How to identify shower valve manufacturer

How to identify shower valve manufacturer. When repairing an old faucet, it is essential to know the brand name and, if possible, the model number to find the correct replacement parts.

Identify Shower Valve Manufacturer Methods

Fortunately, there are several ways to identify faucet brands. Depending on the condition of your original faucet, you may need to use several methods to identify the correct parts:

  • Inspect the trim plate
  • Search the logo of the manufacturer
  • Count the total handles
  • Manufacturers trade mark
  • Compare the picture of the valve to google

However, there is no generic replacement when it comes to faucets because many, if not all, manufacturers vary the length of the stems, the number of splines, and the shapes of the cartridges, making each faucet unique.

Keep reading this page to get the information in depth about all the points mentioned above.

How to identify shower valve manufacturer

Inspect the trim plate

If you want to get information about how to diagnose the shower valve manufacturer then check the handle of the shower from its back side from the middle of the trim plate.

Brand name or symbol is mostly mentioned on the trim plate.

If your faucet is leaking and you want to repair it or replace it, then this manufacturer symbol is very important to make it easy for you to purchase the new faucet.

Search the logo of the manufacturer

If you want to know the name of the shower valve manufacturer, then the easy and fastest way is to search for the logo on it. Each maker of different brands of faucets has its own logo for its identification.

This logo is sometimes present on the shield, and sometimes, it is placed on the body of the faucet.

You can easily find the name of the company or manufacturer if your old faucet is leaking and you want to fix a new faucet of the same brand.

Count the total handles

You can easily find out the type of faucet by checking the total handles on the shower valve. If it has only one handle, then it is a single-handed shower valve. If it has two handles, then it is a double-handed shower valve.

Some shower valves have no handles, and they have buttons instead of handles. But mostly, single-handled shower valves are used.

If you want to balance the flow of water and temperature, then you can do it by single-handed shower valve also.

Compare snap of valve

If you go to the hardware stores, then there are different models of shower valves present in the market, and it is difficult to select from them.

Every type of shower valve has its own model number, so it is better to take its snap and then compare it on the internet with various models.

If your shower valve is leaking and you want to change it, then this information will help you to search for the best one.

Calculate the splines

If still, you are unable to find the model number or logo from the shower valve, then don’t get frustrated because you can still find it in another way.

  • First of all, detach the faucet stem and handle.
  • Calculate the total spines from its broach.
  • Also, calculate the total length of the stem.
  • Now, you can easily diagnose the shower valve manufacturer.


I suggest that you take this information and call your local plumbing supply stores. Large box retailers will have a few parts, but if your part is brand-specific, you have a much better chance of getting the right parts from a plumbing supply store.

Also, ensure that a certain plumbing supply store may deal with one or two particular brands, so be prepared to contact multiple stores.

If you can locate a similar part, but the spline count doesn’t match, you may also want to consider swapping the handles.

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