JBL sound bar troubleshooting

JBL sound bar troubleshooting. Sometimes you just want to enjoy a movie in a cinema, but you do not have enough time to go there. But you do not have the cinematic effects you want. Still, you want your movie to be good if you watch it at home later.

To give you the sound effects of theatre, soundbars have been invented. You can just connect them to your high-definition TV or LCD and enjoy the full-on sound cinematic effects.

It will be troublesome if a problem occurs while you are enjoying your favorite movie. To get rid of such a misfortune, you should have basic knowledge of troubleshooting.

This will help you such that you can continue enjoying your movie. In the article below, you will learn how.

JBL sound bar troubleshooting

jbl sound bar troubleshooting

You might have accidentally muted your soundbars. Due to this, you are unable to hear any kind of sound from them. They might not work if you have a faulty connection or if your connection is loosened.

Reset or restore the speakers to default settings. Raise the volume of your device using the remote of your TV. Check if the power input is correct and is at a suitable level.

Check to see if the device is experiencing an overload. That should not happen to the device.

Ordinary problems with sound

The device is for sound. The issues related to it are common with sound. A few issues that are worth mentioning are written down.

Sound muted

The sound of your appliance could’ve been powered off. Maybe you just muted the sound and didn’t remember. It can be that someone else muted the sound, so you do not know whether or not it has been muted.

To deal with this issue, you just need your remote. Turn off the mute option. Raise the volume to a certain level such that you can hear it. If the remote is not working, you can raise it manually from the control panel.

Not connected

Even after you raise the volume manually, you might not hear any sound coming from it. This usually occurs if the devices are not connected with each other. Just connecting them can fix it.

  • You just need to connect the devices.
  • Attach the suitable cables to the ports.
  • Go to the setting.
  • Turn the TV sound off.
  •  Then check the sound from them.

Subwoofer problem

Subwoofers are usually paired with speakers as you take them out of the box. But sometimes, the case can be that they are not connected. They might be out of range or not turned on in some cases.

  • Make sure to turn the woofers on.
  • Connect them to the speakers and the TV.
  • You can do this by pressing the wireless button on them.
  • Make sure you have set the woofers in range.
  • They should not be connected to any other device.

Not powering on

not powering on

It might occur that the devices are not powered on for connection and usage. Dissipation of power might be its root. It can be the power of experiencing a blackout.

The witches were not turned on. The breakers tripped without knowledge.

All connections should be right, so make sure that they are. Breakers, if tripped, are supposed to be brought back to their working position.

Check for connections that are loose and make sure to tighten them, or the power will keep dissipating.

Power in the off state will not work, so you gotta turn it on by flipping the switches.

Device problem

The connections and the powers are not always the problem. They might be common, but they are not absolute. It can be that there is a problem with-in the devices. It can be broken or failed circuits or parts.

If all the above methods do not work, that means you are facing problems with the devices themselves. The broken circuits or not working panels are difficult to solve.

You need to have electronic knowledge if you want to replace them. If you do not have such knowledge, it is better to leave it to the professionals then.


The problems in the middle of your enjoyment are the most annoying ones. They can flip your mood in split seconds. It gets worse if you cannot fix the problems, so basic knowledge is vital for you to have.

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