LG tv screen goes black randomly

LG tv screen goes black randomly. If you talk about the best tv brands, then surely LG TVs are always at the top of the list because of their high quality and latest features.

Although, sometimes they have some technical issues like any other electrical device, like some user complaining that the lg tv screen goes black suddenly.

It happens with every smart device that it creates issues during its life due to hardware problems and sometimes software issues.

If you are here, it means your lg smart tv screen also goes black randomly. There are many reasons for this issue, like tvs software issues, the remote control not working, a faulty power supply board, and HDMI cable connectivity issues.

Read this full post to troubleshoot your lg tv that suddenly goes black before you hire a technician because I am writing this article from my personal experience and information collected from the internet.

LG tv screen goes black randomly

LG tvs are the best smart tvs for entertainment purposes at home because you can watch countless channels on your tv at home, but it’s very frustrating to see your lg tv screen suddenly go black.

If your tv is also going black and just giving out a sound, it sometimes occurs due to a backlight problem.

The tv screen also goes black due to outdated software. So, you have to update your lg tv software to avoid the black screen.

Power cycle your LG TVpower cycle your lg tv 2022

When you see the lg tv screen going black, then the first troubleshooting tip is always restart your tv and giving your device a proper power cycle.

Power cycling the tv removes the bugs and glitches issues because it mostly refreshes the device software. You can easily power cycle your lg smart tv in this way.

  • Press the power button and turn off your tv.
  • Disconnect the lg power cable from the wall socket.
  • Wait for five minutes.
  • Insert the plug again into the power source.
  • Turn on your lg smart tv.

If the lg smart tv is working smoothly without going black, then it was just a bugs issues but if the issue continues, then move to the next point.

Test your remotetest your remote

The next thing to check is whether lg smart tv control is working or faulty. A black screen means that your tv is switched off, but if the sound is coming, then it means the device is not turned off.

Sometimes, the remote power button becomes faulty due to a long press or falling on the floor, and it turns off your tv screen after some time, but if the remote control is faulty, then it will completely turn off the tv.

If the sound is coming, then it means there is no issue with the remote control.

TV’s software problem

If the remote control is not faulty, then it might be an issue with the Tvs software. Always turn off your tv properly, and the best way to turn off your tv is through the remote control because if you force it to switch off the force, it creates technical software problems.

Please do not turn off your tv repeatedly because it can damage the hardware component.

The next thing to ensure is to keep updating the latest lg smart tv updates because if you don’t update your tvs software, then you can not use the latest feature.

So, whenever your tvs screen goes black then, restart your tv and check the software update. If any update is available, then connect your smart tv to an internet connection and update the device.

Check the HDMI cablescheck the hdmi cables 1

It’s very necessary to plug in the HDMI tightly in the ports. Keep all the cables straight because if any HDMI cable is loose, twisted, or tangled, then it is damaged and does not flow the electric current, and as a result, the smart tv screen goes black randomly.

Make sure all the video and sound wires are connected in their ports because if any HDMI cable is damaged, then replace it with a new cable.

If the new cable fixes the problem, then it means the old HDMI cable was faulty and causing the problem.

Sometimes the lg smart tv goes black due to an excessive amount of electric current in the device, so in this case, remove all the HDMI cables from the respective ports for ten minutes to unload the current.

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Change the port

Another option is to change the HDMI cable port because dust and debris gather in the ports with time because most people do not clean the HDMI ports.

So, try to plug in the HDMI cable in another port. If the tv starts to work efficiently and its screen does not go black now, then the previous port is dusty or faulty.

Try another outlet

Since the wall socket is the main power source to plug in the tvs power cable, if it is damaged or burnt due to a power surge or overload, then it will not transfer proper electric current to the device.

So try to plug in the lg tv power cable in another socket close to the tv to ensure the wall socket is creating this problem or not.

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If you do not clean your dirty cables and wall outlets, it decreases performance because it obstructs the connectivity and randomly makes the tv screen black.

So, make sure to clean the dust from all wall sockets in the home after six months through contact cleaner but don’t forget to turn off the electricity through the main circuit box.

Power supply board is faultypower supply board is faulty

The power supply board is the most important hardware component in the lg smart tv because it makes sure to supply electricity to each part of the device.

If it becomes faulty and fails to do its job, then the lg tv screen goes black.

It’s a very complex system inside the tv, so it’s suggested to you do not try to repair or replace the power supply board because if you make the wrong cable connections, then it can increase further damage to the tv.

Contact with lg customer help center or local repairing expert to replace the power supply board inside the tv.


The last thoughts on this article are if your lg screen goes black suddenly, then power cycle your device. The next thing to check is the remote control and HDMI cable connections.

If there is any loose cable connection or dirty port, then ensure to tighten all the connections and clean all ports.

If the above tips do not work and the problem is still not solved, then check your lg tv with a local expert to inspect the tv hardware.