LG refrigerator ice maker not working

LG refrigerator ice maker not working. LG is of the well-known brands, especially when it comes to the ice maker. LG is known for its efficient performance in providing the best possible services. But like all other technologies, LG can also go down.

The main task of the ice maker is to make ice so that it can drop cool around the refrigerator. But if that stops working then it is going to be a hectic process for sure.

Suppose you have just come out of your hectic day of work. You have just opened your LG fridge Oh, LG ice maker is not working. Well, that feels frustrating to even think about. But luckily we have got you covered.

LG refrigerator ice maker not working

If your LG refrigerator ice maker is not working then, the first step that you have to take is to troubleshoot the problem. You have to troubleshoot why your LG maker is not working.

In this article, we have discussed the reasons that could lead to a disturbance in the LG refrigerator.

We have also listed their solutions as well so that you can follow up and start repairing your LG refrigerator ice maker compartment. So that you can enjoy the healthy cool water and you can get rid of warm water.

8 Identification Problemswhy lg refrigerator ice maker not working 2022

Problem-1) Disconnected LG Ice Maker Switch

The first and very common problem you need to identify is to check whether the switch on the LG ice maker is even OK or not.

This problem could become a cause for new LG users or with freshly installed ice maker. Because when we install the LG icemaker then we forget to properly switch ON the ice maker.

  • Locate the ON/OFF Switch

The first step that you have to take is to locate the LG icemakers switch. you can locate it around the LG refrigerators icemaker. Most LG refrigerator ice makers have the ON/OFF Switch on the right side.

  • Ensure Switch is ON

After locating the switch, make sure that the switch is in the ON position. And there is an arm switch, then make sure that arm is bent down to the right position.

Problem-2) Disconnected Water Supply

The other main problem due to which LG refrigerator stops working could be a disconnected water supply.

It is obvious that if an icemaker will not get enough amount of water supply. Then it will not make ice for sure. You have to examine the reasons behind less water supply.

  • Bent water line

If water is unable to make its way through the ice maker, then it could be possible that the water line is bent down and unable to supply the water. You have to make sure that the water line doesn’t bend.

If it is bent because of any possible reason, then you have to set the water line in its accurate position. So that water pressure can make its way through the water lines.

  • Faulty file tubes

Another reason for ice makers not producing ice is because of faulty file tubes. if something gets stuck in the file tubes or if they get frozen mid-way then it will surely block the water supply.

So if you want your ice maker to start making ice again, then you have to clear and clean these tubes out. You can rinse hot water through them, or you can thoroughly remove them.

Problem-3) Examine the blockage in the LG ice makerexamine the blockage in the lg ice maker

If the ice maker is not working properly. Then the reason could lie in the blockage of the LG refrigerator icemaker so you have to check different parts of the ice makers.

Check if the blockage is making its way into the disposal, in the water filter or file tubes. After that, you have to remove the blockage. You can use different methods after examining the blockage in the exact area.

  • Check for blockage in the file tubes.
  • Check for blockage in the water inlet valves.
  • check for blockage in the water filter.

Problem-4) Examine the water inlet valve

The inlet water valve functions to supply the water to the dispenser unit and when it supplies the water flow should be about 20 psi.

Due to any possible reason, if water flow comes down from the 20 psi. Then the dispenser will reduce the water supply and pressure.

The reduced water will not be able to make ice. So you have to make sure that water pressure doesn’t come down from 20 psi.

  • If, after doing such an examination, you still feel like there is something wrong with the water inlet valve, then a replacement will solve the job.

Problem-5) Check Temperature

If the LG ice maker’s temperature doesn’t work properly. Then ice will not make its way to form. Keeping your refrigerator at a good temperature is a very important step so you have to make sure that your temperature is around 4°F.

LG refrigerator not cooling

Because if the temperature will fluctuate, then there is an obvious reaction would be from the ice maker that it will stop making ice. If the temperature goes above 10°F  then ice will not form properly.

  • if you have just installed an LG refrigerator then its ice maker will take up to 24 hours straight to maintain its temperature.
  • So it is recommended that wait for at least 24 hours after setting up your refrigerator so that you can take action accordingly.

Problem-6) Faulty LG ice makers control board

If the LG refrigerator lacks power for any possible reason. Its beam will lose its connection. When the beam will lose its connection.

The reason for disconnection could be any faulty that could happen with the LG refrigerator ice maker then the control panel will not pass its functions to the ice maker. And the ice maker will end up making no ice.

if ice maker control board will not work properly then ice tray, ice bin or ice bucket auger will not function in producing ice and dispensing ice . ice production is pretty

If your refrigerator is not making ice with a good amount of water supply. It is possible that your ice maker control board is not working to make your ice maker arm functional. you have to replace the control board right away.

Problem-7) Examine the refrigerator doorexamine the refrigerator door

We can say that refrigerators come with a rule of shutting down right after the door opens. It means that whenever the door opens, the refrigerator’s ice maker will stop making ice.

If something goes wrong with the refrigerator door and when you try to close it. If it doesn’t stab properly, that means that the freezer door is not closing properly.

Again, if the door will not close down properly, the ice maker will not work and the freezer door section will gets sucks.

To make your ice maker arm work, you have to set the door first. Check for the sealant on the door. If that is worn out or not.

LG refrigerator not making ice

After checking, if some of the door attachable stuff is misplaced if misplaced then try to repair the door. If the door doesn’t go well, then you have to simply replace the whole LG door so that your ice maker produce ice properly.

Problem-8) Clogged Water Filer

A water filter works hard to give us water cleaned out of impurities, but that doesn’t mean that it will work efficiently for a lifetime.

Water filter could ask for an occasional replacement if you have witnessed a bad odour that was coming out of your ice before the ice maker gets faulty, then it indicates that the problem lies within your filtration system. And replacing the water filter will do the job.

Resetting LG refrigerator ice makerresetting lg refrigerator ice maker 2022

If your LG refrigerator ice maker is still not making ice even after you are done figuring and trying out the above steps and methods.

Then you have to try resetting the LG refrigerator’s ice maker as resetting will possibly solve most of the problems that are happening with the LG refrigerator. Especially in terms of ice.

5 steps for resetting the LG refrigerator’s ice maker:

To reset the LG refrigerator’s ice maker, you have to follow up a few steps and luckily we have listed those steps below.

  • Step-1) Check Reset Button

Before resetting the LG refrigerator. The first step that you have to take is to check the lock button that if it is in position or not. This mini diagnostic test is important. Ensure that the reset button of the LG refrigerator ice maker is ON. and if it is not ON then hit enter BUTTON.

  • Step-2) Check Water Supply

The second step that you have to take is to check the water supply. Make sure that the water supply is running fastly and smoothly.

Cross-check that the tub is filled with water properly. so that you can start your resetting process properly.

  • Step-3) Press The Fill Button

After making sure the water supply press the fill button for a few seconds. When you press the fill button. You will feel the cycle start running to its place.

  • Step-4) Check the mould

After pressing the file button, then check the mould that water is filling the mould or not. we are sure that water will start pouring into the mould.

  • Step-5) Wait for the ice to form

When water will make its way into the mould, then you have to wait for almost 24 hours to wait for the ice. Because the normal ice production will take up to 24 hours to form up in its functionality.

Resetting Cube Custom Cube

If resetting the LG Refrigerator Ice maker doesn’t work reset the ice maker. You have to reset the cube custom and reset the custom cube.

You have to follow up on these 6 steps so that you can reset the custom cube without any proper professional help.

6 steps for Resetting custom cubes

we have listed 6 easy steps for resetting cubes because sometimes we look up big troubleshoots while the problem lies in the smallest thing.

  • Step-1) Turn the power button ON

The first step that you have to take is to examine if the market is powered on or not. If it is not turned on then make sure that you move it to the ON option.

  • Step-2) Reset the Unit

The second step that you have to take is to check whether the unit button is already ON or not. If it is NOT TURNED ON then you have to turn it back ON so that you can shift to the next step.

  • Step-3) Press the button

In this step, you have to press the reset ice maker button, but before pressing the button. You have to locate it.

Locating the button is a bit tricky part. It is a small hole in which if we put a pin then it will start resetting.

  • Step-4) Check if the cycle has started

After checking up on the cycle that if the cycle has started properly or not. We are sure that the cycle has started and water is filling up in the trays.

  • Step-5) Unplug to plug

After checking the cycle now you have to wait for approx 3 hours and it will show its results and ice will start forming up all over again.

Things to Note down

  • Ensure that the water supply is at its efficient flow. Because we have to make sure that the unit is getting a good amount of water to freeze.
  • If excess water is lying in the tray then it can leak and can freeze through the lines which can cause line blockage in the future.
    So you have to make sure that you remove the excess water.
  • After trying out each method that we have listed above. You have to check the ice maker every time its functionality changes.

Final Verdict

If you’re frustrated because your LG refrigerator ice maker not working. Then we have got your back. We have listed different problems in most LG ice makers that can be a reason for your not working ice maker.

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The most common reasons are faulty inlet, frozen ice bucket, Faulty door switch, water valves, disconnected water, malfunctioned ice maker fan, broken ice trays, faulty ice maker motor, or wrongly inserted switches.

We are more curious than you to make your ice maker work again.

LG fridge recommends an ice maker compartment temperature range between 0 and 19°F, which can produce ice at a quicker rate.

If the temperature is too cold, the ice maker’s ejector arms won’t be able to eject all the ice into the ice bin.

Hope that the above-listed problems and their solutions will help you to go back to your cool ice.

You just have to follow the lg ice maker reset step that we have written down in detail so that your ice maker starts making ice all over again.

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