Maytag dryer not heating

Maytag dryer not heating. Maytag is a brand known for making electronic appliances. They have produced excellent products over the years and are getting better day by day.

However, their products sometimes face shortcomings which is quite normal for electronic devices, but you don’t have to worry as we have got solutions to your problems.

The most common problem faced by people is their Maytag dryer, not heating. You can detect this issue when you see that your clothes are still wet even after letting them dry.

Even though it is pretty frustrating to see your simple machine not working, you don’t need to replace the device with a new one. You can quickly solve this issue and get the dryer working perfectly again.

Maytag dryer not heating
why maytag dryer not heating

To fix your dryer, you need to follow some simple steps that are mentioned in detail below

Maytag dryer circuit breaker

Maytag Dryer is not working due to any electrical outbreak if your machine is not supplied with a total of 240 volts, 120 volts from each leg.

Then there is a possibility that your Maytag heater will not produce enough heat to dry your clothes.

Make sure that you have the correct voltage for your dryer to properly.

Check the settings of your dryer

Be specific with your dryer; note that it is set in the correct settings. There are options like “fluff air” and “wrinkle prevents” that will blow the air from the environment and spin the drum.

Respectively, improve without giving any heat; before assuming that your Maytag front load electric dryer is not heating, make sure that your settings are adjusted according to your preference.

Maytag dryer thermal fusemaytag dryer thermal fuse

Are you facing trouble with your Maytag dryer, not heating? There is a high possibility that your thermal fuse has a fault. It is a heat-sensitive switch found in this dryer.

Its job is to turn off the dryer if the temperature is higher than usual, it prevents the dryer from overheating, but sometimes it can also turn off the heating system because of any fault.

To check if your thermal fuse is faulty, take out the main plug from the electrical source. Then open the cabinet of your dryer by removing the side and top panels.

Find the thermal fuse which is near the heat source or the blower housing. Once you have located the thermal fuse, check it with a multimeter.

If you see no electrical continuity, it confirms that your thermal fuse is not working and requires a replacement.

Maytag dryer heating elementmaytag dryer heating element

The heating element is a part of the electric heaters used to heat the air that enters the drum. There is a heating element getting brunt.

If you want to check if the heating element is at fault, follow the same steps to study the thermal fuse.

Locate the heating element by opening up the part. Once you have located the heating element, check for continuity with a multimeter.

If you observe no electrical exchange, note that your heating element is not working, and you need a Maytag dryer heating element replacement.

Check your high limit thermostat

The limit thermostat is the next thing you need to check if the thermal fuse and heating element are working correctly. Limit thermostat works like a standard thermostat that monitors the dryer’s heating.

If the dryer is overheated, the thermostat shuts the heating vent to prevent it from further trouble.

There could be some fault in the thermostat if the Maytag dryer is not heating. Check the thermostat with a multimeter to see if there is any continuity. If not, replace the thermostat with a new one.

Check the Ignitermaytag dryer igniter

The electric dryers have a unique component called the igniter that ignites the gas used for drying. Your Maytag dryer could not be drying because of a fault in the igniter.

Test the proper functioning of the igniter by a multimeter. If you observe no continuity, get your ignition fixed.


Are you looking for Maytag dryer troubleshooting? You don’t need to worry if your Maytag dryer is not heating because this article will help you fix your problem in no time. Dryers have made life very easy and manageable. Just follow the proper steps to fix your heating issues.

Maytag dryer not heating | Fixed

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