Mini fridge not cooling

Mini fridge not cooling. Transforming your garage or store room into a small living space will probably be the best idea that you’ve got.

But in such a small space, your idea of having all the necessities within your comfort zone is a little bit difficult.

So, from the side of the fridge, you wouldn’t have to worry much because the mini-fridge will make it quite convenient for you, as you can jump off your couch quickly and grab a chilled drink while staying in your room.

But sometimes this cool mini-fridge of yours will bring about the issue of “mini fridge not cooling” and you have to fix this if you want your mini-fridge to stay active and get back working properly.

Your mini fridge not cooling might be due to various possible reasons. You should first get the basic information about how to operate a mini-fridge.

Mini fridge not cooling

Some common problems

When your mini fridge has stopped working properly, the causes might be as simple as they could be while you might be thinking of some serious technical issues.

So, a cool piece of advice from my side, just go with the basics first!

Suffocating Power supply

suffocating power supply

The power supply of your mini fridge can simply be the reason for your “mini fridge not cooling issue”.

Because sometimes you are searching your fridge, tearing its parts to figure out the root cause while it’s lying right in front of you.

Check for the power plug if it’s plugged and fixed properly or not. If not, then plug it up properly and you are good to go.

A fridge plugged properly will probably save your pockets!

Power cord is dying

power cord is dying

While your mini-fridge is working but not as good as it should be, the problem might be associated with your power plug or power cord.

The power cord might be damaged or might have worn and torn with time.

Old power cords tend to hinder the proper power supply to your appliances.

Thus, you need to change your mini fridge power cord. Until then, you’ll have to unplug your mini-fridge power supply and get the old power cable or power cord changed with a new one.

A trippy circuit breaker

Sometimes, what happens is that when there occurs an issue with the power supply, the circuit breaker of your mini-fridges tends to trip in order to protect the appliance from damaging or burning out.

Just figure out the circuit breaker switch or fuse for your mini-fridge and turn it on.

If it does not turn on and is fixed to stay off, then it might be burned due to a heavy load. If that’s the case, you’ll have to change the switch.

Cranky Compressor

cranky compressor

The compressor of your mini-fridge is the most important part or component of your fridge that keeps it working.

So, the most possible cause of your mini-fridge, not cooling can also be linked to the bad compressor, which might be faulty.

The compressor works to send heated Freon “The cooling gas” to the condenser coils and then to the condenser.

Freon is the gas that keeps circulating in your mini-fridges and is the key component for its proper functioning.

So bad compressor won’t send the Freon to the condenser.

The best way to check out if the compressor is creating the issue is, to “hear what it says”. Hah! you might be getting very angry with me but wait for what I have to say.

The thing is, when you turn on your mini-fridge, your compressor makes a very particular sound. That sound is proof that your mini-fridge working properly.

If there is no sound, that means trouble. The compressor in your mini-fridge gets old and weary over time and like old people, it gets cranky and one day, it dies.

I’m sorry to say this but you have to now replace the whole compressor unit with a new one.

A compressor overheats and over time the wires, and the coils tend to deteriorate. Thus, changing the compressor unit might be your best and “Only” option.

Adding up, getting a new compressor is quite a “non-pocket-friendly” job as it ranges from around 300-400$.

Bad condenser fan motor

bad condenser fan motor

The condenser fan motor is what drives the cool air through your mini-fridge compartments.

If the fan motor stops doing its only job, your mini-fridge will stop cooling and that’s that.

A condenser fan motor condensed and cools down the Freon that comes heated and pressurized from the compressor.

The condenser coils tend to cool the Freon down so it cools the rest of the fridge compartments.

If the motor or the fans do not work or are being hindered by anything, there won’t be any cooling and your mini-fridge will not keep your drinks chilled anymore.

The condenser fans must be broken or the motor must have been burned. These things will lead to this issue of no cooling.

You will have to replace the fans or the condenser motor which might cost you round about 150-170 $.

Is the evaporator fan motor your headache, It might be

is the evaporator fan motor your headache, it might be

The evaporator fan motor might be the source of your headache, yes! When the evaporator fans or the fan motor is faulty, there will be cool air but no cold air.

It’s because the evaporator fan motor works to make a proper air circulation by evaporating the liquified Freon and sending it to the compressor.

If the evaporator fan is stuck by a small obstacle or the motor itself is creating the issue, then as per my information, the mini-fridge you have, won’t be protecting your ice cream any further.

As there will be no cold air, thus the optimum temperature won’t be achieved.

Thus, the evaporator fans or motor cannot be repaired so you’ll need to replace them. Because the mini-fridge cooling is linked to your evaporator fan motor as well!

Those damn coils have coiled your brains

Not all mini-fridges have this luxury, but most mini-refrigerators now come with evaporator coils which are placed in the small freezer compartment of your mini-fridge.

These coils are placed in the freezer and as they have the ability to evaporate, they can evaporate the water or moisture as well, so these coils can be covered with frost.

If they are frosted, they won’t allow the air circulation and eventually, the mini-fridge will stop doing what it’s designed to do, that cooling by the way!

Thermostat has gone wrong

thermostat has gone wrong

The thermostat of your mini-refrigerators mini-fridge is the part that controls the temperature of the components of your fridge, actually mini-fridge.

A thermostat is placed with the mini-refrigerator. It’s a small temperature control knob that is able to manage the temperature of your entire mini-fridge.

Sometimes if you meddle with the thermostat, you might change the temperature setting. And due to this, your fridge might not cool properly.

All you have to do now is you can turn the knob to the coldest setting and Voila!

Dometic fridge not cooling

But if the thermostat is damaged or broken or you see that turning the knob is not doing the job and has turned on free rotation, then there might be a need to replace this knob.

However, thermostat replacement, I’m afraid, is quite a costly job but instead of discarding the fridge away, you can spend some money to replace this small component.

Damaged door gasket or door seal

damaged door gasket or door seal

The door of your mini fridge contains a gasket or what you call a seal.

That seal also plays a very efficient role in maintaining the temperature of different components of your small refrigerators.

This door gasket or door seal must tightly adhere to the sides of the fridge.

This prevents the flow of any warm air to flow from the outside to the inside of the fridge.

If this door seal is damaged or removed from its place, the flow of warm air will disturb the temperature.

So you need to fix this up. For that, use needle-nose pliers to take out the seal from the door. Now see if there is any debris behind these seals. Clean the way for the seals to be fixed in.

Now put the seal back into the fix. And see if the door gets tightly fixed and closed.

If this doesn’t do the job, you’ll have to replace the seal. It will almost take 50-100$ to replace it.

Control board is out of control

control board is out of control

In modern small refrigerators, there comes a control board that allows you to manage the different settings of your mini-fridge.

The control boards are linked to the compressor.

If the control board is damaged or has been burned due to a power fluctuation, it won’t allow the compressor to turn on.

The compressor when doesn’t turn on, won’t let the fridge gain enough power to do its job.

In order to get your control board fixed, you need to check it’s working. If the wires need a replacement, change them.

But if there is more to it, then I’m afraid, you’ll have to replace the control board which my fellows is a heavy on the pocket job. It can be changed within 150-200$.

“Not starting” Start relay

not starting start relay

The start relay is a small component that initiates the starting of your small fridge as it ignites the automobiles.

The starter relay when starting gives a quick tick sound after that the sound of the compressor motor starts.

As the starter relay turns on, it turns on the compressor. A faulty start relay will lead to a failed compressor that won’t turn on the mini-fridge.

If you don’t hear the tick or clicking sound, it means that the start relay is to be blamed.

Then, in that case, you will have to get a new starter relay. It might just cost you 30$.

Hole in the tube

hole in the tube

There is a capillary tube attached to the compressor which contains the Freon gas.

This tube sometimes gets heated up and gets damaged.

This damage will lead to the leakage of Freon gas and further this leaking will block the basic function of your fridge and that is, Cooling!

The capillary tube leaks, it’s not that of a big deal and this tube can be replaced.

Kenmore refrigerator not cooling

What’s obstructing the drier filter?

Now what happens is that the Freon gas needs to be filtered after passing through the compressor oil.

This filtration is done via a drier filter which is placed in the sealed system of the mini-fridge.

The sealed system placed at the back of the mini-fridge has many other components as well. The drier filter if blocked will lead to the blocking of the passage of Freon gas as it cannot pass through it quickly.

You need to remove the hindrance or the object that’s obstructing the drier filter.


The issues with your mini-fridge might just start with a mere power supply outlet to many common issues with the compressor or the thermostat or the problem might be with the evaporator or condenser coils or fan motors.

Instead of discarding your mini-fridge, you must figure out the issue and solve it. No problem is too big. How to reset a refrigerator compressor

Just have patience and yes! also some knowledge about the basic terminologies and vocabulary for the mini-fridges and that’s it, you’ll be able to put your mini-fridge back on business.