Best Electric Smokers Consumer Reports

Best Electric Smokers Consumer Reports. An electric smoker is a modern invention that can cook your food using heat produced by electricity. No need to depends on flames to generate smoke. These electric smokers also come with vents to control the temperature. Electric smokers provide a unique flavour to the protein. These also reliable and portable to use. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and settings.

You can also make delicious food in less time with electric smokers. We can use the electric smoker to grill, BBQ, smoke, bake, and sear food. You can cook your food silently without the involvement of any gases. You can also cook various delicious food with electric smokers. Such as smoked fish, meat, and many more. If you have an electric smoker, then no need to hassle around for making fire. Just plug in to start the unit and enjoy your food in no time.

Electric smokers are coming in different types such as analog and digital electric smokers. In analog electric smokers, you can set the temperature manually. These types of electric smokers have a simple on/off switch. You can easy to use these electric smokers. On the other hand, digital smokers have more complex options. You can set the temperature for meat to smoke. No need for any supervision these smokers are also easy to use and easy to clean. Now modern electric smokers come with Bluetooth options to connect with your smartphone.

After a lot of research, we enlisted the best 8 electric smokers.

8 Best Electric Smokers Consumer Reports

  1. Masterbuilt MB20071619
  2. Masterbuilt MB20074719
  3. Dyna-Glo DGU732SDE-D 30
  4. Presto 6013 Slow Cooker Indoor Electric Smoker
  5. Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker
  6. Bradley Smoker BTDS76P 990216 4 Rack Smoker
  7. The Little Chef Electric Smoker
  8. Old Smokey Electric Smoker

1. Masterbuilt MB20080319 Best Electric Smokers Consumer Reports

This electric smoker comes with an integrated control panel. This integrated control panel includes a blue LED display. Blue LED display helps you to see the meal cooking inside the electric smoker.Best Electric Smokers Consumer Reports

This unit has a durable, polyurethane-coated cover. Which protects your smoker from the elements and provides long-lasting life. This electric smoker is also weather-resistant and resists fading.

The remarkable feature of this unit is its adjustable racks. These adjustable racks allow you to cook different meats with different cuts. You can cook a beer-chicken or upright turkey perfectly.

Comes with a variety of accessories. These accessories are designed to enhance your smoking and frying experience. You can enjoy your favorite and delicious food safely with this unit. This smoker is compatible with Masterbuilt 30-inch Digital Electric Smokers.

This electric smoker can be easy to clean. We can take out all of its components, which make it easier to clean. You can also use warm water and detergents to clean the stains and splashes on the smoker. Comes with a decent-sized wood tray for uninterrupted cooking. This unit provides a delicious taste to your meal, its high-quality surface helps in fast cooking.


  • Comes with adjustable racks
  • Easy maintenance
  • It has an integrated control panel


  • Some consumer report that it is not waterproof

2. Masterbuilt MB20074719 masterbuilt electric smoker

MB 30-inch20071117 is a 30-inch digital electric smoker. This electric smoker is ideal for beginners. This unit also comes with a digital panel controls on/off. You can operate this unit with no mess, easy to use. It’s electric heating elements quickly turns on the smoker. It can also raise and maintain the temperature for perfect and efficient cooking.Consumer Reports Smokers

Comes with a fully insulated body that can retains heat. The remarkable thing in this unit is its four chrome-coated smoking racks. This electric smoker provides you a delicious and your favorite meal.

It comes with an integrated thermostat that helps you know about on which temperature you are cooking the meal. Moreover, you can also set up the temperature according to your requirement.

In this unit, the manufacturers placed the side wood chip loading system on the side. It prevents heat and smoke from dissipates away from the smoker. Comes with a latch mechanism door that can shut the door perfectly.

This unit can also withstand any weather condition. Masterbuilt also gives round-the-clock assistance. In this feature, the company will fix the problems that happen to smokers.


  • Comes with insulated body
  • Door latch mechanism
  • It has round-the-clock assistance


  • Not too good quality

3. Dyna-Glo DGU732SDE-D 30 consumer reports smokers

This Dyno-Glo unit is a vertical design that lends itself to naturally rising heat. It gives you delicious smoke flavor with great efficiency. Its offset design optimizes indirect heat flow. That is ideal for slow-cooking and perfect smoke flavor.Smoker Reviews Consumer Reports

With this unit, you can cook meats low and slow. You can cook it from brisket to ribs to anything you can imagine. This unit also allows you to set up the internal temperature of the food without opening the door.

Comes with six height-adjustable cooking grates. These six height grates can accommodate various sizes and types of food. This unit provides 784 square inches of the total smoking area.

This area is enough to cook everything you want.  This smoker has a steel smoke stack’s adjustable flue to control the temperature. The remarkable feature in this unit is the Smoke Zone indicator. This indicator tells you the ideal temperature for infusing smoke flavor.

Stainless steel temperature gauge helps in easy to read the gauge for perfect smoked. You can enjoy delicious smoked food with this unit, whether it’s rain, shine, or snow. Best Electric Smokers Consumer Reports.


  • Burn efficiency increasing features
  • Six height-adjustable grates
  • Can handle large amounts of ash
  • Best electric smoker grill


  • Needs some modifications

4. Presto 6013 Slow Cooker Indoor best smokers for beginners

Presto 6013 provides you delicious smoked food on your kitchen counter. This unit infuses authentic flavour to your smoked food. Enjoy smoked meats, poultry, fish, seafood, and vegetables with great flavour.Electric Smoker Ratings

Comes with a non-stick and slow-cooking pot. This pot is made of stainless steel which makes it easy to clean. You can smoke everything that you want with this unit and easy to use.

Comes with a soft-touch digital touchpad. This touchpad includes settings for cold smoke, hot smoke, or a combination of both. You can maintain the temperature with these settings.

With this unit, you can smoke beef brisket, turkey breast, salmon, pizza, cheese, eggs, salsa, nuts, and much more. The hot smoke mode is ideal for beef, pork, chicken, and seafood. The cold smoke mode is best for cheese and vegetables.

The remarkable thing in this unit is its combo mode. This mode infuses maximum smoky flavour perfectly into the food, ideal for larger cuts. This unit automatically shuts off after finish the cooking. Best smokers for beginners.

It alarms signals and activates slow cooker mode to keep your food warm. To minimize odor the gasket and tempered glass cover seal the smoker. Comes with black colour exterior and dishwasher safe.


  • Affordable and reliable
  • Automatically shuts off at end of cooking time
  • Removable and nonstick slow-cooking pot


  • Some users report chemical flavor in food

5. Char-Broil Deluxe Best Electric Smokers Consumer Reports

Char-Boil digital smoker is the perfect smoker to cook for large groups. Using smokers is a time-consuming process but with this electric smoker, there is a simple way to get great smoked flavor with no preparation.Electric Smokers Reviews

It provides complete control over smoked food. This unit has a total of 725 square inch smoking areas. It includes access doors, air dampers, and 4 smoking racks for perfect and efficient smoke cooking.

Comes with three different cooking grates provide enough space to cook for a party. It has premium insulated double-wall construction. This double-wall construction can lock in heat and smoke.

This construction makes it 10 times efficient than wood chips. You can enjoy your favorite smoked food with this electric smoker. Easy to use and when your food smoked it turn off automatically.

This unit has also a warming feature to keep your food warm. It has to lock the lathing feature with a tight seal to provide a delicious flavor. Comes with an advanced control panel to control and maintain temperature.

Comes with a removable temperature gauge and easy-to-read blue LED display. The interesting thing is its wheels and integrated handle. These wheels and handles make it easy to move where you want.


  • 725 square inch smoking area
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Professional electric smoker


  • May leaked internally after sometimes

6. Bradley Smoker BTDS76P best smokers consumer reports

Bradley BTDS76P 990216 is made of high-quality material. It has powder epoxy steel construction and polished stainless steel interior. You will create deliciously smoked food for a very long time. Best electric smokers under 500.
Professional Electric Smoker

Because of its stainless steel interiors, it is easy to clean and avoid stick food on its surface. It has a smoke diffuser system to keep the smoke flowing and eliminating dirty smoke. Moreover, this unit is designed for easy to use, easy maintenance, and cleaning.

Comes with CleanSmoke technology that provides 100% natural wood smoking. It has a built-in digital generator with full control over temperature, cooking time, and smoking time.

The wood basin in this unit used to collect wood smoking bisquettes and grease. This unit gives a delicious, consistent, high-quality pure smoke flavour. Set up the temperature and smoke time leave it.

This unit has a smoke vent at the top of the smoker to release dirty smoke. It has also a multi-rack design to smoked a variety of food for parties or any event. Best electric smoker grill.

Moreover, it is designed to accommodate meat hooks for smoking sausage and jerky racks. This unit provides 8 hours of controlled cool smoke. This smoker allows you to smoke a wide variety of foods at the same time. Best Electric Smokers Consumer Reports.


  • Made of high-quality material
  • CleanSmoke technology
  • Multiple racks to smoke more food


  • Smoke is affected by exterior temperature

7. The Little Chef best smoker for the money

The little chef is one of the front-loading electric smokers. This unit allows you to cook up to 25 pounds of food. It has the power of a 250-watt. This unit is designed for smoked fish, beef, poultry, pork, and much more perfectly.Electric Meat Smokers Reviews

It smokes food into two phases initially it uses wood chips for the desired flavor. Secondly, it dries the product for a perfect taste. This unit works at a temperature of 165°F.

This electric smoker is equipped with a heating element for a slow-cook smoking. Comes with four chrome-plated grills to load and unload easily. This unit is a durable embossed aluminum construction.

This elegant unit comes with a flavor fuel pan. There is also a proper vented system for dehydration. With this smoker, you will also get a complete smokehouse recipe and instruction booklet. Best electric smokers under 300.

Super easy to operate and clean. This unit is also a dishwasher safe, take the drip tray and stick it in your dishwasher. This electric smoker is certified by UL, CUL, and CSA. Comes with2-year a limited warranty to be free from manufacturing or component defects. You can enjoy your favorite recipes with this little chef electric smoker.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Durable unit
  • Transportable with its wheel


  • No Temperature Controls

8. Old Smokey Electric Smoker

Old Smokey electric smoker is a perfect unit for smoky and juicy meat at will. This unit has a flat top design, it has also a meat juice holding capability. Comes with a tight seal ensures that all the juices fall onto the meat.Old Smokey Electric Smoker

This is a very simple drum shape, flat-topped cooker. It includes a wood tray, a heating element, and two racks. It has a powerful electric heating element. The wood tray can be easily placed on the heating element.

It is simple to use you just have to put your wood chips and add meat, set the temperature, and wait when the meat is smoked. This unit is also portable you can move it anywhere you want.

It has a weight of only 23lbs and features side handles, these handles are heat resistant. It has a relatively small size. You can smoke your meat in a few hours with this unit.

You can smoke a large amount of food for parties or other events with this unit. This unit is controlled by a heat thermostat to allow a wide variety of cooking times and styles. Moreover,

This unit is made of high-quality material. It won’t rust and corrode easily. Friendly to the dishwasher, and the food doesn’t stick on its surface. Equipped with two cooking racks, it is a powerful unit that you need for perfect smoking. Best electric smokers under $200.


  • Easy to operate this unit
  • Provides large smoking space
  • Compact and portable


  • A bit awkward to load and unload

Buying Guide Best Electric Smokers Consumer Reports

After a lot of research, we conclude that there are some important factors that you should keep in mind while purchasing a new electric smoker.

This unit is easy to use, you just need to set things before starting the electric smoker. Adjust the temperature once your food is ready the smoker will shutoff. While traditional smokers take longer to smoke your meat. Electric smokers use 800 watts per hour, if you smoke your meat for 8 hours daily don’t worry about high electric bills. Electric smoker ratings reviews.

Electricity consumption

It will consume electricity of only $25 a month. One of the remarkable things about electric smokers is that you don’t need constant supervision. Just set your electric smokers to wait for the meat to be ready. Electric smokers are also environment-friendly, while burning propane, charcoal, or wood increases air pollution.

Burning wood and charcoal can be harmful to your health because it produces carcinogens that cause cancer. On the other hand, cooking with an electric smoker is healthier because you don’t need to use oil or butter.


Most of the electric smokers come with a rheostat and a thermostat. These rheostats and a thermostat can maintain a consistent temperature in an electric smoker. You can perfectly control the temperature and vary the temperature as your food requirements. Almost all electric smokers are made of stainless steel.

The food doesn’t stick to the smoker you can easily clean up the smokers. Electric smokers are energy efficient. Most of the electric smokers made of thick steel that absorbs heat it in the cooking chamber. A little amount of energy is therefore dissipated. Moreover, electric smokers are made of metals such as aluminum or steel which makes it more sturdy.


Capacity is a very important factor when you are going to buy an electric smoker. Always make sure that the capacity of your smoker is enough that can fill your needs. If your smokers contain all the basics features but it has not enough smoking capacity, then your unit will be useless.

Trays And Racks

Always prefer the electric smokers that have more racks and trays. More racks and trays allow you to smoke more food at the same time. Most electric smokers come with grill trays or hollow trays. The grill gives you the best flavor.

Ease Of Use

We suggest the electric smokers that have an easy operating process. The first thing that you should check is the time-temperature control panel and a digital thermometer. These features make it easy to use. The smoker should also have a glass window, removable grill racks, and a drip pan. Some electric smokers can control via your smartphone which makes the operation easier.

Temperature Range

We suggest smokers with good heating elements and smoke levels. The right temperature range makes smokers easy to smoke meat and grill food for a large group of friends. The right range for temperature is 100 to 400 degrees or even 500 degrees Fahrenheit inside the smoker.

Ease of Maintenance

Buy an electric smoker with easily removable cooking grids, racks, panels, wood chip trays, a greased pan, and a water pan. Make sure that the replaceable parts are easily available.

Remote Controls

Remote temperature control features allow you to control your smoker without staying near your electric smoker all day. With the remote control, you can set up temperature and can check internal meat temperatures at a distance. The remote control makes the cooking process easier for you.


How to clean your electric smoker?

Initially, make sure the smoker completely cools down. Use a cloth with warm, soapy water for cleaning out the inside of the smoker. Some units have various removable and dishwasher safe compartments like a drip pan drawers or wood chip tray. Rinse these removable parts in the dishwasher. After wiping dry everything off for a couple of hours before putting it all back together again.

How Does An Electric Smoker Work?

In electric smokers all the things are controlled by electricity in electric smokers. Some units consist of a rheostat that controls the flow of electricity while other models consist of a temperature probe that is connected to the thermostat to provide better temperature control.


The aim of our post is to give you enough information so that you can make an informed decision and purchase the best electric smoker. However, we suggest Masterbuilt MB20080319 Electric Smoker as the best electric smoker. This unit contains all the requirements that we are looking for in an electric smoker.

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