Nutribullet not working

Nutribullet not working. It is used to blend two things together as a blender. A blender mixes two or more things by crushing them together.

A bender is not just limited to mixing two things together.

A blender compromise of a blade joined with a motor. The blade spins and crushes the material inside and blends them together.

Only the blade is rotated while the motor doesn’t budge at all. Blender has multiple uses at work and even offices, so they are getting more common with time.

Nutribullet not working

nutribullet not working

There can be various reasons why the nutribullet blender is not working, like leakage, jamming, or even a broken blade.

We will discuss them in a little detail down below and also think of proper ways to deal with them.

Problems that occur in Nutribullet

Some of the common and most basic problems are listed down below:

Issues with blender

I don’t know about you, but if I am using my blender and the blender stops working. It would be really annoying for me.

I am trying to work, and there is suddenly some interference. This is how it feels. And it is more frustrating if you don’t even know what the problem is.


This could’ve been caused due to exhaustion of the parts of your blender, or some components might be out of order.

The wires of the nutribullet might be open, meaning they are exposed. This being a safety hazard should be taken care of immediately.

Precautions regarding this

Turning off the main switch is the best way to avoid a short circuit. Also, check if the other parts are exposed from the cover.

To check, dismantle the blender, and analyze for safety. Keep the parts of the blender in a safe place and the motor as well. Store in a dry place to keep the motor from damage.

Issues with blade

Some problems that are common are listed below.

Half cutting

Part of the food being cut is a common problem in which you can see that only half of the food is being cut. At the same time, the other half of the food is the same as before.

Your blade might be moving without a problem, but there can be a problem, like a blade has become old and dull. It is easy to take care of as you can simply replace it with new blades.

No cutting

In the same case comes the issue of the blades not cutting at all. This might not even be as big a problem as you think.

It may be due to the fact that you have put more food than the blade can cut through. You just need to remove some of the materials and let it work.

Stuck blade

stuck blade

Sometimes the blades just jam as they are rendered unable to move.

This might be because the bade has not been cleaned properly, causing some materials to get stuck and jamming the blade.

Just cleaning the blade properly and regularly is the best way to deal with your problem.

Burned motor

We know that blades are moved in the blender with the help of the motor. If the motor was to stop, the blades wouldn’t be able to move.

This is sometimes the case in nutribullet. The motor might have burned out because of excessive use.

You’ll need a new motor. And to prevent it from happening again, use the blender after some intervals so the motor can cool down.

Issue of leakage

The issue of leakage is a big one. It can be caused if the material inside the nutribullet exceeds the limit. You wanted to save time and pour all the ingredients simultaneously.

This will not only be useless, but it will also inflict damage on your blender. Leakage can be caused if there are cracks in your blender.

The cracks might have appeared with time or for some other reason, like the blender falling. It can also occur due to the damaged rubber of your lid.


Just be precise about what you are going to do and ensure you have checked the basic problems. For example, the problem might not even be in your appliance.

The power switch might not even be plugged in properly, or you might be experiencing a blackout.

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