Dryer heating but not drying

Dryer heating but not drying. In today’s life, when we have no space to air dry our clothes and no time to wait for them to dry, dryers have become our basic necessity.

But how frustrating can it get if you have stayed for quite some time only to find your dryer heating your clothes?

Dryer heating but not drying
dryer heating but not drying | how to fix

You don’t have to worry about this problem as we are about to tell you why you are facing this issue and how to solve it in no time.

No need to replace your dear old dryers with new ones.

Check the circuit

Make sure to check the circuit connection and see if you have properly plugged in your dryer. There is a possibility that your dryer is not functioning correctly.

Your dryer is if it’s getting heated and not drying your clothes. Make sure that both the legs of the circuit give enough voltage to support your dryer.

Is your dryer over-stuffed?dryer over stuffed

One of the main reasons for your dryer taking multiple cycles to dry is if you have overloaded it with too many clothes at a time.

This will decrease the drying efficiency of the dryer as it won’t have enough airflow space available.

Try putting lesser clothes at a time for a better and faster drying experience.

Is your heating element working?heating element working

Are you worried about the condenser dryer getting hot but not drying?

There is a high chance of your heating element getting burnt. To check if your heating element is working or not, open the panels of your dryer to locate the heating element inside.

Test it with a multimeter; if there is no continuity of electricity, then your heating element is faulty and needs replacement.

The heating element is an important component of modern dryers as it heats the air, which in turn dries the clothes; if the heating element is burnt, then it takes a lot of time to dry your clothes.

The air vent is cloggeddryer air vent cleaning

One of the common reasons for your dryer getting heated fully but not drying your clothes could be clogged vents.

When the hot air enters the dryer, it needs an escaping route so that there is proper air circulation

Due to the clogged vents, the air that enters is unable to move out of the dryer, causing an increase in moisture, which in turn prevents your clothes from drying.

Make sure that you regularly clean the vents for proper airflow.

Dryer Blown Thermal Fuse

When your clothes do not come out of the washer/dryer completely dry after multiple cycles, whether on the highest heat setting, you most likely have a blown thermal fuse.

This fuse serves an important purpose, as it helps prevent fires from burning down your house. Eventually, it wears out over time, and repeating high-heat settings can shorten its lifespan even more so.

You should always contact a certified repair technician to help replace a damaged thermal fuse.

Lint trap is blockedlint trap is blocked

This could be due to the excessive lint getting stuck in the lint trap, which blocks air circulation.

Lint is the tiny fibers of your clothes that get accumulate in the lint trap, causing a blockage.

Air circulation is essential for drying your clothes; no air circulation means your clothes won’t dry in time.


There are a lot of reasons why your dryer is not drying. But you don’t have to panic in such a situation. Just follow the steps mentioned above for better drying of your clothes.

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