How to test a light switch

How to test a light switch. Switches are used to control the devices. They perform an important task because we cannot turn the light off or on safely without its aid.

The light switch is a necessary thing these days in the era of technology. But some problems are also associated with it.

We should know if the light switch is working or not. It should be in our basic knowledge to know the way to test it. The most common of it is to use a multimeter and the use of a tester but let us further elaborate in the article.

How to test a light switch

how to test a light switch

Light switches are frequently used devices all around. So it is better to know more about them. This is to shield yourself from problems that might arise in the future.

It is always better to be prepared. So we should check the type of switch we are using and also test if it has any fault in it. We should see if it’s working or not.

And also check its condition. What if it suddenly stops working and causes us different problems? So let us see how we can test our light switches, both old and new. There are certain steps to be followed carefully.

Switching off

This step is for you to be safe. If you accidentally touch a light circuit while it is in an ON state you will stick with electricity and might even die.

So turning off the power of the switch is good for starting. You can do so by turning of your main power or just a breaker that is supplying the current to your switch.

The main power boards are mostly found in places such as closets or in your basements. After finding them, you just need to flip the switch, and you are food to begin.

Removing the coverings

As most of the switches are covered by decorating or even a simple cover, you will need to remove them. Mostly they are without screws, so you just gotta pull them with a certain amount of force, and they will probably come off.

Something mostly screwed some of these covers, and the screw used is probably in a flat shape so use a flat screwdriver to undo the screws and place them on a magnet.

The magnet will help you so that you don’t lose any screws. You can just place them with the cover you just took off if you like. Check to see if there are other screws. If not, you can just move forward to the other step.

Separation from wires

After that, use a screwdriver to take the switch out and just remove it from the wires.


A voltmeter is an instrument for the measurement of voltage. You can check the switch and see if they are short or not. If not, you can just out the switchback how you got it off as your switch is in good condition and working.

If it were me, I would choose to use an AVO meter as I can also measure the resistances well as the amount of electric current passing through it. That extra information is of great use.

Continuity tester

continuity tester

It is a device that mainly consists of a metal probe, a light diode, and a cable having a fixed clip at one end. It uses a battery as a power source as well.

Like the name, it is used to test continuity. It determines if the current flowing is continuous or not. It indicates any interruption if it has appeared.

Wireless voltmeter

As the name shows it works wirelessly and it operates with the help of a battery.

When brought close to the source, it depending upon the type, will lighten up or buzz or even do both at the same time.


We now have learned what actually is a light switch and what is working meaning why or how it is used and can be sued in our daily life.

We also learned an instrument that is used to measure the voltage. . We also now know about how to open a board or light switch ad how it can be used to check if the light switch is working or not.

Is it working properly? If you don’t understand these tactics you can always hire a professional that is both safe and time-saving.

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