Ninja blender lid won’t close

Ninja blender lid won’t close. Blending means putting two or more things together or mixing them. So the device that aids in the purpose of blending is commonly known as or called a blender.

It can puree as well as mix two substances together. The only job of a blender is not mixing.

A blender consists of a blade that is attached to a motor from underneath. The blade is responsible for crushing and cutting the material put inside.

The motor remains at a still position while rotating the blade above. Blender is getting common day by day and has multiple uses.

Ninja blender lid won’t close

ninja blender lid won't close

A problem that arrives commonly with blenders is that their lid gets stuck, and it won’t budge at all. There can be multiple reasons for the ninja blender being able to close.

The problems can be frustrating, and they can cause a loss of time. It can be due to a broken lid and other problems as well.

Lets us study these problems briefly as well as identify proper solution so that you are prepared if you meet these problems.

Wrong Installation of the blade assembly

If your Ninja blender used to work properly before this time, the reason might be really minor. Like you might have installed the blade assembly incorrectly as you installed it backward. Just detach the blade assembly and attach it properly.

For this, you need the aid of your thumb and forefinger to squeeze the rubber gasket around. Later, press down the gasket so the rubber clicks into its proper area.

Some blenders only use 2 prongs, and they are easy to set. We can do so just by twisting and locking the pitcher. You’ll see that your lid will close properly now.

Cracked or worn blade assembly

If you have set the blender assembly accurately yet still do not have any avail, you can assume that either the rubber gasket has worn out or it is damaged as a crack has appeared on it. The worn rubber will not be able to hold the lid with enough power to close it.

It is not a problem to be scared of as you can get a new rubber from the store. You can buy it and just replace the old rubber with the new one and then close the lid. It will surely close. You can work how you want now.

Presence of something in the jar

It is usually a very common problem. You could have been blending something, and you forgot to take it out. It can happen as we, as humans, forget a lot. Or it could be that you were too busy to e able to clean the jar.

The way to solve this problem and prevent it from arising in the future is simple. You just need to clean the jar properly with the help of hot water and a cleaner.

Make sure no leftovers remain in the jar. If you do it properly and keep the jar clean, you won’t have to face such problems.

Bent blades

bent blades

Sometimes the blades are working fine, yet you are unable to close the lid. The reason might be because the shape of the blades has bent out of shape. You can fix this problem yourself easily.

You just need to remove the blades and apply gentle pressure with your hands to restore them back to their original shape.

If not by hand, you can use basic tools like scissors, and if you are still facing the same problem, you can just remove the blade and replace it with a new and better-shaped one, so it will let the lid close.

Parts out of their position

Sometimes when we are not careful, or it can even be by accident, the blender might fall or just get a bad shock. This fall or the shock can cause the parts to go out of their place. This may be the reason your lid might not close.

You just need to restore its parts back t their proper position, and you can use the blender. It is better to check if the parts are not damaged while you put the parts back together.


The lid not being closed can cause your blender not to work properly. This can affect the function of the blender. We should repair or get the blender repaired so that we can work properly. And no let any damage come to our appliance.

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