How to identify shower valve manufacturer

How to identify shower valve manufacturer? When repairing an old faucet, it is essential to know the brand name and, if possible, the model number to find the correct replacement parts.

There is no generic replacement when it comes to faucets because many, if not all; manufacturers vary the length of the stems, the number of splines, and the shapes of the cartridges, making each faucet unique.

How to identify shower valve manufacturer
Identify Shower Valve Manufacturer Methods

Fortunately, there are several ways to identify faucet brands. Depending on the condition of your original faucet, you may need to use several methods to identify the correct parts:

  • Manufacturer’s logo or model number
  • Counting striae (teeth) with a brush
  • Stem length
  • Cartridge length and shape

Manufacturer Logos

The quickest solution of How to Identify the Shower Valve Manufacturer is to look for the manufacturer’s logo or name.

A brand name or model can be found practically anywhere, so cleaning faucet handles, escutcheon, spout, decorative rings, etc., is helpful.

Information can also be found on the inside of a handle, so be sure to thoroughly examine all parts under bright light (or flashlight).

Tooth count (spline)

In older homes, it is common that you cannot find an identifying brand logo, name, or model number on the faucet. In this case, you will need to remove the broken part.

You can most likely get the correct replacement parts by first removing the stem from the faucet and counting the number of grooves in your brush. Also, measure the length of the stem from top to bottom.

The important thing is to clean:

Clean the valve and diverter to remove some types of buildup and clogging, which can help release hot water back to your source. Turn off your bath water and open the diverter and shower valve to the middle positions.

Use a screwdriver to remove the handles and front accessories. Soak the handles and all moving parts of the derailleur in undiluted white vinegar to help loosen and remove any build-up.

Final Words

I suggest that you take this information and call your local plumbing supply stores. Large box retailers will have a few parts, but if your part is brand-specific, you have a much better chance of getting the right parts from a plumbing supply store.

Also keep in mind that a certain plumbing supply store may deal with one or two particular brands, so be prepared to contact multiple stores.

If you can locate a similar part but the spline count doesn’t match, you may also want to consider swapping the handles.

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