Keurig descale light stays on

Keurig descale light stays on. Morning with a cup of coffee is the most lovely and fresh morning. Many people have a routine to take a full coffee cup every morning to have a perfect and refreshing day.

Many machines are not reliable and give you a tough day by getting out of order anytime. In contrast, reliable machines are trust-worthier and very rarely need to be fixed.

Keurig is an excellent match of coffee which is very easy to operate and gives you extraordinarily tasted coffee.

Keurig’s efficiency is reliable and durable if, in any case, you find any issue that is very easy to operate, indeed.

Scaling is one of the primary issues that happen with Keurig, and you can fix it without getting panicky or manic at the time of coffee cravings. It often happens that the descale light comes on and stays on.

Do you want to know how you can fix it? What is the way to instantly repair it to enjoy your favorite beverage for an active day and healthy routine?

In this article, we will give you a detailed answer to fixing Keurig’s descaling light.

Let’s begin the journey but before finding the solution of descaling, let’s see what Keurig is and its specialty.

Keurig Coffee Maker

Keurig machines are unmatched coffee maker, which is very convenient to operate and efficient in features but quite expensive.

If you value your comfort and taste, then don’t compromise on Keurig. You can make one cup of coffee, instead of a full pot, anytime you want.

Now it is time to work on the solution!

Keurig descale light stays onWhy Keurig Descale Light Stays On?

When the water goes through the machine, some scaling begins to occur, and when particles of calcium and other sediments gather on the internal parts of the machine, this princess speeds up.

Scaling affects the process of coffee making and the descaling light turns on, and you need to clean the light means to descale your coffee maker.

Don’t consider your machine scrap; descale it, and restore your fun!

Descaling of Keurig machine is not a difficult task like other coffee makers; follow easy steps, and make your coffee cup in seconds.

How to Prevent/ Slow Down Scaling

  • The hardness of water becomes the cause of scaling, so if your area’s water is heavy, you need to frequently descale your machine instead of waiting for the descaling light to turn on.
  • Use filtered water to avoid this issue.
  • You can also purchase a tabletop water filtration system to lessen the scaling issue.

How to Descale your KeurigHow To Descale Your Keurig

Step 1: Turn off the reservoir.

Step 2: Pour Descaling Solution into the reservoir and add a bottle of water into the reservoir.

Step 3: Turn on Keurig to perform a cleansing brew.

Step 4: Let brewer sit for 30 minutes (with power on)

Step 5: Rinse the reservoir thoroughly

Step 6: Fill the reservoir with fresh water and perform at least 12 cleansing brews.


  • You can use a chemical called Dezcal to descale Keurig.
  • You can use diluted vinegar for descaling. After descaling the brewer, the light will turn off automatically.

Conclusion on troubleshooting Keurig Descale Light

Scaling is inevitable; therefore, you need to descale your machine at the time of need. To slow down the scaling process, use filtered water.

Instead of it throwing, descale your Keurig and keep your fun flowing!

Keurig descale light stays on

How to Clean and Descale a Keurig 2.0 Coffee Maker with vinegar

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