How to turn on delta shower head

How to turn on delta shower head. Taking a shower under a delta head shower head is a pretty good experience.

If you want to change your old showerhead to run on a delta shower head, then first detach the old shower head from the hose and clean it with a soft towel so that any kind of debris or rust should be removed.

If you see the Teflon tape, then take a soft towel and turn it clockwise and clean the old Teflon tape. You can also use your hands to remove it.

Normally it is covered on the threads by rotating it to the right. So if you want to clear it, then it is easy to clean it by pulling it out anticlockwise position.

After removing the old Teflon tape, build on 4 to 5 rotations of new tape but ensure that it does not go into the ball connector of the new delta showerhead because it will minimize the water pressure.

Now you can tighten the ball connector to the shower arm with the help of your hand. For detailed procedures, keep reading the article.

How to turn on delta shower head

how to turn on delta shower head

The main difference between the normal shower head and the delta shower head is that the pipe of the delta shower head is flexible, and you can turn its position on your body and enjoy a pleasant shower.

There must be a rubber washer in the hose bolts at every end of the pipe.

The main advantage of these washers is that they tighten the seal between the pipe and both showers, i.w shower head and the hand shower also.

Let us see the detailed procedure of how to run on the delta showerhead.

Close the water supply

Before installing a new hand shower, it is necessary to shut off the water supply from the tank or the main valve.

It is because you can not do work with the water coming to the pipe. So to save yourself from the water disturbance, it is better to shut it off.

Remove the old showerhead

The next step is to detach the old shower head from the hose. You can remove it with your hands, but it is better to take the help of a wrench.

Clean the Hose

clean the hose

After detaching the old sprinkler, clean the pipe with the help of a towel. If you see old Teflon tape on the threads, then remove it with the help of your hands.

It is wrapped in a clockwise position, so it will be easily removed when you will turn it anticlockwise after removing the old tape, clean the pipe with the towel again so that there should be no rust on it.

Wrap hose with plumbers tape

It is a good idea to use plumbers’ tape or Teflon tape to wrap on the threads of the hose before installing a new delta shower head. Its advantage is that it makes a water-tight seal between the connection of the pipe and the hand shower.

Water will not leak from the seal due to this tape. Just give 3 to 4 rounds of tape on the threads because more than this will decrease the water pressure from the hose.

Attach new delta shower head to hose

Now attach the new delta sprinkler to the hose and then slowly move it on the threads in a clockwise position.

Make sure that you can not use a wrench or other tool for this purpose. You can only tighten it with the help of your hands.

Open water supply

After installing the new sprinkler, open the water supply from the tank and inspect that you have done the work properly.

There should be no water leaking from the seal because dripping water is another big issue which increases the bill cost and also a lot of wastage of water.


Taking a shower with the delta shower head is a wonderful and pleasant experience because you can change the water position as you want.

It is not difficult to work to do and you can do it by yourself also. If you have no experience with it then you can hire a professional to change the showerhead but always clean the hose before installing a new delta sprinkler.

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