How to extend electrical wire

How to extend electrical wire. The electricity wires sometimes got shortened and may not get fit in the circuit so you need to extend them as their size reach the size of the other pair.

The electric wires are always in the pairs as one is a positive terminal switch, and the other is a negative terminal switch that works at a time if one of them is disabled it disturbs the whole connection of the electricity. The wires are joined together to make a proper switch.

These wires are too dangerous if they are joined wrong that resulting in a short circuit or maybe the cause of an electrical explosion, and too dangerous for the person who on the button it may shock the person and the person may feel dizzy and sometimes the person died on the moment because maybe the shock is in high speed.

After all, electricity flow is full, and it results that you should not able to work the electric shock can also paralyze you.

Correction of the electrical wires is too important because it is a matter of the life and death for the honors who live in the house.

If these wires are not properly arranged then they may cause death these are too dangerous for the people. Remind it that you should work with full concentration and care and fix it safely.

After the fixing wires, some nuts are used to fix the circuit deeply. These nuts are used for the security of the circuit because when wires are outside and uncovered these are not secure.

How to extend electrical wireextend electrical wire

Electrical Box

The electrical box is called the junction box. There are many wires enclosed in that box there are several sizes and several colors’ of wires enclosed in the container.

Before starting working you should remove the plug from the socket and then proceed to work it is harmful to you to work directly while the plug is ON.

The first thing is the observation the plug whether it is ON or OFF, then proceed. Now you take the wire that you want to extend then take a clip that pinched the wire but is not pinched enough that the wire inside the plastic is affected through it.

When the wire has pinched now, remove the plastic 1/3 from the wire. While removing the plastic from the wire, be careful that the copper wire in it does not scratch because it’s not good for the wire.

Do the same process with both wires and take a clamp joint that is used to join both wires as these wires do not get split again easily. These wires are joined very strongly then they proceed further.

Separation of wires

The separation of wires is the best thing that is used in this process. And you can use the different materials to split them the best option is the stripper.

You use the stripper to separate the insulation of the wire. Pressing it too hard is the process to remove the insulation Hold it with full force and then rotate it in the clockwise direction until the insulation does not get separated.

Be careful while using this screw-like material that it only cut the plastic around the copper wire, not the copper wire.

Join the ends of both wiresjoin the ends of both wires

Now when you separate the wire from the insulation you should join the ends of both wires and before twisting the wire remind it that both ends are equal not at the distance.

Both ends are equal and then you cover it with the nut that is on the top. Just bare that copper that is covered under the nut.

Not as too much that is bare left and cause the problem that is the big issue for the people who live in the house. Your small carelessness can create a very big issue for the people who are there.

Make the connections between the wires and then proceed next connections are in this way that twists the both in the clockwise direction when you think it is the best joint of them to work in the way of the continuous flow of the charges and can’t put any barrier in the way of the current.

The connection is very secure if you join them in the proper and right way.

Secure the junction box

The security of the junction box is in the way that you enclosed all the wires in the box and cover them by using the other cap of the box so the wires in the junction box got secured and the wire now not affected by the weather and season.

Use nets to tight them in the proper way. The tightness in the condition needs to be fulfilled to work properly.

Here above I discussed the ways or methods to extend electric wires. Hope so my this article is the best solution to your problem.

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