Kenwood head unit not turning on

Kenwood head unit not turning on. Kenwood is the name of the company that makes electrical things and appliances. Sometimes you are on the car stereo, but it does not on due to some technical problem or other matters you may not be aware of this.

It may be a smart problem that you may sort out in a few minutes. Sometimes it suddenly stops working, which means that it works, but it stops at the time suddenly.

The issues may be internal or external; if there are too many issues, then you may replace the radio with the new one.

Due to the problems the radio won’t turn on and here below are some reasons due to which the problem occurs are as follows:

Kenwood head unit not turning on

Here we are going to tell you the reasons that do not allow the head to turn on as:kenwood head unit not turning on 2022

Face Plate

Here is maybe the very main reason for not turning on the head is the not good fixing of the faceplate.

The faceplate is described as its name is the plate that is on the face of the radio. In which the whole part of the radio is enclosed successfully.

The faceplate is the thing that controls and envelops the whole system in it.

If there is a problem with it, you should check it and solve it as soon as possible because there is any late in it may be the cause of the very big problem. As a result, you may need to replace the whole radio.


Another reason that the radio is not working is that its fuse is blown. Sometimes there is the fuse blows out very soon, and we all think that the system we are using is not good to proceed well.

Here, first of all, make sure that the fuse of the radio has blown or not. Sometimes it may not be the reason behind the tape not working.

Protection Mode

These days there are many things happening in this world continuously, and the behavior of things that usually mean that there are many things that are caught by thieves.

So now the new things that are coming in the industry are with the activation of the protection mode.

If any activity performed using the device is performed that is not in usual, or you want, the devices that the system of the protection mode are alarmed and aware you that someone wants to theft you things that you hide from the other persons.

You have the risk that the peoples are robbers and may rob your things that are related to your property.

And you do not want to show off to other people.

Issue with the wiring

There are many problems that need solutions. The issue with the wiring is one of them. The stereo does not get started if there is any issue with the wiring. The things that depend on wiring can not bear even a single mistake in the wiring.

If there is even a single issue with the wiring there, the whole system gets worse, and there is not properly working, or even sometimes it does not start on time when you want to start it.

Sometimes the main problem occurs is of the fuse that the fuse blows, and you install another, and the system start working, there is not only the problem with the refuse, but it is a problem with the wires that are joined in the box.

You should open the box and check properly the wires that are enclosed in it. If there is any fault detected by you, then you should try to solve it by yourself if you can; otherwise, consult the electrition.

Checking of power

Check the power problem, sometimes there is a problem with the supply of the power, but we are misguided that there is any other issue with the Kenwood unit.

So before going to get a solution, please get proper awareness about the issue and then try to solve it.

If you are not properly aware of the issue, it is maybe not better for you to solve another issue, but there is the issue that is completely opposite to the issue you solved, so instead of trying many times, you try only one time proper, and the result is the solution of the final problem.


These above are some reasons behind the Kenwood head unit not turning on. You should check these reasons properly and try to solve them in a way that is final for you and you do not need to operate and search the solution many times.

Only one best solution is the real solution to the problem that you are facing.

Many alternate solutions are in my ideology, not the solution, but this is only the thing that causes many other new things that are not useful for you but just only waste the time that is precious to you.

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