions to keep your ceilings secure.

Mold on popcorn ceiling

mold on popcorn ceiling

Black Mold

Usually, molds start popping up in a period of 20 to 40 hours, but the black mold takes only 10 to 12 hours for growing.

As we know that molds always exist in the air and appear on the surface in a moisture environment.

No matter what kind of molds you are having on your popcorn ceilings, you must have to remove them as soon as they appeared.

Because they can create health issues for you, especially black mold. It is the most dangerous type of mold.

They may disturb your respiratory system and also may lead to headaches. So, it’s better to remove it immediately. To keep yourself safe and sound.

Reasons for popping up molds

Here we’ll discuss the common reasons why the molds appear on the popcorn ceilings.

  • Leakage of Water & Moistness

One reason for molds is flowing water. Inappropriate drainage may cause leakage of water that can be a culprit of growing molds on the popcorn ceiling.

Moisture or dampness is also included in the reasons for appearing mold. It may a well-growing condition for mold.

  • Darkness

Different kinds of things required different kinds of environments for living so that the molds also grow well in a darken places.

These kinds of areas or ceilings that mostly remain dark or have no lights can easily get molds on them.

  • Suffocation

So airless places or suffocated ceilings can generate molds. It is better to keep your living places airy or ventilated. So that you can keep safe yourself as well as your popcorn ceilings.

  • Hot Temperature

hot temperature

The hot temperature is also one of the reasons that create mold.

So when we assemble the reasons then they may cover your ceilings with dark and black patches called molds.

Intercept Molds from Growing

You can follow some precautionary measures that may stop or prevent molds from expanding on your popcorn ceilings.

If we start acting upon them we can save our ceiling from unusual matters. That may also reduce our worries.

So let’s start discussing the common factors that may play important role in saving our ceilings.

  • Use Exhaust Fan

As we already discussed that molds grow well in moisture. So, if you want to prevent your ceiling make sure to keep your place dry and free from moisture.

So, it’s better to use exhaust fans in your washrooms after taking a nap. You may also use mats for bathrooms.

You can also use an exhaust fan in your kitchen so that it can keep your kitchen fresh and maintain a dry environment free of steam. Try this method as a tool to prevent molds from getting on your popcorn ceiling.

  • Solve plumbing Issue

As we know that molds can fastly grow where you used water commonly, and there is not any proper drainage system or have a plumbing issues. The leakage of water is one of the favorite things for popping up molds.

So if you want to prevent molds from growing then we recommend you repair your issue of leakage of water in your kitchen or bathrooms or anywhere you are facing the issue of molds on your ceiling.

  • Possible Ventilation

possible ventilation

Here is another way to get off from growing molds is, to make your living places airy. You can open the windows to cross the air from your affected area.

Simple as that you just need to do is open the windows for some time to get some fresh air.

It may help you a lot to keep your ceiling safe from moisture that can create molds on your popcorn ceilings.

  • Cleaning Dust

Here is another way that can help you in putting a stop to growing molds on your ceiling. The only tool that you can use here cleaning your home daily.

If you save it from dusting, you may minimize the risks of appearing molds on your ceilings. Daily vacuuming can reduce dust which is one of the reasons for growing molds.

  • HVAC System

HVAC stands for “Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning”. Its basic purpose is moving air. It keeps the temperature hot in winters and fresh in summers.

It is also used to filter air and keeps it fresh. It maintains the quality and comfort level too.

So, using it as a tool for the fight against molds may help you a lot. You can use all of these methods to secure your ceilings and maintain a protection level to prevent any future complexities.

Cleaning or removing molds from ceilings

If you want to remove molds from your popcorn ceilings then you may follow us for the appropriate methods to remove molds properly.

But before starting cleaning your ceiling make sure to take precautionary measures, that may protect you from any kind of harm.

For example, don’t forget to wear safety gloves, a face mask, eye wearing, and long shoes. If you have disposable wearings then it’s a more fine and acceptable thing. Because you are going to work with hard chemicals.

Covering Surface

When you start doing work, make sure to cover your surfaces and objects placed in the affected area.

For example, if you are cleaning in the bathroom then you may cover the basin and water drain holes as well as the bathing tub and anything which required to be covered.

In case, if you are removing molds from the kitchen popcorn ceilings you need to cover the water sink, drain holes, dishes, and the surface of the kitchen.

You may use the plastic sheet for the surface covering and may use a disposable piece of cloth to secure the objects on the spot.

Preparation of Cleaning

preparation of cleaning

Before using any type of chemicals, you may use some physical ways to remove the molds, which may help you to clean the patches of molds more easily.

  • The first thing is using a vacuum with the required accessories. It may help you to remove extra mud or dust from the ceilings. You can also use a broom and smoothly rub it on the ceiling but be careful while using it as if you’ll do it rashly can damage your ceilings.
  • Here, you have required a stool or a ladder to approach your popcorn ceilings. You may also utilize some detergents that are specially manufactured for mild purposes. It is essential to use hot water to wash out the ceiling.
  • You can follow one of the methods mentioned above for bodily removing molds. One thing that is required to know is, that these steps are just preparation for cleaning molds.
  • These methods only make molds soft and easy to remove with chemicals later.

Removing Mold on popcorn ceiling via Homemade Solutions

If you want to remove patches and spots of the molds that snap pop up on your ceilings, then you can use different types of solutions to remove them properly.

These are simple solutions that you can make at home easily.


  • You need to mix bleach and water to make a solution. You have to take water 5 times more than bleach.
  • Soak a piece of cloth or a mop in the liquid and start rubbing smoothly on the ceilings.
  • Let it work for some time.
  • When you completely removed the molds then suck up the dampness with a dry piece of cloth.
  • You can repeat the process 2 or 3 times more if some stains remain on your popcorn ceilings.


  • In this method, you are going to use vinegar to clean molds.
  • Take a spray bottle and pour the vinegar into the spray bottle.
  • Spray vinegar all over the affected area.
  • Leave it for one hour.
  • Clean it with a sponge or a piece of cloth.


  • Take some baking soda and the required quantity of water.
  • Mix them, and pour them into the spray bottle.
  • Spray the mixture on ceilings.
  • Leave it for some time.
  • Absorb the moisture with a dry cloth.

Removing Molds via Mold Cleaners

removing molds via mold cleaners

If you are not satisfied with the homemade solutions that we mentioned above, then you may use mold cleaner materials, that you may buy from your near market.

These kinds of stuff may also help you to put a stop to the mold’s growth.

  • Buy a mold cleaner from the market, or purchase it online, the choice is yours.
  • Take a spray bottle and transfer the mold cleaner into the spray bottle.
  • Sprayed the whole molded area of your popcorn ceilings.
  • Wait for some time to let it dry.
  • Rub a sponge to remove the molds.
  • Clean it with a dry cloth.
  • You can repeat the process for more perfections.

Hire an Expert

When you start removing molds from the popcorn ceiling, you need to be careful and must take a test of asbestos before doing anything. Asbestos is made up of six natural microscopic fibers and also refers to chemical inertness and heating.

While cleaning molds, asbestos may cause of releasing harmful fiber in the working area. So, we recommend you make sure that your popcorn ceiling is free of asbestos.

Because if you keep working without any testing of your ceiling, you may harm yourself with a little ignorance. It may lead you to some health issues.

So, it is better to contact a professional for taking some samples of your ceiling, after that you can start doing your project according to your popcorn ceiling type.

Final Thoughts

Mold on popcorn ceiling. We hope that after reading this article, you must be able to diagnose your popcorn ceilings mold type. Following these instructions may able you to easily remove the molds and may save them from future problems.

We recommend that while acting upon any method or process, be careful and don’t assume any ignorance is a small thing. Don’t take any risks.

If you are not feeling confident or have any hesitation then it’s better to contact a professional for analysis and cleaning mold on your popcorn ceiling.

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