Keurig shuts off when i hit brew

Keurig shuts off when i hit brew. Keurig is used to make coffee in the morning. When you wake up, you need coffee.

But it is not possible if Keurig is suffering from any issue that is maybe small or large; the issue is an issue. It does not matter whether it is small or large.

Here the issue is related to the Keurig that shuts off accidentally or automatically when we press the brew. The Keurig shuts off when I am brewing coffee.

When I restart it, it again shuts automatically; here, I am going to discuss the reasons behind the Keurig shutting while making coffee.

Keurig shuts off when i hit brew

keurig shuts off when i hit brew

There are many reasons behind the shutting of the Keurig that do not allow the Keurig to brew the coffee and shut automatically, the automatic and continued shutting of the Keurig is not good for you and your Keurig also.

So there are some reasons behind this are as follows:

The bottom is unpunctured

The Keurig shuts if the bottom of it is unpunctured, unpunctured means that there is nothing to escape or enter here, the unpunctured bottom is an issue because when you put the cup in the pod and close the lid, the bottom got punctured, and then the coffee from the brewer comes out.

If the bottom of the Keurig is not punctured, then there is no coffee coming out, and it also shuts off. The unpunctured bottom is, you may say, the main problem of the shutting of the brewer.

The needle is broken

Here is another reason is that the needle that is used in the brewer is may be damaged; here, damage means that the needle is broken, blocked, or bent sometimes.

When a needle occurs, these issues, then please don’t try the tricks by yourself. You just understand the problem and search for a solution to this problem. There is might be possible that you should succeed in the work you are trying.

If your needle is bent, then you should try to change it, not try yourself to make this straight.

If you straighten the needle, then it’s not a solution to the problem. It is the opposite of it; the needle is not reusable. It is used only once.

If it gets damaged or any other issue with it, so as a result of the solution, you should replace the needle don’t use it again during the repairing process.

If your needle is broken, then it’s also the reason for the shutting of the Keurig when you press the brew button.

The issue with the water reservoir

the issue with the water reservoir

Here in this step, you should de-attach your reservoir and clean it deeply, because when you clean it the other all matters, then the broken or the hole are solved by cleaning and rinsing it with water and a soft cloth.

There is another thing is the issue with the water reservoir means the working of the water reservoir is disturbed due to some issue may be the leakage in the water reservoir, maybe the water reservoir has another problem, or sometimes the water tank is full, but the brewer indicates that the tank is empty.

If the water reservoir does not work properly, then your Keurig also does not work because the water reservoir is the main part of the machine.

If there is any issue in the reservoir, you should solve it so that your brewer brews the coffee correctly, and your problem is going to solve by using this process.

Needs restart

Here is another reason behind this problem is that the coffee maker needs the restart to work properly; sometimes, many problems have the solution of the restart.

They start properly working, and the restart is also the option to descale the device. When there is any problem, you should try the restart method. You see the best results by trying it.

The shutting by pressing the brew may be the problem with the technology that is inside the machine that needs the restart to work properly.

Steps to solving the problem

When your Keurig coffee maker is shutting off when you press the brew button, here is other steps used to solve this problem as follows:

  1. Off the Keurig.
  2. Unplug the Keurig from the switch, and place it in any other place except near the switch.
  3. Remove the water reservoir for a few minutes time.
  4. Reattach the reservoir to the brewer.
  5. Wait and see what is next to display on the screen.

These are some simple steps that are the solution to the problem. May this article be helpful for the problem (Keurig shuts off when I hit brew)?

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