Masterbuilt electric smoker temperature problem

Masterbuilt electric smoker temperature problem. Masterbuilt Smoker is the latest reliable and applauded unit used to cook and for smoking.

Normally, these smokers work efficiently, and there is no issue occurring to them, but like any other appliance in the kitchen, it’s not Masterbuilt Smoker owners usually go around temperature problems along the way.

It does not matter if you recently purchased the new masterbuilt electric smoker or if you are an OG smoker. Running into smoking problems in your Masterbuilt is not a new thing.

If you are getting frustrated because the heat inside your electric smoke is not sufficient to smoke the meat accurately, then it is not a good thing to occur because your masterbuilt electric smoker has to access the proper temperature to give perfect smoke to your food.

Give this article some time and keep reading this troubleshooting guide to get information about how to fix masterbuilt electric smoker temperature and heat problems.

Masterbuilt electric smoker temperature problem

If your masterbuilt electric smoker has a temperature problem and not getting hot enough, then it depends upon the energy source you are using to run the smoker.

If you are using charcoal in an electric smoker to smoke the food, then you must use enough coal to produce the required heat and temperature.

It is also important to use dry coal in the smoke because if you use wet coal, then the smoker will not generate the required heat.

If you have electric smokers for smoking the food, the faulty heating element can be a reason beyond the temperature problem.

These were some common causes related to the masterbuilt electric smoker temperature problem, so without any time wastage, let’s read all the possible causes and troubleshooting tips to solve the problem.

Water pan

water pan

Masterbuilt electric smoker does not require too much temperature to smoke and cook food because it just needs a temperature range between 210degrees Fahrenheit to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, if your electric smoker is not accessing this temperature, then the first thing to check related to the temperature problems is your water pan.

The water pan is installed in each masterbuilt electric smoker to normalize the temperature.

If you want to decrease the temperature in the electric smoker because you want to cook the food at low heat and temperature, then fill the water pan with water because water can minimize the heating inside the unit.

However, if you have to cook and smoke the chicken or duck meat, then you need to get a higher temperature and remove the water from the water pan and chamber to slow down the heating temperature inside the electric smoker. So, to solve this problem, just pull out the water and start to smoke the food with a dry water pan.

Faulty temperature controller

faulty temperature controller

If there is no problem with the Masterbuilt electric smoker water pan and chamber, check the temperature controller in the unit.

You can not access the required temperature if the temperature controller is faulty.

You can not replace the faulty temperature in the electric smoker so hire a skillful professional to change the temperature controller because it is impossible to repair the faulty component.

You can easily purchase the temperature controller from any hardware store in the market or online from the Amazon service.

Preheat, the smoker

Masterbuilt electric smoker is reliable, but it is a slow smoker. So, do not place the meat inside the smoker immediately after turning on the unit.

Preheat the electric smoker before smoking meat inside the unit. Give enough time to your smoker to cook the food perfectly and deliciously.

However, keep an eye on the temperature reading to keep away from the temperature problem.



Another significant cause of temperature problems in the electric smoker is overloading the food. Always insert a suitable amount of food in the unit to smoke.

If you insert large pieces of chicken and beef meat and your smoker size is small, you will undoubtedly face a low-temperature problem with your unit.

So, do not overload the smoker racks with meat and smoke the food in two or three terms.

Aluminum cover

Some new electric smoker do mistakes in that they cover the electric unit with an aluminum cover which is a very bad action because it creates temperature problems in the smoker.

So, if you have covered the unit with an electric smoker, then remove this cover and place another cover on the unit to get away from temperature and heat issues.

Extra time to heat up

Sometimes, your Masterbuilt begins to take extra time to heat up. You can not smoke the food at the exact time due to this low temperature and heat problem.

  • The unit door is not properly closed, due to which the heat is not gathered inside the smoker and escaped from the open door. So, don’t switch on the unit immediately and shut the door latch perfectly.
  • Tightly plug in the power cable in the working wall outlet.

Smoker heating element is faulty

smoker heating element is faulty

The heating element is the most important part of the electric smoker because it provides the heat and temperature inside the unit.

So, first of all, check the terminal corner, which gets plugged into the element, is fully melted or burnt. So change the melted terminal end.

Plug the terminal again into the heating element. Your smoker heating element starts to work fine again.

If the heating element is completely damaged, then hire an electrician to replace the bad heating element.


The final words in this article are I am hopeful this troubleshooting guide is helpful to your Masterbuilt electric smoker temperature problem.

Check the water pan, faulty temperature controller, and heating element if you have temperature problems with the electric smoker.

Overloading the unit racks with meat and using aluminum covers are also causes of the temperature issues with an electric smoker.

In this article, I covered almost all the causes and solutions related to the electric smoker, and you have learned why your smoker is creating heat and temperature issues.

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