How to stop wind from blowing out pilot light on water heater

How to stop wind from blowing out pilot light on water heater. It is a very critical situation if the pilot light is blowing out due to wind in the winter. You can not get warm water if the wind is interrupting again and again.

Normally it blows out due to faults in different parts of the heater, like faulty thermocouple and firebox cover etc.

There is a downdraft in your home; that’s why the wind is blowing out the pilot light of the water heater. It could come from anywhere in your home, like your doors, windows, chimney in the home, etc.

Last winter, I faced the same situation. The pilot light of my heater was blowing out frequently, and I was not getting warm water for taking a shower. Then I inspected it thoroughly and found that its thermocouple was malfunctioning.

So, I am writing this article to share my research on this issue and what are the possible causes behind the issue of blowing out of pilot light on the water heater.

How to stop wind from blowing out pilot light on water heater

how to stop wind from blowing out pilot light on water heater

When it is windy weather outside, then you face different kinds of problems in the house.

One of them is blowing out the pilot light of the water heater. Follow the following steps to fix the issue.

 Check any downdrafts

Generally, water heaters are attached to the chimneys or ventilation for the passage of air in order to work them accurately.

If your pilot light is blowing out again, then check the holes in the duct system because cool wind air escaping through the hole is the reason behind it.

If you want to inspect the downdrafts raise your hand near the ventilation ducts to confirm the leakage but be aware that your hand should not touch the hot pipes, they are hot enough to burn your hand.

If cold air is flowing through vent ducts, then there is no issue, but if there is hot air, then there is a problem. You will have to call a professional to fix his issue.

Inspect the thermocouple

The thermocouple of a water heater is the most common reason behind the blowing out of the pilot light. Its main duty is to perceive whether the pilot flame on the heater is working or not.

If the current of the pilot is blown out, then the thermocouple will switch off the water heater. You will have to readjust the pilot light to start the water heater again.

If it is damaged or dirty, then you will face the issue. You will have to repair or replace the thermocouple if it is damaged. If there is dust or debris in it due to the wind, then you will have to remove it with the help of old cloth.

Downdraft is blocked

Sometimes the pilot light is blown out due to downdraft because the vent is jammed by the outside part of the home. If there is a large amount of dust, dirt and debris gathered on the vent from the outside, then it will lead to downdrafts.

You will have to take a lot of care by cleaning it by yourself or can you can hire a professional also to remove the dust and debris from the ventilation system.

Install the chimney cap

install the chimney cap

If your home is situated in such an area in which the speed of wind is more, then it is also the reason behind your issue because wind enters from the chimney of the home and blows away the pilot light of the water heater.

If you are facing such a critical situation, then it is necessary to fix a chimney cap on the chimney.

It is designed in such a way that it will stop the wind from entering the home from the chimney. It is made to resist high wind speed areas.

Ensure, one thing the size of the chimney is different in every home, so measure the size of your chimney before buying a chimney cap.

The firebox cover is leaking

There is a cover fixed on the pilot light to save it from the outer elements. Normally, there is no chance of any debris or dust can enter it. If your flame light is blowing out, then check the firebox cover to see any opening in it.

If there is a small hole in it then the cold wind will enter it and switch off your pilot light. Take a screwdriver and then tighten the cover to stay flush.


How to stop wind from blowing out pilot light on water heater. The final thought on all this discussion is that if you are facing the issue of blowing out of pilot light of the water heater, then the main reason could be the faulty thermocouple.

You can also check other points mentioned above to fix this critical issue.

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