Whirlpool washing machine no power no lights

Whirlpool washing machine no power no lights. A washing machine is the most common electrical appliance used in homes to wash clothes, blankets, and other fabrics.

Top loader machines consume more water as compared to the front loader machines but are more reliable because they are not fully automatic, and there is less chance of a fault in them.

It is a very frustrating thing when you have a lot of dirty clothes to wash, and there is no power and no lights on if washing machine.

On many occasions, there is a small error or fault in the washing machine, and you can fix it by yourself, like you forget to switch on the power supply of the machine.

The Control board is the brain. If the washer if it fused or damaged, then there will be no chance of power and light on. You will have to repair it.

Whirlpool washing machine no power no lightswashing machine no power no lights

Normally the following are reasons for no lights and no power for the washing machine.  This can guide you to fix and solve the problem of the washing machine.

If the problem is out of your understanding, then you will have to hire an expert in the washer to sort out the problem.

See the power connection of the washer

As you are facing the problem of an electrical appliance and its lights and power is not on.

First of all, see the power of the home; if a power supply is present, then see the plug of the washer that is perfectly plugged into the socket or outlet in the wall.

It could be chance that breaker of outlet is fused then how can the lights and power one on the machine. Check the cord of the machine that is properly plugged in.

Check the lid of the machine

Some machines have an auto door lock system, so if there is no light flashing on the washer, then check whether the lid is properly closed or not. Shut the lid properly if it is not closed.

The user interface board is crashed

If you have seen the fuse and control board and there is no problem there, then it might be a chance that the user interface board is crashed which is located on the control buttons of the washing machine.

First of all, remove all the screws and then examine the interface board that is damaged or a sign of burn points there.

Make a test that either board is getting electricity or not. If there is a problem with the board, then you will have to purchase a new board.

The problem with the circuit breaker

Mostly it is seen that if your electrical appliance is not showing power, then it is a problem in the circuit breaker in which it is plugged in, or there is a problem in the main control circuit breaker box.

Try to change the outlet of the washing machine or see if there is a problem with the main control box.

Check the fuse
the control board fuse is damaged

If you are washing clothes and it stopped working, then it may be a chance of this that its main control board fuse is damaged.

It normally happens due to electrical power flow. Now you will have to reach the main control board of the machine.

First of all, switch off the power supply and then open the screws of the washing machine on the metal plate which is located at the backside.

After removing all the hurdles of hoses and wires, see the control panel, which is mostly at the top of the whirlpool washing machines. Now see the fuse on the control panel.

If it is fused, then you have no other option than this to replace the fuse and reinstall all the parts and screws again to close the backside of the machine.


Why do washing machines give no light and power when there is a power supply in the socket?

The main two reasons behind that are either its fuse is blown away, or its interface board is damaged.

Is it possible to reset the whirlpool washing duet machine?

Yes, for this, you will have to pull out the plug for a minimum of 3 minutes,s and maybe it can take more time to clear the codes given by you.


If you are washing the clothes in a whirlpool, first of all, place it a ground level and plugin properly.

If the Whirlpool washing machine gives no power and no lights, then it might be a chance that its fuse is blown away or there is a problem with the interface board.

If you are not an expert in electricity work, don’t try it by yourself and call an expert to fix the problem.

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