Maytag bravos xl washer won’t turn on

Maytag bravos xl washer won’t turn on. Washers are very helpful for us to work without wasting our energy; washers are very useful because they are helpful for us to proceed well. They minimize our burden of work and can provide relief for a time.

If you have a lot of clothes gathered in the home due to a short time and when you use the washer to complete the work, and the washer does not work means it would not turn on, it may cause fury for you.

If you searching for a solution to the problem, then you are in the right place because here I am going to tell you the reasons and their troubleshooting also.

Maytag bravos xl washer won’t turn on

maytag bravos xl washer won't turn on


There are some reasons that are coming in the way of the washer won’t turn on as  follows:

  1. There is some problem with the power supply that is coming to the washer. If your washer is not turning on, then you should check the power source or the power supply that is coming from the switch towards the washer.
  2. The power button of the washer is stuck. When the button is stuck, then it may be a large problem because if the buttons are stuck, it does not perform the functions well.
  3. There is a button that does not allow the machine to turn on when you plug the switch into the board or the outlet. Maybe this button is on, and it does not allow the washer to turn on.
  4. There is maybe an issue in the setting of the washer; you should check the setting if there is an issue, so please clear the issue first and then proceed because this issue won’t allow the washer to be on.
  5. The motor in the machine is suffering from a fault; you should check the setting of the washer if there the motor is damaged or corroded or if there is any other issue.

Troubleshooting the issues that are occurring

Here is the troubleshooting or the fixing of the issues that are occurring in a way that the washer would not turn on. The fixing of the issues are as follows:

Provide power for working

There may be the issue of the washer not turning on is the issue of the power. Check the supply of the power and increase it as enough as the power is needed to work properly; here are some techniques that are used to increase the supply of the power areas place the washer in the three-prong switch.

The three-phase outlet is the big thing that is used as the increase in the electric power and also helpful for many other reasons.

Corroded contact plates

Remove the corrosion from the contact plates; you should separate the plates and remove the corrosion from them as clean thoroughly by using the things that are the best things to remove the stains and the corrosion from the materials.

Continue the rubbing and cleaning until the corrosion is completely removed from the contact pates. Alcohol is the best option to rub the plate areas neat and clean as these are before the corrosion.

Faulty in the switch lid

There is another thing that is a problem for you is faulty in the lid switch this switch is close to the entrance of clothes in the washer if there is any faulty in the switch lid you should remove the stuff that you through in the washer for washing.

Then after emptying the washer, you should check the switch completely and troubleshoot the problem that is occurring in it. The washer would not be on f there is any faulty in the switch and also when it is broken.

So if you want your washer working, please set the switch lid to work properly. If it is in the right condition, then your washer works properly as you want.

Loose wiring

loose wiring

Here is another thing the wiring that is in the interface. You should open it by using screwdrivers; if you open it, then check the wiring of the washer if it is loose then you should tight the wires in the way these are good for working.

If the wires are not tightened up correctly, then you should try to consult a professional because professionals know how to resolve this issue.

They can also have the ability to tighten these wires or if it is not possible, then they should replace the wiring that is inside the box.


Maytag bravos xl washer won’t turn on. The above are some techniques that are used instead of the professionals by yourself. Sometimes the issue is too much serious then you should need to consult a professional because they know better than us how to solve the issue.

By performing above all activities, you see that your washer is on and start working, and this is very best for you because if you consult the professional, you don’t know in how much time he will repair the issue, so this is the best way to save your precious time, and after resolving the issue, you should start working without any while.

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