Lava lamp wax stuck at top

Lava lamp wax stuck at top. Lava lamps have been used for a long time, but lamp users are often facing many issues with lava lamps, like their wax not melting accurately and getting stuck at the top of the lamp.

When there is a temperature problem, the lava lamp wax will not move and stick around the lamp. You can resolve these problems by increasing heat in different ways.

If you have the same problem that wax stuck on your lava lamp top, place a higher wattage bulb, and use hairdryer heat to melt the wax. This heat will allow the wax to start flowing downward in place of being stuck at the top.

This process will not be done immediately, but it will take some time, so be patient and wait for the process to complete.

Keep reading this article to learn various methods about how to melt the lava lamp wax stuck at the top.

Lava lamp wax stuck at top

If a large quantity of lava lamp wax is stuck at the top of a lamp after, then it seems like lamp wax has split. It is not an easy task to resolve this issue because if you do not do it properly, it can damage the lava lamp.

If the lava lamp moves, place a high-voltage bulb in the lava lamp to melt the wax from the top. The lava lamp must flow naturally to begin the waxes to come back. If it does not come back, spin the lava lamp slowly around to mix the waxes.

Unfortunately, if the wax is stuck at the top and does not move, follow these tips to melt the wax from the lava lamp top.

Shake the lava lamp slowly

shake the lava lamp slowly

If your lava lamp wax is stuck on the top, then, first of all, shake the lava lamp gently in rotations.

The lava lamp wax will start to move downward due to the force of gravity. If there is enough movement, this could be enough to get the wax to fall.

It will not happen immediately, but you will also have to provide heat to the lamp.

When you perform both methods of shaking and heating, it will end the wax resistance and start to flow in the bottom.

You need to be very gentle in melting the wax because if you shake the lamp roughly then, you may damage the lava lamp.

Stir the wax with your fingers

If the lava wax does not start to flow after shaking and providing heat, then you can try your fingers to remove the wax stuck at the lamp top.

Although trying this option can be irritating and sticky, you can still try to stir your fingers on stuck wax to remove it if you don’t want to replace the lava lamp.

Wrong wattage bulb

wrong wattage bulb

The lava lamp wax stuck at the top primarily due to using the wrong wattage bulb, so if you are frequently facing this issue, replace the wrong wattage bulb with a synonymous lava lamp bulb.

Increase room temperature

The lava lamp wax is usually stuck at the top when there is a cold environment, so if the room is very cool, then the wax will be stuck quickly compared to the outside room.

Cold temperature stuck a large amount of wax at the lamp top.

Switch on the heater to increase the room temperature. It will increase the heat in the room and make it difficult for the wax to get stuck at the lava lamp top.

Sometimes, it happens that you can not increase the room temperature due to any reason, then place your lamp close to the room window to increase the heat from the sun shining.

Use heater

use heater

If you don’t want to mess your fingers with dirty wax, then place your lava lamp close to the gas heater to provide extra heat to the wax.

The wax will start to melt after providing heat, so if you have a gas heater in the room, then use it to melt the lamp wax.

Use hair dryer

use hair dryer

If you do not have a gas heater, you can also use a hair dryer to melt the wax. Start a hair dryer and bring it close to the lamp’s top to melt the wax in no time for  10 to 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, shake the lamp gently because if you stir it roughly, it can damage the lava lamp.

It would be best if you were very careful and patient when it comes to using a lava lamp. The Lava lamp will not start working immediately after melting the stuck wax.

Lava lamp wax does not melt and flow downwards quickly; rather, it takes some time to melt. If it is stuck on the lamp top for a long time, you will have to try the methods described above in the article.


The final thoughts on this guide are lava lamps are good to have in your homes to increase the beauty of your home and mainly do not create any issues if you maintain them properly.

But, sometimes you face a problem with your lava lamp in the way that its wax gets stuck on the lamp due to using the wrong heating coil but don’t worry, there are various troubleshooting tips to remove the stuck wax from the lamp top.

You need to be very patient and use your fingers, hairdryer, or gas heater to melt the wax.

However, if you cannot remove the stuck wax, then you have the last option to contact the manufacturer before you throw your lamp into the bin or think about replacing it.

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