How to fix a hole in the ceiling

How to fix a hole in the ceiling. The ceiling is the upper part of a room under the roof. The ceiling is normally done to cover the roof. It hides the construction and shapes of the roof from inside the room.

The ceiling covers the passage of light and sound from the room. In some rooms, the ceiling is just done at the corners of rooms, while some people do the whole down roof ceiling. Down roof ceiling increases the look and safety of the room.

Now a day’s, different materials are used for the ceilings of houses. Drywall ceiling is mostly used, which is made up of gypsum wallboard, which is also called sheetrock. It is attached to the structure of the roof with nails.

Some other ceilings, like ceilings trays and flat ceilings, etc., are done with for the best results in homes. After some time, holes came into the ceilings; how do these holes come into ceilings?

There is a small insect normally called “Termites” which live and feed on the walls and ceilings and often make holes in the ceiling and walls. They make holes in ceilings to kick out their fecal matter and wastes.

How to fix a hole in the ceiling

how to fix a hole in the ceiling

We can fix the hole in the ceiling by ourselves or by calling some handyman. For all this, we just need drywall and some tools from the hardware store to fix the hole.

After fixing the hole, you can paint the repaired hole, and this will look like professional work.

Fixing of small holes

Fixing of holes is done by following steps:

Wear a face mask and safety glasses

When you are cutting and repairing walls, always wear a mask on your face to save yourselves from dust because it can cause respiratory problems.

In the same way, must use glasses for the protection of your eyes.

Use a utility knife

The first thing to do is that cut loose edges of ceilings near the hole with a utility knife.

Clean all the areas near the holes so that no jagged edges remain near the hole. Watch out for a minimum of 2.5 cm area from all sides of the holes.

Cutting of sheetrock

Now after measuring the diameter and length of the hole, cut your sheetrock or drywall patch more than 2.5 cm from the original measurement of the hole.

It is because it will stick fast to the ceiling from all sides.

Removal of the backing

Take a patch and remove its backing and place it on the hole from the center and press it from all sides of the holes so that it covers all parts.

Now start covering that patch with spackle (its powder that mixes with water to make a paste that dries hard) to start finishing to fix the hole.

Sanding and spackling

While the sanding process, you must wear goggles and masks because they are looking upward. You need a strong ladder for sanding and spackling the hole.

When you place a patch over the hole, then with a small putty knife, you can apply the layer of spackle over the patch. Do this process until you have covered all the areas.

For the second coat of spackle, wait for some time until it dries out completely. After completing, you can sand the patch with some sand rappers to smooth the surface.

Paint on a patch of hole

paint on a patch of hole

When the patch dries out after sanding, then paint that part of the ceiling the same color as the ceiling.

If that color is not available, then try to coat a new color to the whole ceiling so that it matches all color of the roof and give a better look.

Patches of larger holes

If the holes in the ceiling are larger, then cut the drywall square larger than 5 cm to fix the patch in the hole.

For such holes, you can purchase the drywall pieces to make patches according to the diameter of the holes.

Cut the drywall patches so that no spare part remains. This method is done for holes larger than 7 inches in diameter.


Why is it necessary to wear a mask and glasses in fixing a hole in the ceiling?

It is necessary during the process of sanding for the safety of the eyes and health issues.

Is it a costly thing to fix a hole in the ceiling?

No, it is not costly. It can be done by the man himself by getting some tools and materials from any hardware store.

How can save our ceiling from holes?

You can use tree tea oil to get safety from termites that make holes in the ceiling.


How to fix a hole in the ceiling. We can conclude that if there is a hole in the ceiling of your room, then you can fix it by yourself or by some professional. All you just need is a patch and spackle paste and some tools for work. It is not a costly thing to do.

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