How to Install a Shower Pan on a Concrete Floor

How to Install a Shower Pan on a Concrete Floor. Installing a shower pan on a concrete floor is the easiest task. Moreover, installing a shower pan over concrete is also very essential as, without a shower pan, water will not drain properly.

In the absence of a shower pan, the floor will keep absorbing the water which will affect the quality of the floor badly.

Without a shower, pan concrete will absorb a lot of water every day which will lead to damage to the floor and then the building. Therefore no negligence should be adopted in this regard.

If you are worried about the same scenario and want to learn an easier solution, then go through the following ways of installing and building a shower pan on your concrete.

Let’s begin without any further delay!

How to Install a Shower Pan on a Concrete FloorHow To Install A Shower Pan On A Concrete Floor

Before exploring the ways, learn the materials that are required for installing the shower pan.

Materials needed for the task

  • A hammer
  • Multiway pliers
  • Measuring Tape
  • Wet saw
  • Screws and screwdriver
  • Level indicator
  • Silicone
  • Masking tape


It is better to install a shower pan when the floor is wet, as it is easier than the floor is dried up.

Nut, no worries, many times it happens things do not hit the mind on the time. Therefore, a few cuts and holes on the floor can make things straightforward.

Steps of Installation of a Shower PanSteps Of Installation Of A Shower Pan

Assemble the shower components as well as the shower drain.

It is good to have things ready beforehand, as searching in the eleventh hour can be offensive and annoying.

Simple preparations are required before starting the installation.

  • The selection of the floor where the shower should be installed.
  • Keep the material ready with you.

Install the shower drain

The second step is to move towards the shower drain as it is a place where the shower pan will pour its water. For installing the shower pan, there is a need to set the tray at the drain level and connection.

After the connection test is done, whether the floor is flushing the water properly or not, the fitted tray of the shower should be at a favorable location, so it can drain water efficiently.

Level the base

Water cannot be channelized properly to the drain until and unless the base is level. Lele indicator test should be performed to resolve the issue instantly.

If the level wouldn’t balanced, then the floor will get wet. The issue of base leveling should be resolved promptly.

Perform the water test

After following the above untechnical steps, leave water in the tap as it would be a final and crucial step in this regard.

It is an overnight process because you will get enough time for assessment. If in the morning you find a dried floor. Congratulations, your floor is properly installed.


If you find a wet floor, don’t get worried. Just perform all steps again carefully and perform tests, too. So, you will identify the issue, and sort it out instantly. 


Installing a shower pan is not a complex task at all, yet it demands that follow the above-listed steps accurately. The first thing is to check the base is either properly installed or not.

Moreover, the floor should be flat. Keep the system clean and sort out the flaws you find promptly.

The floor plan will keep the water drain properly and save your building, as water leakage can create a lot of destruction if not managed properly.

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