LG portable air conditioner not blowing cold

LG portable air conditioner not blowing cold. Is your portable air conditioner not cooling? Or you have no idea how to fix LG portable air conditioners? Or maybe the LG air conditioner is not cooling but fan is running, right?

Are you facing the same problem? Then, this article is for you, read this article till the end to find the reason why your LG air conditioner isn’t cooling up.

On a hot summer, a broken portable air conditioner may be a huge letdown, particularly if you come to your house, office, or studio and discover it’s very warm. It is possible that the system is broken and has to be repaired by a professional.

It may be time to find a new one but, there are some factors why a portable air conditioner isn’t chilling that don’t necessitate professional assistance or the repair of the current unit.

LG portable air conditioner not blowing cold
lg portable air conditioner not blowing cold 2021

Here we are mentioning the main factor about how you can fix your LG portable air conditioner that isn’t blowing cold but the fan is running. So, it is better to check and fix the following factors before seeking any technical help from an expert.

Air Filters

If the air purifiers are blocked then the air can’t flow through the air conditioning unit as well as it also affects the cooling ability of the LG portable air conditioner.

The air conditioner’s evaporators tube collectors will also freeze if the ventilation system is contaminated or blocked.

So, the only solution to this problem is to clean the air filters to remove any kind of dirt or debris and if not possible then it’s better to replace the air purifier.

Dirty Condenser Coilsdirty condenser coils

Condenser coils are mainly for heat dissipation so if the condenser coils are not clean and clogged with junk and dirt it takes up much force to blow the cold.

As the air conditioner can’t be able to retain the temperature of the unit if the coils are severely dirty as well as the compressor will constantly put effort to chill the space.

So, the solution is to check the coils and clean them. Here you can see Cleaning air conditioner coils with vinegar.

Thermostatlg portable air conditioner thermostat

As the thermostat keeps track of air temperature, it regulates a switch that can provide electricity to the blower and compressor whenever the air temperature increases beyond a defined value.

If a thermostat is broken, this might not be able to cool adequately.

Turn the ac unit to chill and afterward check the thermostat for continuation using a tester to see if it’s broken.

Change the thermostat if the air conditioner is adjusted to cool and the thermostat does not even have a continuation.

Run capacitorrun capacitor

Electric wires link the run capacitor to a compressor. The compressor would not function if a run capacitor wears out. Check the run capacitor with a multimeter to see whether it has been blown out. Change the capacitor as it doesn’t have a continuation.

Temperature control panel

The fan, as well as the compressor, would not get current if somehow the temperature monitoring panel is faulty. Control panels are frequently misinterpreted; while changing the temperature control panel, remember to check various air conditioner items. Change the control board only if you’re sure that all of the parts are in healthy operating order.

How to manage an LG portable air conditioner?

Here are some tips and tricks that you should follow for maintaining the condition of the LG portable air conditioner.

  • Frequently check the air filters of your air conditioner and wash them with warm water if the filters are extremely dusty.
  • Examine if the vent hose is properly installed or not and then check your vent as a dusty vent also the reason that ac is not blowing cold, simply clean the vent if it’s dirty.
  • If you are living in any humid area then keep checking the collecting tank as if the water collects in the collecting tank then it might be the reason for not properly functioning AC.
  • Check your room to ensure that your room is properly sealed or not, as sometimes the hot air coming from any exposed area might be the reason that AC stops blowing cold.


We’ve mentioned the clear possible reason and solution to resolve the issue of the air conditioner not blowing cold. So, it’s better to thoroughly examine all the parts of the air conditioner and do the little maintenance timely as it is necessary to clean the AC for proper functioning if it’s not still working and seek help from the expert.

LG portable air conditioner not blowing cold

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