Keurig bottom needle not puncturing

Keurig bottom needle not puncturing. Making a wonderful cup of coffee takes time and effort too. You also need to be precise if you want your coffee to be aromatic and taste well. To save your time and make the coffee taste good, different machines have been developed to perform this task for you. These machines try to preserve the flavor the way it should be.

But sometimes, due to certain issues and errors, these machines stop working. This disrupts your day of having to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.

The errors may be related to the needle of the coffee maker’s bottom. It might not be puncturing up the way it is supposed to be.

Keurig bottom needle not puncturing

keurig bottom needle not puncturing

The reasons for it can vary from one machine to another. The simplest reason can be that you are using the wrong type of cup.

The type of cup you might be using can be ribbed k-cups. Thus, no hole is punctured at the bottom.

The pin might have no power to work. You could have placed the cup in the wrong position. The pin can be broken.

It can be that the pin might have bent because of improper use. It can also break so no hole will be made.

Causes or Reasons

The root of the cause of not making a hole is usually related to the needle. But that doesn’t mean it’s always gonna be because of the needle.

It can be related to the cup or something else. Let us discuss this variety below.

Wrong Cup

Sometimes the hole is not made at the bottom of the cup. This might be because of using the wrong type of cup. The cup you are using might be ribbed like Gevalia. If that is the case, your needle will not be able to make a hole.

The pin will keep pushing, trying to make the hole, but because of the type of cup, it will not happen. What you need to do is to get a suitable type of cup. You should use a cup that is compatible with the needle.


The cup, even if of the correct type if placed in the wrong position, will not be holed. This is because the needle might not even reach the cup.

You need to place the cup properly in its place. There are two slots at the bottom of fill N. You need to position your fill and the k-cup such that the cup is holed when placed in any of these slots. Make sure the needle reaches the cup to perform its task.

Bent needle

Even after placing the cup, there is no hole being made at the bottom of the cup. The reason can be that the needle has been dislocated from its position.

So even if you place the cup, the needle will move sideways instead of the required location. This needle can be bent if you placed the cup wrong.

It can be bent because of excessive use. There can be other causes as well. What you need to prevent is always making sure you are placing the cup carefully.

And to fix it, you can bend it back with a slight force or you will need to replace the needle. The steps will be in the broken needle.

Clogged needle

clogged needle

The coffee grounds and, because of the placement of the tubes, the needle sometimes gets clogged. This will not allow it to make holes at the bottom.

The way to deal with it is to clean the whole machine, including the needle. You can also prevent it if you do maintenance and proper cleaning after every time you use it.

Broken Needle

It is quite similar to the bent needle, yet it is different as well. It will also not allow the needle to work. You need to replace it to make it work.

  • Open your device using a screwdriver.
  • Remove the old broken needle.
  • Get a matching needle that is compatible with your device.
  • Fix the new needle in the stead of the old one.
  • Close the machine.
  • Test your machine.


The coffee machine is becoming a part of common life. They are pretty common with coffee lovers. So if your brewer shows a problem, you should know what to do rather than just panic.

You can perform the reaping of a needle after reading this article.

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