Fire glass vs lava rock

Fire glass vs lava rock. A blazing firepit is a beautiful idea to bring the family and friends to sit together and enjoy in cold weather. If you want to buy a firepit and are confused about choosing between fire glass and lava rock, this article will help you select easily.

Fire glass generates more heat than lava rocks. As you know that both are conductors of heat, but the fire glass produces extra heat and keeps the warm more efficiently. It is modern and very costly.

But if you compare the cost of both of these, then lava rock is cheaper than the opponent. If you want to save money, then go for the lava rocks.

It is not only pocket friendly but easily available in the market.

It also depends upon you how much area you want to cover for the firepit. It will make it easier for you to choose between fire glass and lava rock.

Fire glass vs lava rock

fire glass vs lava rock

All those people who want a new firepit on a lawn yard feel it a challenge to select between the fire glass or lava rocks. Both have their own pros and cons.

If you will go for dispersing more heat, then select the fire glass because it produces more heat and also keeps warmth the area for more time.

While if you look for which one of these is a better isolator, then lava rocks are good at insulating and also less costly.

Let’s take a deep look at both of them and understand which is suitable for a firepit.


If you see the conductivity of heat, then fire glass is a high conductor of heat. It keeps the environment high for more time than lava rocks.

You will not need any other fuel like gas or propane to maintain the desired warmth. Fire glass will keep the temperature high for a long time.

On the other hand, if lava rock is a poor conductor of heat, so that s why it generates heat for less time. If your fire pit is in a small area, then go for lava and small lava rocks because they can retain the heat for more time also.

Cost Comparison

You know that fire glass is found in small shape but heavy, so you will need it in very large amounts to completely fill the place of the firepit.

You will have to use it 3 to 4 times more than the lava rocks, and if you look for the unique colors of fore glass to increase the looks, then it will make it more costly.

Lava rocks are found in larger shapes and have less weight. They are also available at very cheap rates in the market as compared to the fire glass.

So if you want a pocket-friendly item, then lava rocks are the best to choose for a firepit.



Lava rocks and fire glass are both equally good from a safety and protection perspective. Therefore you can use them inside the home or outside on the lawn yard.

Even if they are burn-in firepit, they do not produce any smoke. They also steady the temperature in a cold environment.

The only thing to ensure is that keep the water away from both of these.

Like if it rains outside and the firepit is wet then do not put fire glass or lava rocks in it until it completely dries out because it can explode.


If you want to compare the longevity, then fire glass is much more durable than the opponent. It can last up to many years without any damage. I

f you have fire glass in large quantities, and you want to use it for many years in the cold winters, then just clean it by tossing it up it when there is a layer of dust on it.

You can also clean it with a soapy water solution or vinegar solution but make sure that the fire glass is completely dry before you enter it into the firepit to burn.

The same is the case with lava rocks. You can increase their durability by maintaining and cleaning them well. If there is summer season, then put a cover on the to prevent them from dust and debris.


Hopefully, after reading all the discussion, you will be clear on all the pros and cons of fire glass and lava rocks. Now it’s up to you which one you select for the firepit.

If you want a majestic environment then choose the fire glass and if you want a pocket-friendly option then select the lava rocks.

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