Keurig not making full cup

Keurig not making full cup. Coffee lovers love to invest their hard-earned money in buying coffee machines, and when we talk about coffee machines, then Keurig makes its way onto our list.

If you have invested in Keurig, then you have witnessed its durability and worthy performance; but as it is known for its pros, then it also comes with some cons.

Coffee machines give you pleasure right after waking up by providing you with a hot cup of coffee, but at the same time, it can frustrate you as well. When your Keurig coffee machine does not give you an even full cup, then this will surely disturb your coffee routine.

If your Keurig is not making a full cup, then you have to look up the reasons behind the problem. After you are done locating causes, then you need to go for its solution.

If you are in search of causes along with their solution, then you have landed in the very right place because in this article, we will give you an identification guide that why your Keurig coffee machine is not making a full cup, and we will also drop some possible solution so you can start to enjoy your full cup.

Keurig not making full cup

keurig not making full cup

We are worried about seeing you frustrated because of your Keurig machine.

But you don’t have to worry much, as we have listed some possible causes so that you can identify the problem by staying around the comfort of your home, and we can save your precious time.

We have also listed some possible common solutions so that you can start brewing a full cup of coffee.

Reason 1:  Water scaling in the keurig

Sometimes mineral or calcium buildup forms up in the Keurig coffee machine, which causes water scaling in the machine.

Water scaling can lead to blockage, and water doesn’t make its way to properly flow, and that becomes the reason for not getting a full cup through the Keurig coffee machine.


Descaling basically helps to remove scaling from water; if you want to do the descaling process, then you have to follow up on the descaling process that we have provided down below.

  • Take vinegar and baking soda, mix them in water and start rinsing them through the machine.
  • You can use de-scaling solutions from the market and use them to remove the water scaling. Take the ready-made disinfecting solution and rinse it through the machine so that I can remove any type of calcium debris.

Reason 2: Dirty Needles

If descaling doesn’t go for the goal of getting a full cup of coffee out of a keurig coffee machine, then sometimes problems could lie in the needle.

Because when we use K-cups then, their foil can stick up with the needles, and they can get dirty. Used needles can disturb pumping flow and can become a hurdle in providing a full cup of coffee.


Cleaning Process is pretty simple; all you have to do is to take a paper clip and adjust them in a needle, and then you can simple round them around but make sure that you don’t use any sort of tooth pics or things like them because they can be stuck in the needles, and that will make your problem even worst.

Reason 3: Faulty Air Pump

faulty air pump

Sometimes air pump can get faulty and start pumping air, or even most of the time pump is overflowing the air, and that becomes a reason for keurig not brewing up a full cup of coffee.


You can simply shake the machine so that excessive air can make its way through the reservoirs.

Reason 4: Blockage in Reservoir Tubes

Ever so often, the reason for not coming out a full cup of coffee could be a blockage in a reservoir tube. When something starts working between the reservoir and the tube, then water can disturb its flow, and the problem will make its way.


To get rid of such a problem, you have to clean the reservoir tubes. Rinse some water through the tubes and then pat dry them. Next, try to clean the area which connects the reservoirs with the machine through the tubes.

Use something that can increase the water pressure and then thoroughly clean the tubes and that area with the water.

After pouring and rinsing with the water, use some sort of blow dryer to blow out excessive dirt and debris that are left behind.

Reason 5: Filters Need Replacement

The most common reason a keurig coffee machine stops brewing a full cup of coffee could be a filter because coffee filters in a keurig machine can get overflow or need replacement because constantly changing filters can solve your problem.


You need to replace the coffee machine filters but make sure that you buy coffee filters that are the best match with the coffee machine.


Keurig not making full cup. If you are facing any sort of problem with the keurig coffee machine, especially when it stops brewing up a full cup of coffee, then you took the right step of picking up your phone and landing on our page.

Because in this article, we have listed 5 reasons why the keurig coffee machine is not brewing enough coffee that fills up your cup, not only reasons but also we have provided 5 possible solutions as well that you can follow up and can have a full cup of coffee.

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