Magic bullet stopped working

Magic bullet stopped working. Once I had to use the magic bullet to blend the ingredients that were required in the recipe of something I had to make that day but I found out that it wasn’t working at all.

It was quite an upsetting and frustrating experience for me to know that it wasn’t working, that’s why I had to rush to the market to get it repaired that means I had to delay my plan to make that food because the repairer takes some time.

Only if I knew how to fix the magic bullet that stops working then probably it wouldn’t have been the hassle for me to rush to market to get it repaired. In the future, you can have the same experience that I had.

Then what are you going to do then?  Will you rush to market and wait for some time that may take a day to get it to repair? Or will you learn from my experience and will want to avoid the hassle of going to the  market to get it repaired?

Magic bullet stopped working

magic bullet stopped working

If you do not want the hassle of going to the market to get the repairing work done on your magic bullet then you don’t need to be worried because, more often than not, the problem of the magic bullet is very simple and can be fixed up by yourself in no time.

In this article, I will discuss some of the fixes that you can make in order to get the magic bullet working.

Issues and fixes of the magic bullet.

Power source

If you ask me what I will check first if my magic bullet stops functioning, then I would say that I will check the main power source in order to check whether the magic bullet is plugged into a functioning power source or not.

Sometimes it’s a problem with the power source; if the power source is not functioning, then change the power source.


Get something else plugged in the outlet in which the magic bullet was plugged in to check if the power source is working or if the problem lies in the magic bullet.

To know this, all you need to do is to plug some other appliance or gadget into that outlet. It could be your hairdryer or your mobile charger, etc.

If the appliance is working, then there is an issue with your magic bullet, but if the appliance doesn’t work, then it becomes clear that the actual problem is in the outlet.

Fault in activator

Magic bullets have some white activator. Activators are found in the base of the magic bullets.

Function of activators

The function of activators is to send signals to the motor to start the work of blending ingredients.

Problem in activators

When activators go bad, then it’s obvious that the motor will not receive the signal to start the work of blending.

Cleaning enough

It is unnecessary for you to send the activators for repair every time. Sometimes all you need to do is to clean the activators to make them back to normal functioning.

Fault in the power cord

Sometimes the blender doesn’t work because there is some sort of fault in the power chord of the magic bullet.

The power chord can be damaged, or it can be worn out, in both cases, you are required to get a new power chord for your magic bullet to replace it with the old power chord.

Overheated motor

An overheated motor is also one reason your magic bullet is not working.

Run for one minute

run for one minute

The motor of the magic bullet can run for 1 minute at a time.

Over one minute

If the motor of the magic bullet is run for more than 1 minute, then it gets heated up.

Wait for 15 minutes

If you see the motor heated, then you must wait for 15 minutes, and it will get fixed up.


In this article, you have learned some of the easy fixes of the magic bullet. After reading this article you will often fix the issues of your magic bullet on your own.

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